Weird things started happening when they stuck that Strode Realtors sign in front of Camp Crystal Lake. We thought Jason was gone, but suddenly people were dying left and right. Some of the kids described seeing a “boogeyman” with a pale but human face. One of our summer counselors, (I forget his name, the one with the hand) assured us we didn’t have to worry. Next thing you know the kids are claiming that they’re having bad dreams, and they’re toys are speaking to them. One of the little boys, Georgie, claims there’s a clown dancing around the woods near the cabins. Frankly, it’s all a little creepy.

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Love. That’s what this world needs more than ever, just as it needed it back in the 60s when we lost this great leader (and others).. Love is what we’ve always needed. I believe it was Gandhi from whom I first learned that Civilization is a disease... if that is true, then to me, Love is the Cure. And I don’t mean love as this abstract thing, or simply romance and hearts and fluffy frilly things and sweet words. Love is not sex, and it’s not all pretty and pink. And Love is not what someone can do for you or how much money they spend on you. Love is understanding; taking the time to listen and know one another’s plight and challenges. Love is devotion, striving to create an environment and community of mutuality. Love is collaboration. Love is creating a space for those others, who may seem different, to be themselves, embracing that which is outside of us, and offering the same care and consideration which we all deserve and seek for ourselves. In other words, Love is the only way that we can truly live peacefully together in this thing we call the civilization. Anything less would be, well, uncivilized...

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بالاخره نگاش کردم... بیل فقط چند دقیقه حضور داشت -.- خود فیلم هم دوست نداشتم ولی خب... . اسم: Assassination Nation کارگردان: Sam Levinson ژانر: اکشن-کمدی-جنایی ستاره ها: Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef ریتینگ: IMDb: 5.9 _ Rotten Tomato: 73% _ Metacritic: 56% خلاصه: داستان از جایی شروع میشه که یه هکری شروع میکنه هک کردن مردم شهر و ریدن تو زندگیاشون... :|

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