🎇To the one who told me I'm a "ride or die" woman and couldn't really believe it. 🎇To the one who called me too full of love and couldn't deliver. 🎇To the one who claimed I'm too smart for my own good and couldn't handle it. I am not either of those things and I am all. Strong women scare you and it's fine - we are not for everybody. We are princesses, fighters and goddesses all in one. We are Wonder Women. Wonder woman is not a fictional character. Wonder woman is a mindset.

Hi, guys! This is a behind the stage video from our Christmas Dota shooting with girls (YOU CAN FIND FULL VERSION OF THIS VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL) Anna and J were making Techies costumes when I asked them about this idea. The girls made these beta-versions of costumes in a really short time, I am so proud of them! The bodies will be edited for the main shooting *A* Anna and J as Techies Irene as CM