Yes Lord, we need a move . God this is a desperate cry from your people, the ones who have sacrificed everything, the ones who have lived through it all, the ones who love you and abide by your word, God the ones who stood by you through it all, they have not conformed to this world. We need a move. Guys, God has not stopped working. Let’s not forget what a mighty God we serve, he knows the beginning and the end, he is the Messiah, and HE IS an on time God. Your waiting, your prayers, your fasting are not in vain and You will get through this gracefully. Keep your faith in this season. It may seem like, it’s the same thing everyday and nothing is happening, I’m coming here to tell you that This Is A Move, this here is not the end and you will pull through in Jesus Name!! Nothing you do goes pass God, he sees and knows everything, he knows every night your head hits the pillow, the tears that comes out your eyes, those silent cries we don’t tell anybody about, the thoughts that run through our heads, all of the prayers and declarations, the tithes, our secret fears that nobody knows about. Our most deepest, darkest secrets, he knows. Just as you thought it would be over, God makes it known that he was always there, Amen. And I just want to end this post off by saying whatever that thing maybe, whether it’s a sickness, depression, anxiety, a house, car, family, money, school, whatever that thing that you’ve been waiting God to make a move for is, its coming . You just keep on praying, fasting, meditating, worshipping, praising, y’all it’s coming. Get excited and when it looks like you should be crying and worrying remember, the closer the blessing is when things start to get worse. All we have to do is praise harder, amen. Stay Blessed. #lovemynatural #amen #jesusislord #jesus #godisgood #godsplan #god #lovejesus #faith #works #follow #comment #jesus #dontgiveup #dontgivein #love #hope #forgiveness #jesusculture #popular #jesuscalling #jesuschrist #jesusculture #god #godisgood #godawgs #j #livewell #p #u #diy #jesusfirst #godly #bestoftheday

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