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Baju Renang Anak Perempuan Sulbi SBAP . . ✏Baju Renang Sulbi bermotif dengan model syari, cocok untuk anak muslimah yang tidak suka pakaian ketat, dengan berbahan dasar Spandex/lycra-nylon . ✏Lycra yang merupakan trade mark dari dupont, yang mempunyai sifat elastisitas yang tinggi, kuat dan memiki ketahanan gosokan yang tinggi . . ✔Baju dan celana menyatu (jumpsuit) ✔Kerudung dan topi terpisah ✔Resleting di depan ✔Bahan Spandex/lycra-nylon ✔Ukuran dr nomor 1-15 (patokan usia & berat badan) Harga / patokan bb : 1-3 Rp. 140.000 // (8-14kg) 4-5 Rp. 153.000 // (14-18kg) 6-7 Rp. 163.000 // (18-23kg) 8-9 Rp. 173.000 // (23-28kg) 10-11 Rp. 183.000 // (28-33kg) 12-13 Rp. 198.000 // (33-40kg) 14-15 Rp. 208.000 // (40-45kg) ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Ready stock : 1 dan 14 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . ✔✔Fast respond : WA - Cek biO

There is something so therapeutic spending some quiet time cleaning my bikes and getting them dialed down. Taper town is approaching for Ironman Wisconsin and I'm getting excited. Putting trust in my training and getting ready for the victory lap💯💪 .

脚が沈む〜😂 今日3種目目で疲れてるのかな😯? . . 500m×3セット 1息継ぎの時の手を意識→力み過ぎ 2何も意識せず自由に 3息継ぎ真横向き . 今日は500m以上連続して泳ぐの無理でしたー😆💦 . . ライオンキングの熱が冷めない🦁❤️ . .

posterior oblique sling activation. Strength in all movement is interdependent on opposite hip and shoulder coordination through the core

Violet sky, oil on canvas, 15 x 15 cm

Summer is coming~~ ☀️🏝🏖👙🏄🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️⛰🌊 陽光 X 沙灘 X 比堅尼 . . . 原本計劃去石澳海灘,但因時間不夠的關係只好取消,反而意外發現這水清沙幼、景色迷人的地方,這裡開車是到不了的,一路上我們一直在轉換地鐵再從中環碼頭坐船🚢到榕樹灣,再步行30-40分鐘的路程才到達目的地(一路上一直爬坡-下坡-爬坡😵) . . 原本ㄧ早還飄著毛毛雨🌧️,幸好後來太陽公公賞臉🌞,給了個晴朗的好天氣,才沒讓我們的玩水行程泡湯。

. お盆明けのお久しぶりジム。 長いお盆休みで体力を持て余した中高年で混み合うジムとプール。 紛れもなく私もその一人。。 体が緩みすぎて、マシンで二の腕はプルプル震えるし、 プールでは真っ直ぐ歩けないし、ヨタヨタですわ。。 .

High-fives all round for our fantastic little swimmers! ✋🏼💧 At LittleAqua - we offer a range of teaching methods to our swimmers to meet all abilities! Take a look at what the team has to offer ➡️ https://www.littleaqua.co.uk/index.php/lessons

Na końcówce wakacji wracamy powoli na tory biznesowe, z naciskiem na powoli :-). "...Spece od marketingu twierdzą, że sami jesteśmy swoją własną marką, w dodatku najlepszą. Idąc tym tropem pokusiliśmy się o większe przywiązanie marki BAAK do jej Partnerów. Mamy więc za sobą debiut nowego zestawu strojów triathlonowych w naszych barwach z mocnym logiem BAAK. Co o tym myślicie? Warto wiązać sport z biznesem?..." Więcej na blog BAAK: SPORT, BIZNES, MARKA - BAAK Triathlon https://www.baak.com.pl/informacje/sport-biznes-marka-baak-triathlon-team/

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#rental for the month till I buy a little round-around and I now also have to process my #brain to drive on the right hand side. Every time I went to #indicate, the #wipers came on, because everything is on the opposite side to what I’m used to. Mum said that I should just focus on my #driving and not worry about the other #drivers. Wrong.... I’m the good driver, it’s the other not so good drivers I’m worried about on these roads. But found my self to work quietly repeating to drive right at ‘driving miss Daisy’ pace. I didn’t even have any #music playing, that’s how focused I was. Lunch time at work and I get dragged from my #office to a #feast! It’s so nice to eat from one big #platter with the #team. Boy, they are feeders and like #Nigerians, insist that you eat! It’s seen as an offence not to! The rice was delicious. It had a sweet taste to it thanks to the raisins added. The lamb dropped off the bone. Thought I was done and they say no, #dessert (this is work, not some party). The dough balls was our Nigerian puff puff which is just a mix of flour, water and sugar.... but these ones had honey and seeds .... lovely! Also had this pistachio and #chocolate cake thingie and it was just amazing. I promptly left the room having one of each otherwise easily would have had more and they would have found me napping in the #conference room. Working day is 8am-3pm. Left at 3.30pm and was back home in 20 mins. Off for a #swim with plenty of time still to chill! #OmanChronicles #home #work #play #food #newfriends #peace #happy #stellalicious #oman #car #swim
They call him The Milton Mustang, T-Pain, Mr. T, Owie, but now you can call him IRONMAN! Yesterday in Mont Tremblant, QC, Tyler absolutely crushed his first Ironman race. That means he swam 3.8 km in open water, biked a windy and hilly 180 km and then ran his FIRST, yes his first, marathon (42.2 km) in hot and humid conditions. For most of us, just finishing in under the allotted 17 hours is an outrageous accomplishment, but Tyler did it all in under 11 hours finishing in 10:56:03!!! And he finished 205 out of 2500 competitors. All these stats don’t tell the entire story though. Tyler executed the perfect race - never allowing himself to get too eager or lose his composure. He stayed present and poised all day. For sure he struggled and it was a very tough, hot and humid race, but the best part was that he never stopped smiling. True to Tyler form! We’re so proud of you Tyler! Congratulations!