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“close my door” LMAOO • (this is not my video) • @litty.marc @marcgomeezzz

Happily ever after? - Chapter 1 - It’s time for tour again and you were packing your luggage onto the coach when you see Alex. ‘Omg Alex, it’s been forever!’ - y/n ‘Yes, at least we will spend two months together.’ - a ‘Congratulations on 1.4 million.’ - y/n ‘Thank you, I just can’t believe that a few years ago I was hitting less than 100k and now I’m on 1.4 million.’ - a ‘ I know it’s so crazy.’ - y/n ‘I’m go on the coach see ya!’ - a When you was about to go on the coach you saw Devyn. ‘Omg, bestfriend.’ - y/n You both ran to each other and hugged each other so tightly that you did want to let go. ‘Devyn, I have some tea to spill.’ - y/n ‘Omg, same.’ - d You both go on the coach and tell Devyn that over the spring break you heard a rumour that Marc secretly likes you but was scared to tell you. ‘I heard that two but apparently he told Jabez who told Brandon who told Alex who ‘accidentally’ sent the screenshots to a fan group.’ - d ‘I’ll see when we get on the tour.’ - y/n ‘We’ll see so.’ - d • @jabezvill @blesiv @devynkohl @beyondbrandon @marcgomeezzz @real.ona

y’all we need to keep him happy 🥺 we here for you if you need anything I know what’s going on but just keep your head up ❤️ @marcgomeezzz

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