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Part I Sekedar Hobi belaka, dimana setiap aktifitasku aku buat dokumenter pribadi.. Kalo di tanya buat apa..?? Aq jawab buat kesenangan pribadi yang aku salurkan lewat Dokumenter Video... Setiap editing yang saya buat, "tidak ada peran yang membantu saya" semua aku kerjakan sendiri. Terima kasih sudah menonton. Thema video : Nutup Ngrabuk Pari Actor : me Editing video : me Apk editing :

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semua cinta yang engkau berikan tak ada yang mampu menggantikan mencintai diriku terimaku apa adanya semua cinta yang aku berikan tak akan pernah ada penyesalan mencintai dirimu sungguh membuat hatiku tenang aku dan kamu selamanya genggam tanganku kita bersama cinta terbaikku hanyalah dirimu jangan pernah tinggalkan diriku aku dan kamu selamanya janji setiaku untuk menjaga cinta terbaikku hanyalah untukmu ku akan selalu menjagamu, selalu.

💃🏻🕺🏼 RUS & ENG ⤵️ Я вас услышала 🤗 По многочисленным просьбам в чуть не взорвавшемся от сообщений после вчерашних сториз Директе, я оставлю это видео здесь! ⠀ Так вы сможете делиться им уже не краткими кусками из сториз, а я - смогу всем вам ответить. Не забудьте ставить ❤️ ⠀ Видео снято на 10 годовщине со дня гибели свёкра. Мероприятие проходит перед домом свекрови, прямо на улице. ⠀ С прошедшим Днём Африки, друзья 🌴❤️ ⠀ 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 ⠀ My afromoves stories yesterday set my Direct on 🔥🔥🔥 I have no other option, than to listen to you all and leave this video here. Like ❤️, comment and share as much as you like. Have fun. ⠀ It was taken in Tema, comm. 4, at my father-in-law’s 10th anniversary of his death. ⠀ Happy Africa Day 🌴🐆🐊🦒❤️ ⠀

Chapter 23 ~recap~ All of a sudden you hear loud bangs on the front door. Don then walks in jabezs room and tells him police are @ the door. Y/n : what ?! ~end of recap~ J : what do they want Don : idk we haven’t opened the door yet Tommy then comes in Tom : Liza opened the door Don : oh my godd J : bro what do they want ?! Tom : idk bruh but I’m scared Andre then comes upstairs A : ay the cops are here , Liza is speaking with them 😟 Y/n : hol up why are we stressing , none of us did anything wrong ? Let’s just go speak to them and say they have the wrong house. Everyone : sweet let’s go You then lead everyone downstairs and the police then jump up and say Po = police 🚨 Po : HANDS UP ! everyone then looks around confused Po : Y/N Y/MN Y/LN ! HANDS ON YOU HEAD NOW! y/n : what?! what’d I do ? J : woah woah woah calm down officer nothing happened , you for the wrong person Po : don’t tel me how to do my job ! J : 😐 Po : everyone step away from her No one moves Po : I SAID STEP AWAY FROM HER , before we use force E : wait officer ! whatd she do ? Po : that’s none of your business A : yes it is ! What’d she do ? Tom : yea why are you guys arresting her ? J : YEA WHY?! Don : hey I just wanna go home , unharmed Po : shut up and step away from her J : no The officer the pulls out a gun Po : step away from her Everyone steps away from you with their hand behind their head Y/ts : wtf is happening Po : now stand still He goes up to you and forcibly grabs your wrists and puts them behind your back , handcuffing you . Po : y/n y/mn y/lm , your under arrest for assault against , mrs kelly cortez and her daughter Danielle cortez ..... Everyone ; WHAT? Tbc 🙀 Tis my 100th post can I get a “🥳” in da comments