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Pico del Teide From Puerto del la Cruz, our base camp for the ascent, I look full of respect to the striking summit. The whole valley is in the fog only the summit, which I will try to climb the next days, is brightly radiated by the sun. Let the journey begin! Through the wonders of nature this National Park hides. ———————————————————————

👈📡 Kamp yapmaya kimle geliyorsun Rize’ye ? 🌲Şebeke sorunu olmayan 4.5 G Fotoğraf Hizmeti🌲 📡 Bütün Yaylalarda Onlaynuk (online)📡 🌳 Karadeniz Demek Huzur Demek 💚💙 ------------------------------------------- Fotoğraf Sahibi / @gezgin_bicci ------------------------------------------- Gönderiyi Kaydetmeyi Unutmayın ⬛️🔰 -------------------------------------------

Some flowers I'm pressing!! Sunflowers hold a childhood power for me tho I didn't come to appreciate them until now. But as a child I would find them absolutely everywhere, in every place I explored. So receiving a bouquet with them in it has awakened a sense of playfulness within. . . . .

2019.5.1 GW旅行4日目 モニュメントバレーへ☆ 下調べなしで行きましたが、凄い良かった!!レンタカーでそのまま中を走れるので、冒険感が凄かった!ただし、サーフとかで行くべき!揺れる!セダンで行ったけど壊れるかと思いました。壊れへんかったけど。

Čeká nás první víkend nastálo! 😍 Foto je pouze ilustrativní, nebojte, ani u nás momentálně nesvítí sluníčko 🙈😂 a já si rozhodně neužívám relax na zahradě, ale jsem zavalena krabicema a taškama a modlím se, aby to už bylo za námi 👍😁 . . .

“Ti voglio bene", è così bella questa frase. È un po' come dire "Voglio che tu stia bene, perché se stai bene tu, sto bene anch'io" ~ cit.💚 • 🧘🏻‍♀️ Domenica 26 Maggio ore 10.30 e 17.00 ~ Yoga in Vigna 🍇~ fra i meravigliosi vigneti bio della @cantinapizzolato nell’incanto di questo posto, fra vigneti e natura in armonia 🍃☘️ •

Bamana Raspberry nice cream!! 🍌🍓🍌🍓🍌🍓🍌🍓🍌🍌🍓🍌🍓🍌🍓🍌🍓🍌🍓 Ingredients: frozen raspberries; frozen bananas Blend. Some people use a juicer. I use a special machine called a Yonanas which makes the nice cream in no time flat. Zero suffering, zero cruelty, zero fat, and so healthy for you that you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three 😍😍😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cure à venir : j'ai craqué pour les compléments de chez @dlabnutricosmetics pour leur compo clean 👌👌, je vais faire une cure pour les cheveux:je combine l'absolu de kératine avec le booster de pousse, puis une cure pour la peau pour gagner en eclat, réduire les imperfections, et detoxifier un peu celle ci


Let’s talk chakras for a moment, shall we? I get asked regularly, “How do I activate my chakras?” But before answering that question, let’s answer the more immediate question, “What ARE Chakras?” Well, to put it simply, in the spiritual community, they are known as spiral energy vortexes that reside within us (and outside of us) which help connect us to parts of ourselves and everything around us. They say that there are 7 chakras within us and 5 chakras outside of us. (most popular belief) Each of these energy centers is color coded and vibrates at a different frequency, which creates a different vibrational design. When active, they will spin in balance, but some chakras go unused...and others are over used. The popular names of these energy centers, from tailbone to top of your head are as follows: Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Have you heard these names before? Does one stand out more than the other? In my next post, we will discuss the purpose of each and how to activate them effectively. Wishing you all a beautiful day or night, depending on where you are on this magickal rock.


:☕️🐈   【放浪時代 -❼-】-2003年〜2008年-    初めて旅らしい旅は、17歳の夏休みに友人と大阪から  自転車こいで陸路で富士山の5合目まで行き、  そのまま山頂まで登頂したのが始まり…🗻    ◾️その後、高校出てからはバイトしながら  ヒッチハイクで北海道から九州まで旅したり。。。   2004年の中国1人旅から、エジプト、インドで  海外旅行に目覚め、2006年〜 約1年3ヶ月かけて  上海〜トルコのイスタンブールまで、陸路で旅をした🧳🚃    ◾️青春と呼ぶ輝かしい日々はそれら  旅の記憶の中に今はあるのかもしれない…   ただ、平成から令和になっても、旅人から写真を仕事にする人になっても、  いつまでも新しい場所に立ってみたいという  「開拓者精神」は忘れないでいたいです🧳🎩🐈     📸:バイトしてでもお金さえ貯めれば「誰でも海外に行ける」  というのは、それってけっこう限られた国だけで、  それを実現させてくれた豊かな国、日本。   逆境でもチャンスのある国に今生きてる事…  それは本当に幸せな事なのだと、改めて実感します。   🌸新しい時代、令和も世界に向けて  より良い国になりますように🌸 -2019.4.30-  . . . .