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À l'agence on aime le rose. Mais aussi toutes les autres couleurs ! 😀

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All my gold guns in Overwatch 💋 I’ll be able to get another one soon, probably gonna get Mei ❄️——————————————————————————— Like my content make sure to follow me @deadgirlparadise——————————————————————————— [Ignore Tags]

“If you’re in a negative environment, it’s hard to engage with turning your life around. The workshops are something the participants can look forward to every week, and experiencing a positive situation encourages a more positive outlook. “ @maricecumber Founder & Director of Accumulate.

aleays in our heart ♥️ 2 years and it feels like yesterday 🥺broken from the bottom of my heart🙏🏼sorry for everyone

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I’m so humbled by the support this page has seen in just a short week!! I am excited to share my upcoming projects with you all! As a plus-size actor there are so many things I feel stunted by but I know that if I continue my hard work and story telling that it will pay off! Thank you for following with me! I am so grateful 🙏🏻 📸 @maxeygreene 👗 @fashionnovacurve

"Our chess players, Nate Durant and Drew Serres, shaking hands to start the match." . . Network Delaware managed to get a room full of adults to dress up in costumes and play out a game of real life Human Chess as their big May fundraiser. . . Network Delaware is a community of change agents of all backgrounds and levels of experience. They come together to work for justice and equity in our state. . .

Coffee in the sunshine at work this morning ☕️☀️ Been to the doctors 🥼 had my 3 monthly bloods done! Been to the pharmacy for my boyfriend and picked up the bits he wanted from the shop. Now to clean up before heading back to work tonight 🐝 . . . . .

My cousin is better than yours!!! Get your copy of my new book today! In my book I speak about taking a walk into a Single Mother’s Shoes (Me) I speak about finances, coparenting, self love, abundance, manifestation, relationship building, parenting, unconditional love, loyalty a bunch of things pertaining to everyday life. I cover how we all have more in common than we think and one thing is fear. We fear change, rejection, abandonment and neglect yet we do those things to others as a defense mechanism due to the way we were conditioned to love. In this Guide I speak about how someone treat you is an outward reflection of how they feel about themselves. Now available on Amazon!

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We all have our bad days...

Remember you don’t need to have everything all sorted in one day. You are aloud to take as much time as you need to rest. Having mental health issues can be exhausting so stop giving yourself such a hard time. Do something you enjoy or something that makes you happy. Give yourself a break. Have a day in bed if that’s what you need! Leave the dishes,who cares about the washing for a few days! Just take it easy. You deserve the break. 💜

23.05.2017 • 22.05.2018 • 22.05.2019 • It's been 2 years, aka 730 days since I am supporting the twins. This is literally insane. Time flew by too fast. It feels like I discovered the twins two days ago. I remember the day I found out about them, the day I made this account, the day I watched their *first video on youtube.. all the notices, likes, comments and follows (and unfollow, too, haha) from them. And I am really thankful for that. I am thankful for the memories that I have gained in the past 2 years because of these two boys. • I am also thankful to everybody that has ever followed me, liked or commented on any of my posts. This just motivates me to stay active, even when I literally have no free time. - I also want to thank all the people I've met with this account, especially - @itsthestokestwins, 'cause she has helped me & my account a lot and I really appreciate that. - BTW, Alex and Alan, I gotta tell you that I am soo proud of you and that I might be kinda inactive, ('cause exams are coming), but I do support and love you and hope to meet you one day;) ❤. - -

People will literally watch your every move and still won't give you credit. Maybe its pride and ego. Maybe they simply are just not comfortable with reaching out to you. Whatever it is, it's not your responsibility to figure it out! Keep shining, thriving and most importantly, LOVING. The rest of them will eventually catch up to those vibes 💜☀️💫