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For international students who wish to enroll in Singapore Government Primary and Secondary School, achieve school enrolment standard in English and Mathematics to attend Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS). Provide the education your child deserves 👍👍👍 CONTACT US for more information‼️ 📞Tel: 6896 0880 / 6358 1068 📩Email: [email protected]

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Hola gentecita linda de instagram, esta cuenta será un proyecto para ambientarnos más en el idioma chino, pues este esta extendiéndose más y más gracias a su entretenimiento, espero hacernos unos pros en este idioma. No soy experta en este idioma, iré aprendiendo junto con ustedes, espero que se diviertan y aprendan lo poquito que iré subiendo poco a poco. Espero que me apoyes dando me gusta y siguiendo mi cuenta, me darás alas para emprender vuelo, aún soy una oruga ♡

my imagination, is yours

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So I decided to put their pictures on their cubbies. I want to put their names on it but I’m not sure how I want it to be. So if I say “go get something from your cubby”, they will be able to associate their picture with their cubby and eventually name. I put superglue on the back so hopefully, it doesn’t fall off. 😂 • • •

In Averie’s words “I’m so excited!” Lol, now they don’t have to struggle while washing their hands. I teach independence as well. I put soap on the smaller toddlers hands and sing some random song I made up about “rubbing their hands back and forth”. But the rinsing has always been a struggle. I wish I would’ve thought of this! This little thing is straight up rubber but an awesome contraption. No more hand washing struggled. 😬🙌🏽 • • •

Our new kitchen set came and it’s MORE than I expected! I’m truly in love with it. I thought it was going to be one you could order online and they were just selling it. But the lady came with her son and as he was unloading it off the truck, I was like “WOW! THAT’S HUGE! I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT! I LOVE IT!” The lady was so excited because somebody else was going to buy it but playing around. She marked it sold as soon as I said “I wanted it.” Her son built this for his kiddo. He said he didn’t play with it once so it had just been sitting in the garage. I’m super excited for them! They’re going to love it! And we have new kitchen food coming too. I’m definitely going to be keeping this forever! I’m going to decorate it too. Super excited, if you can’t tell! I told them I’m definitely going to hit you guys up for things I see that I want built and I don’t mind paying whatever. They were excited! 😍🥰 • • •

I opened almost 4 months ago. This bad boy has been with me since I opened and has definitely served its purpose! I moved across country and so I had a little to start up but couldn’t invest as much as I wanted. I’m so happy there’s Facebook Marketplace. Although, the new one is still going to be use, it’s wood and in better condition. I’m in save mode because I’m ready to expand! I’m ready for the back yard and the extra space for the kids to run around and enjoy. 😫 Idk why I’m in my feelings about this simple toy. Lol But when it’s time I’ll be purchasing a brand new one and have my tool set to put it together! I’m also going through some of the food to see if it should be kept or thrown away. 😬 • • •

We have new kitchen play food coming this weekend! 🙌🏽😫 I’m tired of seeing them chew on the same peas and French fry (literally one fry). So now I’m on the hunt for a kitchen set, put together preferably. So I’ll be on the Facebook marketplace all weekend! I’m selling their kitchen playset, doc mcstuffins toys, and that chair thing. Although, they’ve been here for a small amount of time, I can tell they’ve outgrown a lot of things. • • •

I’m doing letter assessments once a month! I go over every letter and sound every day during circle time. We have a letter of the week that we focus on. I don’t expect them to retain it all but I do be curious each month what they retained. • • •

Her mom said she had to wear this dress because “There’s a ball at Ms.Courey’s house.” I wasn’t informed of such festivities nor did I get an invite. But she’s cute though with her little ballerina pose! 😫😭 • • •

Daily closing cleaning tasks: Rug vacuummed, mopped (now I do it after lunch and when the kids leave. This way I can get the spots I missed from the mats being on the floor), table wiped down with soapy water and bleach, toys soaked, and wiped down. All done ✅! Just to do it all over tomorrow. Lol but I love what I do and I love my babies being healthy! ♥️ • • •

My goal is to be able to do two one on ones a day. By the end of the week everybody should have at least two one on one sessions. Some days are easier than others! But I got two done today! As time goes on I see how the child is and I then know if they’re ready to do certain things on top of the basics. ♥️ • • •

Everybody was impressed except Jax. 😂😂 Such a cute experiment! It goes right along with our colors theme! (Sidenote: I gave the older toddlers ONE skittle to eat. I’ve seen a sugar rush first hand. Not today! 😂😂) • • •