Forgot your book? No worries, we've got ya covered! ✨ Did you know Cori, our lovely and talented owner, wrote a yoga memoir you can find laying around in the bathhouse? Check it out while lounging by the pool 😌

Going through a relaunch / rebrand?? ✨ Me too!! 😜 And this time, I’m sharing every step of the way with you!!! ☺️ Which let’s be real, is a bit terrifying + it’s gonna be a bit messy, but that’s life right? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about it too though, so stay tuned for updates, more freebies, better advice + a whole lot more to help empower you to build

Motivation is a feeling. It doesn’t and can’t last forever. So when you’re not feeling motivated and internally inspired? Get moving. Propel yourself to action and creative your own motivation! Then track your progress for the days you’re tempted to feel you haven’t made any progress. You are in control of your own motivation, boo. Own it and crush it! 😘 . . .

Happiness isn't a destination, it's a way of life. 🌺 . Here are some of the helpful tips I've learned over the years on how to live happier: . ❤Never hate 💜Don't worry 💙Live simply 💚Give a lot 💜Live with love 💙Smile more ❤Laugh often . What is one tip you've learned? . . . . . . . . . .

I know it’s been said a lot and you’ve heard this before but OMG so true. . . . If you want ANYTHING to change, SOMETHING has to change. Whether it’s your high blood pressure, your thought pattern, your feelings toward your body, your relationship with your sibling, WHATEVER it is . . . Nothing is going to change if everything stays the same. . . . Many people I see in the office have pain points in their life that just don’t seem to be shifting in the direction they want but often they’re not willing to make any changes in that direction either. We simply can’t change if we aren’t willing to change even a little of our behaviour. Seems obvious and it can absolutely be difficult but that doesn’t mean it’s not necessary in order to the live our lives optimally. . . . Do you feel you need to change something to change something but just can’t seem to make a shift? Comment below and perhaps you’ll feel a little more accountable. Love yourself and the rest follows. . . . . .

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For the last week or so, I’ve been listening to this little USB drive on my way to work and while running errands. They contain sermons from Alistair Begg and are sold by Truth for Life ministries. Since I started listening them while I’m driving, I’ve found my attitude is better and I’m more mindful of Christ during the day. While this doesn’t replace reading the Bible or going to church, it has certainly been a blessing. Our church offers them in our the library for members and visitors to borrow. These USB drives can be found in the shop for a small fee, but his sermons are available to download from the website for free. I am currently listening to Firm Foundations, a study of 1 Corinthians. How do you stay connected to Christ throughout the week? What inspires you? . . . . .

Her photo vs. my photo!🤣🤣 I have a LONG way to go with food photography! BUT.....don’t let that distract you from the amazing deliciousness of this meal. I stole it from another amazing coach, @lorenmattingly and it’s simply too yummy not to keep spreading the joy. Being honest, at first I thought this combo was absolutely bizarre. But I’m one for trying new things so went for it. And boy am I glad I did!!😍😍 If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying healthy and true to your goals, this is it! And it’s filling so you are definitely not left hungry! Give it a try and let me know what YOU think, I’d love to hear! Baked sweet potato Nut butter (I used natural almond butter) Blueberries Banana Hemp seeds Enjoy!💚 Oh, and bonus! For those of you in the FASTer Way membership with me and doing the clean eating detox, this fits right it!! Yay!!!

Trying to be really aware of the thoughts I think when I first wake up and right before I go to sleep. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

These betches. Tag your best betch you’re grateful for but haven’t told in the comments below. 💁🏻‍♀️💫 // I was going to share this yesterday. But here we are....yesterday turned into today. SAY LA VEE. // I like to practice gratitude. It's one of those things that seems small but by expressing it to ourselves and to the people and things we're grateful for can have a really big impact on the way we experience our lives. I'd love to tell you I do this every single day, but I don't. I do it as often as I can and would like to do it more. But one of the things that ends up on my list every. single. time. is friendship. I am // I can think of little more in life that I cherish than my friendships. If you are my friend and I've never told you how much I love and appreciate you and how you help me be me and grow into the person I want to be. Thank you.💗 // Meeting this motley crew, just a bunch of transfers 😉 was fate. Long story short, I had met one of them (via another BFF friend & their love connections) before returning to school freshman year, and when I got to school in the Fall she was living across the hall and she had a connection from home to another and so on. It’s been 10 years since we graduated and I feel so lucky to say we are closer than ever. We talk almost every day, and I can’t imagine people I’d like to have witnessed my most cringeworthy moments (too scandalous for the gram 😍) more and be there for so many good ones. We are all very different but fundamentally so much the same. // I’m sharing this after sharing my chance of fate meeting my other crew of beloved BFFs because I whole heartedly feel I was delivered all of these amazing humans plus more that haven’t been shared here (I love you!!!) for a reason. I talk about getting these “meant to be things” delivered - to us in this week’s podcast with Dallisa Hocking of @spiritandspark - grab the link in my bio to have a listen 😘💕

✌🏼 If you’d told me I’d be wearing a muted rainbow stripe sweatshirt I would have laughed in your face but also here I am wearing a muted rainbow stripe sweatshirt so I guess you win. Am I the only person who has mentally moved into autumn and is insisting on rotating seasonally-inappropriate clothing into her regime? No? Just me? ✌🏼

Power Bowl 💪🌱 Brown rice pasta, roasted potatoes & chickpeas, lightly fried cauliflower, lettuce and @ohnaturelfoods quinoa mushroom burgers (10/10 delicious)

Strong relationships can definitely support happiness and good health! This book is a timeless classic. It is relatively simple, straightforward and filled with such practical advice. If you haven’t read it before we highly recommend it! If you have read it, let us know…. Did you enjoy it? Did you find it useful?

