Ouvert ➡️ Fermé !! Vous voulez sécuriser votre habitat, l'isoler, le rendre plus facile à vivre? @fabrik_oe est là pour vous !!! Installation de volets roulants avec lames aluminium 🛠👍🏻 ☀️Pratique - Résistant - Isolant ☀️ @somfyfrance

Quando falamos em estratégia de prova, temos sempre que pensar em alguns pontos. E um dos principais é a análise de dados coletados dos atletas. . Todas nossas estratégias de provas são elaboradas com exclusividade para cada um dos atletas que irão competir. . Temos uma grande base de dados interna aonde guardamos o histórico de métricas para cada um dos nossos atletas, com dados de treinos realizados e de performance. . Analisando estes dados individuais e com base no histórico dos nossos atletas nós conseguimos gerar uma estimativa de prova em cima das capacidades individuais além de entender como este atleta funciona em termos de volume x intensidades x modalidades, por exemplo. . Após a prova, todos os dados são armazenados, analisados e correlacionados com o histórico de treinos do atleta, o que nos possibilita focar no que cada um precisa aperfeiçoar e assim obter melhores resultados no futuro. . Quer saber mais sobre nossas estratégias? Da uma olhada nos nossos destaques! 🤓 .

When in doubt, get out and get a good night’s sleep. I’ve done that lots of times and the next day everything was clear… While you are in [the position], you can’t think. When you get out, then you can think clearly again. ⠀ Michael Marcus⠀ ⠀

Il basket è l’unico sport che tende al cielo. Per questo è una rivoluzione per chi è abituato a guardare sempre a terra. (Bill Russell)

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Be mindful of the prolonged screen time and bringing devices in bed during the bedtime. Our sleep products are designed with love just for someone like you! Get to know more at www.winknod.com . . . . . . . .

Looking for a better recruitment role that gives you the motivation you need to succeed? If you have experience in technical recruitment markets, we're working with some fantastic clients to join incredibly high performing teams in... ⭐ Oil & Gas ⭐ Life Sciences ⭐ Power Generation ⭐ Chemicals ⭐ Construction For the chance to work with some of the most respected and well known brands within the technical sector, get in touch with our team to arrange a confidential discussion! Joanne Green: 07780 705 173 - [email protected] Drew Steele: 07825 560 327 - [email protected]

The results are in: Weight Down 6lb Fat down 3% Muscle up 2% Hydration up 1.8% Really happy with this, I did this by myself, no fad diet, no “magic pills” just pure will power, healthy eating, making the right choices and weightlifting! I might not have lost a lot of weight in the 4 week period however I’ve swapped unhealthy fat for healthy muscle and that’s my main goal at the moment! 😁💪💪💪

👊 THE COBRA KING'S BEST SHOTS - "THE IT-BOY WITH HIS TAIL BETWEEN HIS LEGS" 👊 Video by ACW Supporter Powered by Studio Fitness Büdingen Haarstudio26 Vanillas Art and Design ACW Pro-Wrestling SL-Wrestling www.sl-wrestling.de/produkt-kategorie/wrestler/jack-anderson Never say die, trust "The Cobra King"!

Instead of saying "I don't have time", try saying "It's not my priority" and see how that feels.. 🌹😉 . Did you like this post? 💯 . Follow👇👇 👉@overtime_success👈 👉@overtime_success👈 👉@overtime_success👈 . Credit @billionairebrainclub . . . .

// I never dreamed of success. I worked for it. ⠀ ⠀ Weißt du was mir auf dem Founder Summit vor einigen Wochen wirklich aufgefallen ist? ⠀ ⠀ Die vielen Versprechungen und dass sehr viele Gründer zu sehr geldgetrieben sind. ⠀ ⠀ Wenn du ein Business gründen möchtest, muss das natürlich auch laufen, deine Finanzen müssen sich lohnen. So weit so logisch. ⠀ ⠀ Aber ist es wirklich richtig, ein Business zu gründen, mit dem einzigen Ziel 10.000€ im Monat zu verdienen? Wo bleibt da das Warum? Wo bleibt da die Vision? Wo bleibt die Integrität und Authentizität? ⠀ ⠀ Ich habe mich daher entschlossen, die MeSchool beispielsweise kostenlos zu launchen (zumindest dieses Mal), denn mein Warum ist es, möglichst viele Frauen zu motivieren und dabei zu unterstützen, ihr eigenes Business zu gründen. ⠀ ⠀ Wie siehst du das? Bin ich da zu idealistisch? ⠀ ⠀ Ich habe auch in meinem letzten Vlog darüber gesprochen, schau da gerne nochmal rein (Link in Bio). ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ // Deine Kriss ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Our Female Team🥋 ACES Taekwondo Academy اكاديمية ايس للتايكواندو 🇧🇭 🇰🇷 +4 years Male and Female +٤ سنوات اولاد و بنات 🇧🇭 🇰🇷 Ishbilia Mall (Ishbilia Village) مجمع اشبيلية (قرية اشبيلية جبلة حبشي) 🇧🇭 🇰🇷 To register contact us on للتسجيل 33166194 @aces_tkd1 @husain_bader

