Part one : . See when you are in hight school , where there’s Pom Pom girls and those riche bitches called popular and bad guys and all , well ... this is not my story , In my school . There’s four popular girls who are like me , kind , good looking , sweet , sometimes badass , wearing black most of the time , everybody adore us , and there’s as well ... the Pom Pom girls . Charlotte and three of her bitches . Always pink , scared to broke a nail, Daddy drive them to school. Well I’m living a normal life , having crystal and Holland by my side . And there’s , bad guys who aren’t interesting, and. .... A nerd . Stuart . He was a cute guy . Nice , and so shy . It’s not like I feel something against him but I hoped we’re friends. He’s so smart ... and hot Okay Y/N enough playing the fangirl go get some sleep . I get out of the terrace and went to my room . My eyes are shut ... and here I’m I drowning into my dreams ... . End of part one .