Logan. 2017. Directed by James Mangold. . . . . One thing everyone can agree on when it comes to the X-Men franchise, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was one of the best superhero performances ever. Sadly in 2017 we had to say goodbye to Logan after an impressive 9 film run. This is by far one of the greatest superhero films made to date which no one saw coming. I believe the excitement started after the announce th was made that the film would be R-rated after the success of Deadpool. Not only did the rated excite us I believe it was the stand alone story that made it so damn good. We didn’t need any back Story or any distractions, this was Logan’s final movie and that is all that mattered. Patrick Stewart gave his best performance as Charles Xavier and had a very unique chemistry with Jackman. Of course I have to mention Dafne Keen who blew everyone’s mind on how bad ass this little girl is! There is one thing for certain, Disney has some massive shoes to fill if they want to bring back Wolverine to the big screen. By far my favorite X-Men film! . . . What are your thoughts on Logan? Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions! . . .

Hey, everyone. Rocketman is a biopic directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Taron Egerton as Elton John. The film details the story of Elton John, his emergence as a rockstar, and his trials dealing with his demons. I had a good time 🙂 Rocketman is spearheaded by the great performance of Taron Egerton. He falls into the role of Elton John very well. My favorite part of his performance is how well he shows the stress of John’s life and makes him a sympathetic figure. John has various flaws, including his own attitude toward others, and Egerton’s performance displays this. The rest of the cast, notably Jamie Bell and Richard Madden, also do well in their roles. The narrative style of Rocketman also interested me. The film doesn’t play like many music biopics which feature their subjects greatest hits like an album. Classic songs from Elton John are used to push the story rather than show their production. The film also acknowledges it is a dramatization of John’s life. It combines being a true musical and a biopic. I liked this storytelling method and feel it makes the movie standout from other music focused biopics. Also, the film does not shy from John’s drug use, homosexuality, and troubled lifestyle. I enjoy the film took its time to show John transition from stress to giving lively performances. I will say that the movie took awhile to grab me completely. It wasn’t bad, just okay for much of its duration. However, once a critical event in John’s life happens, the movie kept my captivation and really escalated Egerton’s performance. Overall, Rocketman is a welcome biopic. Taron Egerton and the cast provided great performances to fuel the film. The storytelling method was unique and helped keep the film interesting. Although it took awhile, the second act uplifted the entire movie and it kept its steam through the conclusion. I will recommend this film ✅ Thank you all once again for watching. Please like, follow, and comment to share your thoughts with me.

I just saw @disneyaladdin 🧞‍♂️ Thanks so much @disneyaunz for inviting me along! Disney’s Aladdin is out in NZ cinemas on May 23 and I’ll be back later this week with your no spoiler review! I didn’t even edit the blooper at the end of this vid cause I want to show you a whole new world 😂🙊 Are you excited to see the reimagining of this Disney Classic?

This would be legendary! I’ve Robert Pattinson playing Batman but I feel like my biggest complaint was that I couldn’t see him playing Bruce Wayne. There’s just something about him for me that doesn’t make it feel quit right. However this is something I like a lot. I could 100% see him playing Terry McGinnis. I absolutely love Batman Beyond so this should be saying a lot that I’d have this much faith in Pattinson to pull of something as amazing as this. Honestly this I just want to see Batman Beyond on the big screen! If you like my page give me a follow @redsmovieplace

Something about being hella sick this weekend has me in a MOOD. After binging the Anne of Green Gables saga for more than 10 hours, I decided to move down my list based on my favorite cine-couples. I’ve got a lot, but these are my Top 10 (swipe <— for love). Any kindred spirits out there? 😂 . . . . .

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners, I blacked out when I found out Grumpy Cat died, and when I came to, Robert Pattinson was Batman. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS @immortalshadow8806 and @_lauraashley !!! Please DM us with your addresses so we can get your sweet mystery boxes on their way to you!!! Thank you everyone for entering! As a reminder, our

De acordo com a Variety, Robert Pattinson ('Bom Comportamento') será o novo homem-morcego, no próximo filme solo do personagem, intitulado 'The Batman'. O longa será dirigido por Matt Reeves ('Planeta dos Macacos: A Guerra'). Segundo o site, o acordo ainda não foi totalmente fechado, mas deve acontecer em breve. Já segundo o Deadline, Nicholas Hoult ('Tolkien') seria a segunda opção de Reeves e ainda estaria no páreo pelo papel. A Warner Bros ainda não se pronunciou sobre a negociação. . . .

Ice Sharks (2016) A new breed of aggressive, ravenous sharks cracks the frozen ocean floor of an Arctic research station, devouring all who fall through. As the station sinks into frigid waters, those alive must fashion makeshift weapons or suffer the same fate. Sixh a confusing film but so good. Man I love sharks 🦈

Here is GLADIATOR, directed by Ridley Scott. This 2000 historical epic drama is a blast. This film brings all the violence that the audience came to see, all while creating great characters and making the audience feel for them. While certainly filming styles of the battles make it feel choppy at times, the special effects are amazing even by today’s standards. Russell Crowe gives the performance of a lifetime in this epic. Check this classic out now! 8.8/10

Tonight’s movie with @kylieroo89 and Callam. I loved the first 2 so I’m excited AF for this. Updated.. What can I say except wow. Such a good action movie, at a running time of just over 2 hours and not one single second of it was I bored. If you like your action movies and are a fan of the first 2 John Wick films then see this ASAP. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Roll on John Wick chapter 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

