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PAPA SMURF - THE SMURFS i bet so many of you guys never saw that. I posted this as one of my first cosplays on instagram. So here we go. I am sick but still want to make you guys smile :) Hope you enjoy. I also want to make some other characters from the SMURFS. Like the strong smurf. What do you think? Also should i make a gender bender smurfette? 😂😂 Quality is not top like the others, since this was the beginning of this crazy cosplaying style i started from this summer but this is a icon 😂 . . .

Barbarella Hump Day vibes to get you through the rest of your week! 😏🍑😜 Use the code RACHIESDEAL to receive 20% off all of your goodies on your @sugarpusscostumes wishlist! ✨💖✨ As much as I wanna be blonde again every time I post these pics, I’m super excited for my next hair color with @rachaelwerren next week! 🤗 Can you guess what @davincihaircare colors we’ll be using next?!? 🤔 Guess right and get a story shout out! ✨💁🏼‍♀️✨ Model/HMUA: @facesbyrachie Hair Colorist: @rachaelwerren using @davincihaircare Barbarella Costume: @sugarpusscostumes Blaster: @creatures_and_cosplay Photographer: @mykeshooter Make sure to check out my friends pages and show them some love!

Paging Nurse Vixxy 💉

YUZURU HANYU IS LITERALLY THE KING AND QUEEN OF DESTROYING GENDER STEREOTYPES 🤤🤤🤤😍 • Look. At. Those. Muscles!!! 🤤 My last post was literally an "essay about Yuzuru Hanyu's back" and now I get hit eith this picture?? Well consider this a PART 2!!! • That is deffinitely his muscle on his back and also near his spine on his waist 🤤🤤 And also the hand muscle in the second picture! Somehow his built shows the best in the Haru Yo Koi costume and it couldn't be more sensational! Such soft costume: in the tender colors of white and pink, with flower petals, the frills... and somehow it covers the man of such strength and potential, both physically and mentally. • We constantly talk about the duality of Yuzu's character and tbh that is one of the most attractive and amazing things about him 🤤 well, have you seen a better representation of duality than such body in such costume?! One second he is so emotional and vulterable, skating with his teary eyes as if a simple blow of air would fly him out, and the next second he shows the strength and the built of an ABSOLUTE CHAMPION!! I'm serious, I would be scared to touch his back after seeing that photo 😯 Just how hard and strong is it for the muscles to be THAT evident?? I previously compared him to a marble statue, well now I think an IRON STATUE would be more appropriate 😅😂 •

AH IMAGINE ACTUALLY DOING THIS ON A REAL YUZURU 🤤🤤🤤 • Yuzu's back is one of the sexiest parts about him that is sometimes overlooked but wow... just looking at him from behind (and goshshsh I don't only mean the 🍑🍑) but his back is so beautiful!!! When he's on stage bowing or accepting his award his back exudes so much confidence, ownership, strength... when he's in his tight sexy costumes left for our eyes to prey like predators, his back seems so vulnerable, so submissive, strong but something you would want to take over, something you would want to see ARC involuntarily because of the sensations in his body 🤤🤤🤤 • And imagine his back, right there in front of you, his shoulders surely reacting to the initial touch because gooood he is SO SENSITIVE 🙈😻😻 every inch of the zipper unzipped increases tension and anticipation so much, as if you don't even know what's gonna be there! • And then when she proceeds to actually take it off OhMyGod 🤤🤤🤤 thank god the video was cut where it was supposed to cut... if I saw that tight costume slide over the curve of the infamous bootay and slowly expose its all bare amazingness to us 🙈🙈🙈 even if it's just a mannequin maybe I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week 🙈😏😏 • Last but DEFFINITELY not least, I'm giving you some fuel for thought uwhuwhuwh because

Happy Space BaBe Sunday! ✨💖✨ Still sick in bed with the flu. 😷Making the best of it by binge watching @marvelsjessicajones! 🖤 What are your favorite Netflix addictions?!? 🤔 Love my outfit?? 😍 Use the code RACHIESDEAL to receive 20% off all your @sugarpusscostumes splurges from now till Jan 31st. 😘 Model/HMUA: @facesbyrachie Hair Colorist: @rachaelwerren using @davincihaircare Barbarella Costume: @sugarpusscostumes Blaster: @creatures_and_cosplay Photographer: @mykeshooter Make sure to check out my friends pages and show them some love! 💕