Bedtime rituals...are awesome. After i've washed my face and get into some old sweatpants, I like to have a BIG cup of herbal tea with honey. Especially on a snowy night like tonight. What's something you like to do to prepare for sleep? 😴

I was going to get a bunch of random work things done tonight but this is happening right outside my door and I’m deciding to slow down and be present with the enjoy it rather than resent be grateful for the moisture and excited for the flowers that are on their way. . Here are some stream of consciousness thoughts that came during the quiet stillness of enjoying the snowfall... . This turning lemons into lemonade thing is starting to become a theme around here and I’m playing with an idea of how I can translate into a healing opportunity for that envy issue I was talking about this morning (see my live from earlier today). . My thought is, what if, every time we feel that envy rising - trying to derail us and tell us we’re not good enough - we do something kind for the other...the person we’re feeling envious of? . Because, I’m reality, when we’re envious we’re, truly, wishing the other person didn’t have “that thing”...success, numbers, engagement, gorgeous hair...whatever, and our envy turns into a curse. . What if we turned everything on it’s head and took the negative and turned it into a blessing? What if, when I feel envious, I share her new design on social media, I write her an encouraging note, I add her latest blog post or design to a roundup? . Yes, maybe that’s a bit Pollyannish if me, but...what if? . For those that mentioned you struggle with the same issue. Who’s in? .

We had a fun lunch enjoying the view at the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitors Center. It was cold and rainy, and so we sat in the car and had a picnic. After lunch we drove up to a little town called Wapiti (which means elk), then drove by the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. We talked about the old town of Marquette that got flooded when they put in the dam. As we drove back to town it started seriously snowing on us! It was BEAUTIFUL! ❄️ . . . . . .

Good morning world! ♡ The weather today is super crazy. It's windy, it started raining, hailing, and now it's snowing. Yup, it's snowing 😬 in spring? ..I just planted some tomatoes and some peppers yesterday 🍅🌶 why? 😓 We were expecting only rain today. As much as I love snow, it's not the time for it. ♡ ♡ There's a new baby calf at the neighbors property. Omg so adorable. There's 2 new calfs and expecting. ♡

Taking my kids for a ride 🐶 How cute are they 😍😍 please dm for Credit . .

i miss snow and cold weather. ❄⛄🏔🌨 40℃ summer sucks. 😭🌞

Questo è il tipico momento in cui provi a fare il figo mentre tieni gli occhi ben aperti, fingi un sorriso smagliante e fingi che qualcosa abbia attirato la tua attenzione così che il tuo volto non si concentri sull’obiettivo. Subito dopo aver scattato 36 foto in questa posa, 18 che a ricordarle rido da solo e 18 foto forse anche peggiori ho capito che era meglio cambiare sia posa che angolatura anche perché la nebbia dietro avrebbe comunque rovinato un po’ tutto. Certo non voglio fare il tragico perché devo ammettere che qualcosa che va a mio favore c’è! 🥳 Vi ricordo che @fedez, sulla neve, indossava una tuta verde fosforescente di @prada .. io di Prada non avrò nulla, ma di certo non possiamo mica sottovalutare i famosissimi guanti di @invicta_official per giunta dello stesso colore..così.. giusto per non sentirmi al centro dell’attenzione!💚 Aaah..dimenticavo, i guanti non erano neanche i miei!!!🤦🏼‍♂️🤪_______________________________________________________

È inutile negarlo: la neve in Sicilia è sempre una sorpresa che rallegra tutti, grandi e piccoli! E anche se non si è mai abbastanza attrezzati per affrontarla comunque non perdiamo mai l’occasione per godercela o per portare i bambini a vederla o per andare noi stessi a scattare qualche foto. Io l’ho fatto e mi sono anche divertito. Con questa foto voglio dimostrarvi la bellezza delle nostre terre siciliane innevate e augurare una felice epifania a tutti voi..❄️💙 _______________________________________________________