#TSRListOfTheWeek Top Keanu Reeves Movies, day 6 Movie: The Matrix (1999) Directors: The Wachowski Siblings Though #keanureeves dominated the 90s, when it comes to movies in general, it sucked. Yeah, we got the cult classics from those filmmakers we love to mention when impressing girls at the bar and some remembered dramas like Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption but mainstream franchises sucked big time. We got the worst Batman movies ever, shitty sequels, horrible comic book or video game adaptations and a bunch of garbage that were thrown to us for cashing in at the box office. While some other decades are remembered in a fun way, the 90s didn't aged well and I could argue even some of those acclaimed dramas look dull when we revisit them. . . Thankfully, the decade closed with a year of some great movies and one of those movies that saved cinema at the of the decade is today's pick, #thematrix . The sophomore effort the two siblings which followed the erotic thriller Bound, it's about a hacker named Thomas but Alias: Neo who finds out is not 1999 and he lives in a virtual reality illusion created by machines in order to used humans as batteries. Or something like that, explaining this movie is complicated. . . Truth is, this modern classic set the standard for blockbuster films for the following millennium. The use of cgi, the subject matter, the use of slow motion. It is a fun thrill ride that also make us thing about our dependence on machines. Although the visual effects may look dated, the themes are even more relevant 20 years later. Regardless if the sequels are good or bad, this is one that should be considered as one of the great mainstream studio films. . . . . #thewachowskis #lillywachowski #lanawachowski #moviefranchise #scifi #scifimovies #neonoir #technothriller #cyberpunk #computers #neo #90smovie #90s #shortreviews #moviereview #movielist #bestof #cinephile #movie #film #follow #followmyblog #movieblogger #movienerd #instablogger #blogger #weeklylist
'Mary Queen of Scots' (2018). Ah! The irresistible rise of Saoirse Ronan! She's rarely taken a misstep over the past few years, lifting even otherwise average fare into a class above, while burnishing her credentials as a serious actress at every stage. Please, Saoirse, resist any temptation to accept a role in a superhero movie or a dumb action flick. Look how it almost ruined poor Tom Hiddleston. . . 'Mary' is very much a case in point. Despite top-quality production values and fine locations, the film has its flaws, and without Ronan's blazing central performance it wouldn't be half the movie it is. Josie Rourke, the outgoing artistic director of London's Donmar Warehouse theatre, is making her cinematic debut here, but her work for the most part is strong and confident. There are some fine set-pieces, not least this final (entirely fictional) meeting between Mary and Elizabeth. . . Yet, while Ronan blazes, Margot Robbie as Elizabeth only smoulders at best. It's not just that she's out of her depth in this part (and struggling with an English accent), but is ill-served by a thin script by Beau Willimon (creator of 'House of Cards' no less). She is given no chance to demonstrate the commanding presence that, say, her countrymate Cate Blanchett brought to the same role in two earlier movies. This Elizabeth is for the most part presented as sickly, uncertain and lacking in confidence, not the towering figure she surely was. . . Most of the other roles are equally underwritten. Jack Lowden makes a modest impression as Mary's wastrel husband Henry Darnley, but a collection of other fine actors including Adrian Lester, Ian Hart and 'Line of Duty's Martin Compston are given nothing to do but look stern and push the plot along. David Tennant is wasted in the thankless role of fire and brimstone agitator John Knox. Simon Russell Beale barely registers in a 30-second cameo. They're little better than expensive scenery.

"I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. That or, His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino."

. (ادامه پست قبل) . ابراهیم گلستان داستان نویس، مترجم و فیلمساز ایرانی، مانند بسیاری از متفکران دنیا که تصمیم به فیلمسازی گرفته اند، مدیوم هنرش را گم کرده است. او دو فیلم داستانی در کارنامه دارد که هر دو به همین مشکل دچاراند. مخصوصا فیلم اسرار گنج دره جنی که بسیار اسیرِ شعارهای فیلمسازش شده است. اگر نیک بنگریم، با کمی دقت در شخصیت های فیلم متوجه میشویم که این شخصیت ها و فضای حاکم در روستا همگی نمادی از جامعه ی وقت تحت حکومت شاهنشاهی ایران است. لطفا توجه بفرمایید اگر علی(روستایی)را شاه در نظر بگیریم و زن و بچه اش را ملت ایران، دلسوزان روستا را روشنفکران وقت ایران و طمع کاران گنج را نشانی از رد و پاي اجنبی ها در مملکت تصور کنیم، تمام نکته های شعاری و پنهان غیر سینمایی و به اصطلاح پیام دار برایمان روشن میشود. علی که مانند شاه یک شبه به ثروت و قدرت در روستا دست یافته است تلاش میکند‌ نمایی دروغین از مدرنیته را به بدنه عقب مانده ی ایران تحمیل کند. گویی هرچه عاقلان و روشنفکران حرص و جوش میخورند و از عاقبت راهی که روستایی میرود آگاهند، اما سخن شان خریداری ندارد. او همچنان پیش بینی میکند که عاقبت این نوع تجددنمایی دروغین، ترک شدن از طرف همگان است. بلایی که عاقبت بر سر شاه مملکت آمد. هرچند آگاه هستيم كه گلستان نیز مانند بسیاری دیگر از روشنفکران زمانه اش آزادی بیان نداشت و مجبور بود حرف هایش را اینگونه شعاری و پنهان در فیلم هایش بزند، اما ابدا سینما جای پیام و شعار نیست و این بزرگترین مشکل فیلم است. (ادامه در پست بعد) . .