What with Halloween around the corner I was looking for the book from Hocus Pocus, I saw some were selling for hundreds online! ... so I dug out my modelling clay, paints, glue gun, five hours later and look I made myself the book from Hocus Pocus!! “BOOOOKK!” 📖🎃 — • • • • • • • •

Halloween prep is well underway! What would you like to see these guys on? I’m thinking maybe a mixture of stickers on one sheet - some “it’s here!”, some Happy Halloween, some Spooky Post etc. Possibly a packaging paper design. Would anyone want them on display cards? Let me know what you’d like to see! 👻🎃🕸 . .

Hellraiser fun fact: SOMEONE HAD THE JOB OF MAGGOT AND COCKROACH WRANGLER. In England, there was a law in which cockroaches of both sexes weren’t allowed on set, because they could have mated and caused an infestation. So Barker had to hire someone to oversee the situation. “The wrangler, this is the honest truth, had to sex the roaches,” Barker told an audience at a Hellraiser screening. “They were all male. And we had a fridge. They move very fast, so the only way to slow them down was to chill them. We chilled the maggots and the roaches. We'd open it up and it was all reassuring. It was fun.”

Happy 3rd birthday to my best friend Skylar I’m forever grateful for you thanks for making me the happiest hooman I love you with all my heart thanks for always knowing how to make me the happiest have the most amazing 3rd birthday - - - - - 😍🎈🎤🍩💜👀💦🤮🐜🍫🌈😭❤️💙🍪👻🐶💗🐾💫🎃👿🕷😂🦄🌸🐋🇦🇺💌💛👀💜 - - - - - -

お盆が終わったら、秋めいたものがさっそくでてきました。 道の駅で、ハロウィンのかぼちゃ🎃を見つけました🙌💕 昨日のインスタで、ニャンコズの飼い主さんを探したのですが、パンプキンにゃんこのお家が見つかりません😢 なので、もう一度かわいくハロウィンかぼちゃとポーズ📷✌️ 本人はめいっぱいかわいいつもりです。いかがでしょうか? にゃんこ好きの方のお迎えをお待ちしています。 (昨日のインスタを見て下さいね🎵)

Dila Sb Hasil Ho Jaana ❤ Enve Fikar Naa Kreya Kr 🤗 Sohne Chehreya Di Keemat Khakh Aw 🤷‍♂ Enna Te Naa Mreya Kr 😏 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Anyone seen Johnny depp modelling the men’s aftershave lately... better still have you smelt it? 😍 the inspired by sauvarge has been added to daisychains collection. Absolutely buzzing about this one it’s just 🍌🍌🍌😍😍🥰😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🍌🍌 . . Happy Sunday peeps 🖤❤️

🥳 NEW RELEASE 🥳 RRP £5.99. Sale £4.79. True stories of Ghosts Age 8+ Is there really such a thing as a true ghost story? The strange tales in this book are all based on actual reports by people who believed they had been haunted by ghosts and poltergeists. You can make up your own mind after reading their stories… Part of the Usborne Young Reading series, ideal for newly independent readers.

'ѕ ρσѕт ❞Not everything, my darling. There's a whole forest for you to explore. And even that is just a part of the Clans' territories. There are lands beyond—Mothermouth, Highstones, and even farther."❝ ∞✯∞ ✯ ↝ What’s your zodiac sign? ✯ ↝ Libra♎️ ✯ ↝ First commenter: • ✯ 🎨 art by OwlCoat 🎨 ✯ ~tags~

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