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I wrote this at a really low point in my life, but I decided to share it anyway because I believe that so many people are experiencing the same pain of loss that I have carried the last two months. But know this: It get's better, life gets better. Know this: Mircales will happen to you again. Life is oh so full of hills and valleys. And just because you can't see the next mountain from the valley you are crawling through doesn't mean it isn't there waiting for you. Some day, joy is a choice. And while some days you won't have the strength to choose it, one day you will. I'm so thankful I am not alone. You aren't either 🌸

Just go 🙂. You said goodbye, leaving me to handle the ripped dreams of us alone was hard enough, your role in this story ended at that moment. But, you trying to convince me of letting go as easy as you did, or like I am wasting my time by holding on, is bullying. What do you know about love? Don't tell me it only brings heartbreaks, I lived in hell for centuries and still know what love means. Go. It is my life, my choice and I always handled the results of my choices with steadiness, you can tell by watching me now. Live your life, be happy and forget me. Let me at least live my dreams pleasantly 😊. ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

something i wrote earlier today after overthinking a few things:,~)

Today I had a day. I woke up feeling particularly not myself. So, I did what I do every morning... I took a walk through the avenues with my morning coffee. But today, I relished in it a little longer. And by longer I mean, an hour and a half. It was calming and perfect weather, and made me feel more okay. It helps me slow down and notice the little things I love. Like the flowers, and the old houses with picket fences, and couples chatting on their porches. • I went to a coffee shop and read a book for who knows how long. It was possibly a distraction from my “not myself mood” but I think that’s okay sometimes too. I saw a cute guy there, we had one of those eye exchanges. You know the ones. • I then spontaneously decided to drive to Park City and eat lunch and walk through the shops. In no rush and with no specific destination. I love it there, I feel calmness there even amongst all the people. The mountains have a way of doing that no matter where. I pet a lot of pups. That also made me happy. I talked with strangers and an old man from Chicago who told me about his wife. I love hearing about love. • I came home and drank Lemongrass spiked seltzer and painted as I watched “Sex and the City: the movie”. And I realized if Carrie Bradshaw can get stood up at her own wedding and STILL go on her Mexican honeymoon. I can get through my funk. • Sometimes I feel a twinge of sadness knowing that one day I might not be able to have a day like today. All to myself, to clear my thoughts. But I do hope I always make time to do things that make me feel me-ish. I hope all of us do!!

• but we all have choices to make. . both of my books are available worldwide via the link in my bio! ✨

Was it when the pain was strong? Was it fleeting thoughts of days that are gone? Why do I desire the sweetest songs? Wrought with fear I carry on. The cold concrete and its chilling snare. I left when I was filled with despair. I disappeared when you needed me the most. A faint notion of years past. A ghostly shadow upon the wall. I ran back to your arms but the door was shut to me. Those last words were my defeat. I didn't mean them I swear. I was only pretending not to care. I loved you most. I couldn't stand by and stare. When they beat you and pulled your hair. My first scar I earned standing my ground. I will never forget the regret I hold dear. My heart is empty. I spent countless hours repairing all in vain. When I am dead perhaps then I can explain. I am going to live my life and take risks. I will remain when others step aside. This I promise while I am alive. Never to forget the reasons why. I traveled many places and remember many faces. I have lots of stories to tell. Was it worth all the trial and error? Yes of course! I would do it again. Except I would try and be a better son, lover, and friend.

I’ve been transitioning out of my 9 to 5 since April. Tomorrow is my last day and I’m feeling nervous and excited. I’ve done my best to transition out while still respecting the job and my boss. This morning he informed me he’s taking me to lunch tomorrow. The lesson. Try not to burn bridges. Not everyone is going to understand what you are doing and why, but if you are respectful and keep performing to the best of your ability, they will appreciate it and you will have preserved a contact. . . .

I’m back! I’m sorry for the long break I took from posting and I don’t have an excuse except for I missed a couple days and never got back around to posting😅 But now I’m in a creative writing class at school and it’s the perfect reason for me to revamp this account to post the stuff I write there! • • • •

Have you experienced the dark side of love?

With this, it’s goodbye to summer. As fireflies take these weeks to go into into hiding and the leaves turn golden, I ask myself, where did the warm days go. Oh how fast they turn, we turn, and losing our grip we cant seem to stop them or our ourselves. The whole goal here is to distance who I am with who I was and those who know me, don’t, because they’re changing too. Strangers under the same sun.

still got 2 more weeks but this girl is definitely dozing off 😴😴 goodnight y’all hope you enjoy this throwback from a summer that has absolutely no relevance to my life anymore lol 😂🙏🏼 ~ ~ my new summer poetry book, One Sunset Away, is now available on Amazon ! (Link in bio to get your copy 💞💞) follow @saramariepoetry for more poems and quotes everyday by yours truly! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In case I haven’t said it enough. Thank you.

I found this poem by Clarence E. Flynn shortly before I started scripting the second issue of the comic book series. I loved it so much that I incorporated it in the issue. It was supposed to act as a bridge between Christian and Helena's new lives apart from each other. I'm not sure if I'll use it for the book, but I just wanted you guys to read this lovely piece of writing. . . . . . .

Ancient Wolf: Oh young wolf, born in the late stages of cyclical strife. Natures struggles alleviated by the dreamers summer, hunter packs now abandoned the silver life. Young with an ancient soul, crafted from the northern winds. Weakest in the bunch, competitive culture offered you no friends. But you dreamed of a return to the packs of renown, of hunting with warriors of old. You dreamed of making your clan proud, hunting in the silver nights cold. You dreamed of uniting your kind, to bring a love and remembrance of the past. To inspire the wolves around, to create packs with bonds to last. Oh yes, you dreamed of big things when you were small. You were going to make a change, despite any withal. But wolves are now independent, no longer needing the old hunter packs. You thought you could inspire with spirit, to bring a return to the ritual acts. But what good is the past when your pack has lost their way. Their genetic memories erased, their spirits dull and grey. Ah, but not yours... you contain the last remnant. The secrets of the past stay locked in your heart like a shining pendant. You remember those days, the dancing of elves in the misty meadows. The graceful touch of the Gods designs, their progeny from which arose. You know of the playful fairies in the sacred gardens. To the majestic transformation when the sky darkens. You know of the wild hunt, the spectral riders inspiring your clan. You feel the oceanic breathe stream, and sense the incredible plan. You witnessed the playful nymphs naked in their blue rivers. You felt the cold kiss of the arctic spirit, her breath giving you shivers. Yes.... you remember the glory of the abandoned days....