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On this cold winter day, it feels good to go back to my pictures from last summer. I can’t wait to make sawdust outside once again. I also can’t wait for that smell of fresh cut grass!😁🤣👍🍃🌿🌾

Scraping off the bark of some Hazel to make bow drill, drill bits but I'm saving all the shavings as once they are dry they will make an excellent tinder bundle don't worry I'm not blunting the blade on my Mora knife I have put a 90 degree spine on this knife for shaving fatwood and using with a Ferro rod.

Ice fishing in itself is a sport that not too many know about, let alone spear fishing. The way we see it, it’s the ultimate overlap between hunting & fishing. This weekend we are headed West (SD) to get our feet wet and learn about this captivating sport first hand - you’re going to want to stay tuned😎

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i’ve been on movie kick as of recently and i’ve been buying tons of movies.. lol i do that anyway but recently it’s gotten WORSE. here’s some of my recent finds ❤️ sadly i have no room for them so they’re currently out away in a box :(( but soon i’ll have some room to display these beauties 💿📼

Working on sanding this baby down. Just applying some water to help raise the grain again. This is so gorgeous!!! I think I'll be water popping between each grit! Oh, also... I'm still undecided about the type of finish to use on this, mainly because of the burls. Have any of you ever dealt with this, and what have you used? .

What’s the most memorable day of three-time World Tree-climbing champion @josephinehedger’s career? This is her story.

Made these massive true 4x4 legs for a desk I’m working on... my oh my are they sweet and heavy