Bom dia a todos, está pensando em mudar o visual? Deixar a barba crescer ? Procure um profissional para cuidar da sua barba? Pois aqui na Barbearia La Barba Nostra você encontra serviços de qualidade, com um profissional que irá cuidar da sua barba da forma correta, porque Barba só fica legal se estiver bem cuidada e alinhada! Aproveite nossos preços promocionais e agende já o seu horário!!! Rua 12 número 2146 Centro Jales. Fone: 9960-8438

Get ready for Murph. 💪 Next Monday, 5/27, join us for our free community workout to start off Memorial Day right! We'll be working together to finish a 1-mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, and another 1-mile run, with modifications if needed! The first heat will begin at 9:30am and the second one will start at 10am. Bring your friends, family, and neighbors because everyone is welcome to join in! . . The event will go from 9am-12pm and childcare will be provided from 9am-11am. Food will be provided by Neely's Kitchen, along with some other delicious treats from @stephanie.nutrition. Wear your Murph shirt or deck your self out in your best red, white, and blue! . . .

The strenght of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team 💪🏻 @elcordobess @rafacagali

The only limit is the limit you decide for yourself. We are told that we can achieve only upto a certain extent, that we are not privileged enough or lucky. We shouldn’t dream bigger than our stature. We should look around us and know our boundaries. But, should we trust these people who define our limitations without evening knowing our true potential? Well, they may not be the only ones to doubt. Because in all honesty, sometimes even we do not know what we are capable of and what all we can achieve if we set our mind to it. Don’t be bound by what society tell you. Dream big, aim higher and work hard. In 2019, don’t settle. Go get what you want! . .

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one man’s trash is another man’s treasure 🔑😂 • • • 📸: @kaxman

Gemini Season is here, but it’s still mental health awareness month. I can not stress enough how multidisciplinary taking care of your mental health is. For me, it took a positive relationship with my PCP, My therapist, a medicinal regimen, a consistent gym schedule, and a support network of friends and loved ones. It works though, and I’m just so happy to be happy!

What’re you doing after work tonight? 🤔⁣ ⁣ Playing 2K and eating Doritos ❌ or hitting the gym and then working on that side hustle? ✅⁣ ⁣ You know what I’m choosing 🔥⁣ ⁣ Tag a Drake fan below 👇👇👇⁣ ⁣ Follow @uptowncreation 💰💰💰⁣ ⁣

Flashback Monday to breakfast at Madison Square Park tower. Only a few sponsor units remain. Starting with one bedrooms asking $2.35M, two bedrooms asking $3.495M, three bedrooms asking $4.75M, a full floor home on the 52nd floor asking $17.995M and the opportunity to create your dream 13,060SF Penthouse asking $77.7M. If you’re considering Flatiron this is certainly a building that you should visit.

This week was an amazing week meeting some really amazing people. ㅤ Firstly to meet someone I look up to as a Father figure, coach and mentor @vincedelmonte was mind blowing for me. Then having the opportunity to hear Dan Lok speak. ㅤ But bigger than all of that meeting people that inspire me to up my game, and now feel like brothers to me. ㅤ It’s been a Long road trying to make my dreams a reality. It’s been full of doubt, setbacks,depressions, anxiety and dark times. But this week gave me a new light and a new hope for a better future and I thank God for that. ㅤ I wish I could connect longer with a lot of the people I met but I trust many of these guys are going to be my brothers for a Long time. ㅤ Growing up I never fit in or felt like I could truly connect or relate to anyone. My mindset was different. I was called weird, unrealistic. A dreamer. Now I know I’m only a part of a group of rare breed people who are built to create, impact and dominate. ㅤ In 2017-18 I went through a phase of major depression. I had no clarity in my business pouring in thousands of dollars with no return for 3 years with not a single dollar of profit, lost my social life and 99% of my friends in the process. I hit rock bottom for a while and was losing hope in my dream. ㅤ This week has not only opened my mind up to the possibilities of building a profitable business online and creating massive impact on other people’s live but has made me realise that I’m not alone when it comes to entrepreneurship which is a lonely path and often isolated journey. ㅤ @vincedelmonte has taught me that this is more than just making money. It’s running your own race and creating your OWN story. ㅤ I hope to build closer relationships with each and every one of the guys I met at the 7 Figure Del Monte Mastermind and will be hustling my face off this next couple of months to make sure I secure my future and impact more lives. ㅤ To everyone who took the time out to have a chat, give me some advice, share their own businesses and even just hang out for for a meal I am truly appreciative and grateful for your company. ㅤ Now it’s time to grind! ㅤ See you at the top! 🐺🦅