GADGET TIME - YES If and only if 🌺 Masih bisa diajak ngobrol 🌺 Bisa belajar sesuatu baik lagu, puzzle ,colors,size,direction dll 🌺 Bisa stop kalau kelamaan 🌺 Tidak menyentuh hp mama kalau lagi sibuk edit video Jadi emma sudah diajarkan arti kepunyaan, hp lama dijadikan hp emma dan prinsipnya emma hanya dikasih hp kl sudah merengek manja mau main hp mama. Masing2 ada hp dan tidak diijinkan dibawa keluar rumah, outdoor activity no gadget buat emma,makanya mama lumayan sering bawa emma keluar utk stimulasi interaksi . . Pelajaran homeschooling emma saat ini selain belajar menulis ,berhitung juga melibatkan aplikasi permainan edukasi di hp matching, size ,shape, colors,penambahan, . . Ini salah satu contoh video permainan membuat pizza utk pelajaran matching dan shape . . Emma membuat pizza terus memberikan makanan ke binatang2 Seru bukan belajarnya ? 🐒 . . Video lengkap ditonton di Emma Adeline Channel . .

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Throwing it back to the day I looked like a cutie 🥰 I had never had my face beat before so I was super nervous!! But @a.a.artistry slayed all my doubts and insecurities away..... . . That’s besides the point.. I’ve learnt to reflect and as part of that.. This morning I remembered how God exercised my faith! There was a time that I was battling with school issues, family issues and health issues (watch my testimony series).. During one of the prayer meetings at church, I opened up abit and asked that my friends join me in prayer for grace and strength.. I left that meeting feeling encouraged and I really believed my breakthrough was going to happen soon! Beloved, that week was the worst week imaginable!! I was shocked! I was amazed at how God allowed the complete opposite of everything I prayed for to happen! Every single thing I prayed about was attacked that week and I almost almost almost threw in the towel! I almost developed the mentality that I was done fighting and I was on the verge of saying whatever happens happens🤷🏾‍♀️ after all if my prayers made things worse then I might as well use the energy to prepare myself for the worst! However!! God had a way of pulling me back in whenever I reached that point.. There was always someone who would randomly check up on me and encourage me, or I’d see a post that spoke to my situation or I’d just remember a testimony I heard previously and it would bring me back on track!!! So this post is a source of encouragement to someone who is at that point! Trust me it gets better, trust me it seems like there’s no way but the God that delivered me is able!!!! That’s the whole point of my testimonies.. He’s real and able to see you through! Hold on a little longer 🧡

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Damnnn they definitely want to Party with Cardi. @iamcardib 🙌🏾💯😍🥰🔥🔥🔥👠👠👠

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The Pizza Slicelette in PIZZA Belly from a new brand called @foodiecosmetics has a nice mix of matte and metallic shade's. There are four slices available or you can buy the whole pie. Swipe for swatches 🍕💕🍕 I will also do a GRWM this week and a swatch video on my YouTube channel. ❤ Thank you so much Foodie Cosmetics for sending me over this fun palette. ❤

Son las fiestas en la urbanización de nuestra prima Ari y toca disfrazarse, nosotras lo hemos hecho de desayuno, vamos disfrazadas de tazón de leche con cereales. Desliza para ver las 3 fotos. ¿Os gusta nuestro disfraz? Os queremos!!! - - -

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오늘도 공연 종료 - Traveler 정말 힘들면서도 너무나도 행복했던 하루 아무래도 나는 이 공연에서 너무 나도 많은 내사람들에 사랑을 받는듯 싶다 그 이상에 감정 내가 부족했던 모든것들을 채워주고 응원해주고 격려해준다 앞으로도 힘을내여 계속 갈수있을것같다 내 노래에 귀기울여 주시고 집중해서 들어주신 모든분들께 너무 감사하다는 말 전합니다 Hear my song and listen to me Thank you so much for everyone. 🏵

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For those of us that are looking for options while doing reharmonizations...A student had a night session with Chrischords on Friday..Though very tired,...Chrischords pointed out something.."Every Melody is Compatible with any Bass note"..Here is a simple example on that on this song *Blessed be the name*..Watch the choices for the Bass notes on the left hand as it affects the chord structures.. On this note, let's discuss, how can you tell the *Function Of A Chord* Eg LH. RH EAb. BbDFBb which happens to be the first chord Chrischords played to start the song *Blessed be the name* 1)Does the bass note give assign the role of a chord in a progression?.... 2)What number is the chord functioning as? Join 154 participants in Chrischords Training Session On Whatsapp, by going to my bio and clicking the link description I will be giving the explanation on this tomorrow

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