even when i ain't feeling my best, still happiest w u . 🌟

Kendall for @longchamp @kendalljenner ❤

brandon really is a whole mood man ☠️

i want more guy friends just platonically, they seem genuine


BONNIE V. PINCIOTTI!🌳 spam x5 for a spam back. sixteen. taurus, acts like one. available. really short. hispanic. a good listener. overly sensitive. never knows what's happening.will shower you in hugs and kisses. adores all animals. frank ocean, steve lacy and doja cat. laughs at her own jokes. sleeps in a lot. hopeless romantic. can't dance, but will dance with you. smells like champagne toast. will make you beaded bracelets. stubborn. oversized tees, barrettes, lots of bracelets, baggy jeans, beat up converse and vans. that 70's show enthusiast. rides her bike everywhere. doodles on herself and everything in reach. always eating sweets. will reply within five seconds or five days. in need of friends!!

Boa madrugada 🤭😼

Que nadie te impida sonreír, y mantén a quien te hace reír💞

[vent post]

No pienses demasiado, sólo haz lo qué te haga feliz👀💚

Friozinho 🧡