Habits + Balance ⚖️ . It’s true that only you know what’s good for your body to feel you’re 💯 And sometimes we make mistakes. Like today - I ate 1.5 donuts 😬 you read that right! . Why would I do this to myself?! I was craving sugar, I needed a boost, & the thought was, how badly could this end? Well let me tell you, it wasn’t super!Definitely feeling that gut rot + sluggishness . ☀️ Bright side = played volleyball tonight (crushed it 👊) & eating this delicious smoothie packed with vitamins & feel good foods 😋 . Building habits & balancing yourself is not a simple task. It takes practice, failure, wins, & a few donuts along the way 🤪 .

* New blog post!* Camping with our little ones is one of our favorite family activities 🏕 from daytime exploring to campfire snuggles, there is so much to love! My husband and I’ve been camping together for 15 years and have taken our babes age 4 weeks to 5 years and everything in between. 👶🏼👦🏼 I shared some of my best tips + favorite gear on the blog! —> Camping with Littles Ones 🏕💛

Some many delicious veggies!!! Roasted zucchini, red cabbage and carrot sticks (used avocado oil) with sautéed swish chard and onion (used butter). Throw in some grilled chicken thighs and supper was amazing! . Healthy eating tip: Aim for at least 2 different colours each meal. Each vegetable contains a variety of nutrients. In fact there are different nutrients associated with each colour of vegetable or fruit. These nutrients are needed for optimal health. Eat time we eat we have an opportunity to give our body what it needs. From macro- to micro-nutrients eating a variety of whole, minimally processed foods will help fuel your body well and optimize your health. . What vegetables did you eat today? .

Mobility sucks! Why? Because we don’t do it enough! I’ve spent as much time doing mobility this week as I have working out, and I can tell the difference. I’m less sore, more mobile and less cranky. 😂 • Give the lizard stretch a try to pay a little attention to your...sensitive spots. 😉 • Powered today by: 💜

I was given fresh garden tomatoes 🍅 at work, so I decided to make this meal around them, with onion, zucchini, 🌶 peppers, mushrooms 🍄, garlic, marinated garlic shrimps & feta, garlic, tomato sausages. On fresh Fettuccine, with fresh herbs, n spices. My apartment smells so good and it was delicious 😋 all fresh! I miss actually cooking 🥘 like this! And for others, I made too much lol. It’s so nice when people share their food with me it’s special.

wellness is serious business, yes, but don’t forget why you want to get enjoy life more. Part of my mission is to change the perception of getting healthy. It doesn’t have to be a drag. It actually can be fun. Because how much more fun is life when you feel good?! 🤸🏽‍♂️Don’t underestimate those good vibes that come with healthy habits - they’re quite powerful.

“You’re not going to make money by doing videos...” is what echoed in my ear for a while... When you think of showing up or being on camera does it sound daunting? I remember the first time I did a Facebook live, I was so nervous and I told myself that even though I loved being in front of the camera, it was always with a script in hand or a different energy to it. I did it anyway. Guess what? The 3rd I did a live a big time influencer that I had been trying to get a hold of for MONTHS watched my video and got a hold of ME. He told me he loved my story and what I was up to. He told me he wanted to meet. I met with him over coffee and he said “you need to tell your story.” I got invited to the Golden Globes. I met people I wanted to shake hands with in my field. I started getting speaking engagements! ALL.FROM.A.LIVE. Now I am teaching this to YOU! This is just one of the many things I teach in my new course. Freedom from fear of being in front of the camera and facing your fears with the “I don’t know” mentality 🔥✨ Remember: If you are In a place of fear you are not solving anything! If this spoke to you, message me...course registration ends Friday ✨

💡Do not dim your light for anyone. Step into your spotlight and shine, baby! 🌟 Your responsibility is not to make people comfortable, but to use your power to EMPOWER those around you. So shine your light so bright, that everyone glows, and all of the shadows will be behind you. 💛

Do you have Dry/Dull Skin? . Dry/Dull Skin is secondary to accumulation of dead skin due to the slowing of epidermis cells skin renewal process. There can also be excessive loss of collagen in the dermis that makes the skin thinner and blood vessels under the skin more obvious and dull-looking. This is mostly due to the effects of sun damage, aging and stress that cause the cells to undergo stress and slow down in their production. . SkinLab has quite a number of solutions to improve dry/dull skin condition. As to which one to go for, it depends on the precise skin condition of each individual. For instance, our I2PL treatment creates more collagen in the dermis while our Medical Peel stimulates greater cell renewal process in the epidermis. For some who have sensitive skin too, we usually start them off with our Gentle Milk Peel. . So if you think you have some of these issues, feel free to contact us to find out more what suits you.

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Health has no body type — We see so many images everyday that reinforce an ideal that a certain body aesthetic is the only way to be healthy. But health goes way beyond appearances, it's about the relationship you have with your body. — However, we can sometimes get distracted by these aesthetics, which can cultivate an obsession with our bodies to attain the "perfect physique" at any cost to our health. — Fitness provides us with the physical activity to live healthier lives and feel good. Yet, it also helps to supply us with whatever desirable appearance we seek to present to the world. But putting the work in at the gym to get abs or a perkier bottom is a personal choice NOT a requirement for health. — Improving your health (regardless of your appearance) requires REALLY changing your lifestyle. Not just intensely restricting your calorie intake or doing 100 sit ups a night for four days and then stopping because your abs are sore. — Health begins with nurturing yourself (physically + mentally) from the inside out. It's not an outside-in effort. Body aesthetics ≠ healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle = healthy life.✌🏿❤