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Eu fiz um minion!!!! Eu fiz um fuckin minion!!!! Na verdade é o segundo haushaushsushsush Valeu Márcio! Agende seu horário! Siga / Follow: @garibalditattoo Whatsapp 11 98631-6523 Rua Lino Coutinho, 643  Ipiranga - São paulo - SP

I have little to no idea on what to do next in life

I finally got to tattoo one of my custom pieces! Thank you, blasting ya music and sitting like a champ @gizzy_thegreat I also got to do more anime related stuff so yay! Come thru the shop we got you for anything want this Tuesday!! @hypnotiqueink @gizzy_thegreat @trinitys.ink @amtattz @dermis_deep

✨WALK-INS DAILY✨. Thanks so much @vanessatrvjilloosborn for getting this walk-in all seeing eye tattoo. You were tough as nails and are always fun to be around. Tattoo by @ransombennett (Roman numerals not done by us)

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Shattered Buddha.Shattered Buddha. Done @seoulinktattoo . ✨⚔️✨