Been so busy this past week I neglected the fact that Justice League the animated series premiered 17 years ago on November 17th! I felt like that show was our reward as fans of the Batman and Superman animated series by Bruce Timm. I remember when it first came out even my mom was watching it and she’s not really into this stuff as much as I am. And even though the live action Justice League didn’t quite meet the standards the animated show did, it all still inspired me to seek out my own League in which we had a great time in forming! I think my favorite episode might be Epilogue because we get to see the humane side of Batman which is something he constantly needs to bury within himself to be Batman. Also seeing how the story of Batman Beyond came to an end was an awesome treat! What are your favorite episodes? . Bottom pic by @agentpg33ktography
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Excuse me um... I love you 💕
Follow @ascension_comx for more I love comics I may be late with my tribute toward this immortal mans passing. But I honestly couldn’t find a picture that I could feel could give a worthy tribute. I believe this picture is that picture.
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Roughing out an idea for Arkham knight painting 🦇
WEDNESDAY COMIC BOOK HAUL!! As many of you comic book fans know, every Wednesday is when new comic books come out! Having just come back from the comic book store earlier today, I thought I'd share with you the comics I got. First up, it's a landmark comics event: the 700th issue of ARCHIE! It's only been over the past few years since I've started reading Archie Comics, but this anniversary issue is a nice jumping on point for new readers (especially if you're fans of the show Riverdale!) Next up are the latest issues of COVER (about a comics artist who finds himself involved in international spy drama) and PEARL (about a young albino woman who's a tattoo artist/assassin) by one of my favorite writers, Brian Michael Bendis. For those of you who are long-time lovers of Black Panther like I am (or are new fans because of the movie), then you'll love the latest issue of SHURI, featuring Black Panther's sister in her own solo adventures, written by the incredible Nnedi Okarafor. Last up, Spider-Geddon
#4 is the penultimate issue to the limited series that involves Spider-Geddon heroes from all over multiple dimensions in a universe-shattering war... #newcomicbookday #comicbooks #supportyourlocalcomicshop #spidergeddon #marvel #marvelcomics #dccomics #jinxworld #archiecomics #nickspencer #brianmichaelbendis #cover #pearl #shuri #nnendiokorafor #riverdale #blackpanther #wakandaforever #davidmack #michaelgaydos
Poniéndome al día con DC. . . 1️⃣ Batman: Preludio a la boda. Qué sí, Catwoman y Batman pretenden casarse. En este tomo ecc recopila varios tie-ins y como siempre estos van variando de calidad. Se agradece la labor de la editorial al vendernos todo en un tomo único ¿Mi tie-in favorito del tomo? El de Batgirl y enigma. . . 2️⃣ Batman [ Serie regular, núm 24]: Como viene siendo habitual este número contiene dos grapas americanas. El primero está centrado en el Joker y está planteado como monólogo violento demostrando una vez más que el tándem King-Janin forman el equilibrio perfecto entre lo 'Badass' y lo artísticamente reseñable. . . 3️⃣Batman/Superman: Otros destinos [Tomo único]: Tomo que recoje dos historias del sello 'Otros mundos'. Del montón. . . 4️⃣ Batman: Epílogo [Reedición de la etapa Snyder en tapa dura, tomo final]: Seré sincero, este lo compré por acabarme la reedición. Snyder es lo peor que le ha pasado a Batman y a DC en mucho tiempo ¿Soy el único que lo ve?. . . 5️⃣ Mr Milagro [11 de 12]: Cuando el número que viene se acabe esta serie me sentiré vacío. El tipo de cómic que reivindica la narrativa secuencial como arte. . El mejor batmaterial para batlectura lo encontrareis en @metropolismca .
Justice League🔹️Power⚡Rangers TPB is out today! Collects issues 1-6. Art by @karlkerschl
You voted, so here we go!!! The Christmas Poison Ivy Pictured from last year! 🎄 I really had to get out of my comfort zone for this cosplay, it was actually pretty hard and I was suuuuuper nervous when I showed up at @goschphoto ‘s place for the shoot. I’m glad that he’s such a down to earth guy and made me feel completely normal and good! 10/10 would recommend 😉 I based this cosplay off @artistabe ‘s Christmas Sirens!! ♥️
Still gearing up for Turkey day, but wanted to show my inspiration for this cake.. amazing fan art by @madeleineink Don't mess with Holiday Quinn, a turkey at large near you! Swipe left ⬅️ for more closeups!