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Make lifestyle choices that increase your life force, rather than dampen it.

Danni Unwind Holistic combines a holistic approach to body, mind, and spirit. My objective is to improve the quality of life for each client by providing a clean, organic, and relaxing environment in which each client is able to unwind while releasing pain, past trauma, toxins, tension, and stress. Leave the stress of work/life behind and pamper yourself. Whether you’re seeking a therapeutic massage, or any of our detox treatments Danni Unwind Holistic wants to elevate your health and wellness goals. After each session you will leave feeling cleansed and nurtured from head to toe. Book your appointment today! Don’t forget to ask about our mobile services.

This is an original illustration of Zen from Persona Q (I love him so much omg, amd Persona Q is one of my favorite games). I tried out a new artstyle for chibis (welp my artstyle is super inconsistent) and also I wanted to play around and practise with some bright colors. I don't know if I succeeded, but it was worth a shot.

Tpumps every day please! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I got my usual rose green tea with almond milk and it tasted delicious 😋 • • Like I always tell my friends, being healthy doesn’t mean you have to restrict 🙅🏻‍♀️ Instead you can find ways to work around your diet and have treats that are sweet AND healthy! Who wouldn’t love that 😛

Life’s short , be happy.

Reveal! See earlier post. Left-Support. Your angels are letting you know that you’re divinely loved and supported beyond measure! There are so many angels, passed loved ones, guides, and spirits helping you and lifting you up. You don’t need to go it alone....you’re not alone. You were led to this card because you need hope....hope that there is something more. Hope that there will be a silver lining, there will be a reason for your challenges. Hope to pull your through. Right- Retreat. This card is asking that you make room for YOU. You have been giving a lot of yourself recently....energy, time, love. It’s time to focus on yourself and connect with your true self again. Retreat reminds you that when you spend time alone, you’re renewed and revitalized. Time alone will create an opportunity for you to hear your intuition and angels guidance.

I agree with this statement to a big degree. I believe that if you live in the present, with no resistance, no expectations, with a high vibration, what is yours will not pass you. I have seen many individuals compare their lives to others, I have fallen in this mental trap before, but in reality what we are doing is pushing back even more (OUR divine gifts). Relax, be here now It is all happening in divine timing Trust it.

Esse é um compilado com muito carinho de grandes mestres da espiritualidade. Antes de acreditar que se pode abrir o terceiro olho com aulas mágicas se pergunte por que e para que você quer abrir o terceiro olho? O terceiro olho é conhecido como Ajna ou sexto chackra ou centro de comando e se localiza entre nossas sobrancelhas sendo nada menos que os olhos da alma,o que traz a visão além do alcance. Por isso todos nós queremos esse tão almejado superpoder Agora pasmem não se trata de um super poder: todos nós sem exceção já nascemos com o terceiro olho aberto! E super expandido por isso grande parte das crianças tem uma visão muito mais aberta. O que acontece é que ao longo da vida sofremos vários tipos de contaminação que existe na mídia,nas pessoas tóxicas da família,na escola,nas crenças limitantes no que a gente lê,vê e ouve faz com que nosso terceiro olho se feche☹️🐵🙈🙊🙊Temos a glândula pituitária localizada junto ao sexto chackra e mais a dentro a glândula pineal e é comprovado cientificamente que essas glândulas vão murchando ao longo da vida e essa carapaça que a gente cria em volta do terceiro olho vem desde a indústria alimentícia até a farmacêutica inclusive depende muito do estilo de vida que levamos. Pessoas que tomam 💊 antidepressivos e ansiolíticos tendem a ficar anestesiadas anestesiado também o terceiro olho e bloqueando a visão além do alcance. Esse chackra que é localizado nosso terceiro olho também é conhecido como centro de comando pois comanda as funções de todos os chacras que estão abaixo dele. Portanto muito além da visão o terceiro olho não é apenas ver além mas garantir manter a energia dos chackras laríngeo, cardíaco,do plexo solar,do chackra sexual e do chackra básico ou seja muito mais que ter um super poder cuidar do sexto chackra é garantir o equilíbrio e a energia de outros centros de energia do corpo espiritual. Por isso é tão importante cuidarmos bem do centro de comando, é ele que dá o comando para que tudo funcione. O controle da nossa mente é extremamente importante para que nosso terceiro olho esteja aberto, vibrando e funcionando. Umas das práticas mais fáceis de abrir o terceiro olho é através da meditação.

ZEN ''A moda é sentir-se bem'' Inauguração neste sábado dia 20

“Inner stillness” 18x24 mixed media on canvas.

Ceremonia de té privada  Tuve una ceremonia privada de té y un taller. Fue tan hermoso 🍵✨  Estoy feliz de compartir el té japonés, Matcha y culturas :)))  Es un placer visitar sus lugares durante mi estadía en Lima  Si usted está interesado en, por favor hágamelo saber;)  ----------  Private Tea Ceremony✨  I had a private tea ceremony and workshop. It was so beautiful 🍵✨  I am happy to share Japanese tea, Matcha and cultures:)))  It is my pleasure to visit your places during my stay in Lima 🇵🇪  If you are interested in, please let me know;)  ———————————

Be my Queen, be my world, be in my heart forever. Be everything that I’ve ever wanted and everything I will need, for you are my Queen forever. Eddie E . . From my heart and soul, when in a relationship with a wonderful woman, I will lavish her with love and attention as a beloved Queen. What I’ll always realize is that a woman would much rather be a Queen than a Princess. Treating a woman like a Princess may be nice, but when you’re more mature like myself, I want to treat her like the Queen she is.

In relevance to movie I'll be seeing tonight 👑 • The secret to life is simple: share your happiness to whoever, whatever, and whenever ❤. True king 🦁

Xiao Hong Quan form "If you start soon enough, you won't have to run to catch up." - Unknown ___________________________________________ Become a disciple today at Shaolin Temple Los Angeles and learn this form! @shaolintemplela 13457 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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I learned to find a home within my bones.. so no matter where I go in the world, I’ll find a place where I feel I belong. So make your bones the only home you need and ask yourself “where to next?” ••• Crystal Castle & Shambala Gardens, New South Wales, Australia 🇦🇺✨