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Some people come and go in your life for a day, some people stay a little longer, some people are in and out of your life thru different periods in time and some people you just know you will see again.....everyone has a purpose a time and place there are no coincincidence. Gods perfect plan for each of us

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I want you to move to California for yourself I want you to find whatever your heart needs I want you to wander silent past my outstretched arms I want you to hide yourself from all I see And though my heart will fight until its dying breath You're not for me I want you to move to California for yourself But not for me . . . . . .

How can one human be so cute @xlilhuddy

Talk Derby To Me 🏇🏻


Otra perspectiva ◼️◻️◼️

Đêm thật dài đêm trong mắt đỏ, yêu lạc nẻo rồi Lời tình đầu môi đã cho ta héo mòn tuổi trời Đôi môi nào tìm nhau đêm tóc rối Nhạt màu môi, người đi khuất nẻo chân trời. ----------------------

Sometimes you gotta just chill guys

Shinsekai มีร้านค้าร่วมสมัยผสมผสานกับร้านค้าเก่าแก่ ตกแต่งหน้าร้านสีสันโดดเด่น ดึงดูดนักท่องเที่ยวให้มาถ่ายรูป อย่างน้อยก็เราคนนึงแหละ . . . . .