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Preston Top in Tangerine. Bright colors are all the rage for fall!! Love this pop of tangerine! Wear with leather or jeans! Super cute and soft! Cotton/Poly. Length: 27" Runs more generous. ⁠ S: 4/6 M: 8/10 L: 12/14⁠ *** SHIPS IMMEDIATELY***⁠ ⁠ Available in Small, Medium, Large⁠ Regularly $29.00, on sale for $10.00⁠ *SALE ITEMS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN*⁠ To order: Comment Sold, Size⁠ ⁠ Style

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I spent hours in here yesterday, but it was honestly so hard to try and find some clothes to sell on Poshmark when there were so many cute things that I just wanted to keep for myself 😭 So, I decided to shop for myself for once rather than shopping to resell 😊 . . . .

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For those who cannot or do not want to donate there are many other small ways you can help. (Go through the link in my bio of you would just like to donate) From home you could adjust a few habbits that may in thr long term or short term if alot of people try can save future forests. These habbits may include: •Reduce paper and wood use •reduce beef consumption •reduce oil consumption •spread the word and the cause •plant the odd tree •recycle and use garbages properly •stop littering its worse for the world then the law. •spread the word and the cause ffs! •hold bussiness' accountable. Stay updated for more helping ways and heads ups about whats happening with our brothers and sisters across the world❤ prove to them that you care and are with them. We are all mindless humans afterall lets be there for eachother when we need it.

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I just dropped another new single ‼️ Fizzo Ft. @mr_ofn & @dom.high - Reload (Prod. By Me)⛽️🔥. Link in the bio.

@liluzivert Type Beat (Polar 2). Link in bio for full beat☔️⛽️