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Dopo che la Cina in mattinata ha minacciato di imporre dazi aggiuntivi su $75 miliardi di beni Americani, Trump risponde sostenendo che questa sarà una “grande opportunità” per gli Stati Uniti e che avrebbe risposto a tono. Il Presidente USA ha aggiunto successivamente di aver parlato con molte delle maggiori società Americane intimando loro di iniziare a guardarsi intorno per cercare alternative produttive alla Cina. I mercati americani, in tensione anche per le dichiarazioni di Powell non hanno potuto che scendere ai minimi giornalieri realizzando un -2.1%.

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I made my first beat in 2006. It was trash 😂. But it became something I cherish as a genuine passion. I love to create, and then share that creation with the world. Music is one of those things that lasts forever. For me, it’s became somewhat of a serious hobby. I’m grateful for the artists I’ve had the pleasure to work with, the albums I’ve produced on, the connections made, the lil “fan” base that always rocks my beat tapes. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 the progress has been real. There were plenty of times I wanted to just stop doing it, but I’m glad I didn’t. Because now I have a library full of beats that have become a valuable resource for my business. 💯

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🎯 bullseye! One shot one kill yesterday thank to @raysbaseball covering after a rain delay! Solid week thus far looking to keep it that way! 🏈 College Football back tomorrow baby!

Do you know that your past traumas can affect how you view, use, spend and make money? This may not seem like a big deal but gather around so we can have story time. • When I was in the 7th grade my crush asked me why my Nike’s didn’t have a check. 🙄😔 This may seem small now that I’m an adult but it was one of the many times I felt low because my family couldn’t afford the nicest, latest trends. (Stay with me... this story has a point) We weren’t millionaires but we always had our needs met. This instance was only one of many that really shaped how I viewed clothes and shoes. Fast forward 20 years and I have a closet full of “trophies”. Clothes, shoes, bags; some I’ve never worn, some still with the tags, some I can’t fit, some I couldn’t fit when I bought them, but I couldn’t walk away. • Similarly, I remember an episode of Cribs when Mariah Carey was on and she had literally hundreds of shoes. She made the comment “Now the girl who didn’t have shoes has many.” • Of course Mariah has the means to purchase whatever she wants, but just think about all the money she could’ve saved, invested, grew or better spent had she healed the part of her that was broken. Just think of all the money I could’ve saved, invested, grew or better spent had I healed the part of me that was broken. • It’s time to fix our broken pieces so they stop impacting how we spend and use money. Next time you want to buy a new purse, shoes, golf clubs, a car or whatever, ask your self “Do I really need this? Can I spend this money better?” • As for me, I’ll be cleaning out my closet the next couple months and getting rid of all the trophies I don’t need. I’m thinking of going on a clothing strike for a while. (I’ll keep y’all posted). The next time I see a thrift store or a resale shop, or a Ross or a mall, or I get an email coupon, I’m definitely going to really consider the need/want of what I purchase. Hopefully you’ll do the same.

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A maioria das pessoas se desespera quando escuta o valor das suas dívidas, porque depois de um tempo com os juros correndo ela se torna impagável. Os juros são altos, a pressão é muita e a pessoa só começa a enxergar contas a pagar, despesas pessoais que não pode deixar de fazer e fica sem perspectiva. Os bancos adoram te deprimir porque assim fica mais fácil arrancar teu dinheiro. Enquanto você não tiver fé em si mesmo, não deve nem pensar em renegociar. Olha, as empresas te tratam diferente quando te enxergam como um coitado; agora chegue lá disposto a renegociar e fazer um acordo, eles vão querer receber. Mas eu vou te contar um segredinho: financeiras adoram o mau pagador, pois ele é o maior ativo delas, é a razão da existência delas. Respire e procure suas opções, não se deixe levar pela primeira resposta negativa que ouvir.

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