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Dead’s and I have a love-hate relationship. Recently, I hate them.

Don’t Live Your Truth; Live THE Truth.

#AbleBodied _ Tip: Too Much Fruit Can Be A Bad Thing. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away Right? Fruit Retains Valuable Vitamins And The Antioxidants Are Matchless. I’ve Been On An Orange And Strawberry Extravaganza Myself As Of Late. I’ll Blend The Strawberries In A Shake And Handle Half An Orange Preworkout At Times, But I Know There’s A Limit. Fruit Isn't Quite What You May Believe; It’s Unlike Most Vegetables. You Usually Get Free Reign With Veggies, Especially The Likes Of Cauliflower Or Broccoli. The Sovereignty Is Because Before You’re Able To Step Way Over Your Caloric Intake For The Day On Broccoli, You’ll Figuratively Tip Over From Being Too Stuffed. Broccoli Has Plenty Of Fiber And Not Many Calories Per Gram. A Comparable Amount Of Fruit Can Do You Wrong, As Would Other Sugary Foods. Fruits Have Fructose; Fructose Is Naturally Occurring Sugar In Fruit And Is Treated By Your Body Similarly To Any Processed Sugar.. Too Much Raises The Likelihood Of Fat Storage. Notice I Said I Blend Fruit, But I Don’t “Juice” Juicing Removes Fiber And Leaves The Sugary Impact Unbridled. Fruit Intake Isn’t To Be Completely Eliminated, Yet Be Aware; Fruit Is To Be Restricted (I Like 0-3 Servings Depending On If It Is A High Or Low Carb Day). Your Heart's In The Right Place; Now Get Your Methods There. Be Great. _ Knowing What To Do Is The Hardest Part | 💻 EugeneTheFit.com | 💪😤 ᴀʙʟᴇ 2 ʙᴜʟᴋ _ 💪8 Weeks Worth Of Lean Muscle Building Material 💪Easy To Follow 💪Detailed Exercise Split 💪Cardio Instructions 💪Flexible Meal Plan 💪Alternative Foods List 💪Supplement Guide 💪Learning Tools 💪Attached Exercise Demonstrations 💪Communicative Support As Needed 💪And More 💪Guaranteed Results If Followed Directly
Filling out my application to be the next Dwayne @therock Johnson 💉

Stick and pokes by the talented @handpokedtatt well done 👏🏼

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...it was explained, sometimes God allows hurt and pain to touch us, so we seek HIS mercy, to draw us closer to HIM and HIS word, to living rightly, purely. Why else would we have tests of faith or trials by fire, if not to refine our spirits to the divine in an attempt to live our best lives? Coincidentally, it was at THAT moment I chose to stop needing people who don't need me. It won’t happen overnight. I will fail plenty before I succeed, but I won’t ever stop trying 🙏🙌🌹🔥 . .. ... ....

As you get older, nonsense is just one of those things you can’t deal with. What I’m realizing even more is that people are broken and if they aren’t willing to see themselves, their lives, their beliefs in a different light, they will never get it. They can’t understand. So I’ve just learned to deal with what I want to deal with and give those people some room to change. If they never change, that’s on them. But I’m not going to put up with their nonsense. I’m done with that.