🔊🔥MUST WATCH, SOUND ON🔥 🔊 - I’m speechless after I came across this video on @youtube .. This lady that made this video posted her video (this one that I’ve recorded), LITERALLY just some minutes or so before @jamescharles posted his “No more lies” video 😱 Completely SHOOK to the ground 💥 If you haven’t seen this video, PLEASE go watch it!! RIGHT NOW 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🌪 She talks about James, Tati & uncle Jeffree in this video, so there’s plenty of tea, served from the universe ☕️🔮✨ Her YouTube name: Taurus Rising Tarot ✨ Go watch and subscribe!!!! 🎞 - ⚠️ All the videos I post on this insta are “investigated” and clipped together by me. Also everything in this video is only my opinion, please don’t send hate to anyone. This was made for entertainment purpose only. • • • • • • • • • • •

This tati and James drama has blown way out of proportion and both need to be more cautious of their words. 1.) if tati was truly hurt by the situation and wanted to take action she could have done it privately she obviously has more power than a 19 yr old and could have put a stop to his actions without dragging him 2.) James could easily sue tati for “pain and suffering” since she caused him a loss financially and he expressed how it emotionally damaged him 3.) /in my opinion\ everyone is acting very immature about everything and They have both made it to where they are the victims. What’s your opinion on the James and Tati feud? Comment >>>

I’m obsessed on how he explained everything on his Channel I couldn’t blame a person based on one persons perspective I needed his side of the story and now that it has been said I can now say Tati has to stfu and stop with her drama like now posting on it and twitter on how she is taking a vacation is bullshit she knows that she did wrong and there is proof plus she said that James was mixing up her word but yet she did it before with out any proof so i stand with James and I can now say bye sister Tati @glamlifeguru get a life

Why did the barber gave him that frown tho? Made his back look like he suffering from depression and shit lol

Opinions on the james's recent video "My opinion is that Tati was so immature of her to do her video in the first place she's fucking 37!!! and i hate the fact that she kept making stories up in her video to make james look bad , james had all the evidence she was just saying absolute bullshit w no proof im on James's side now i unsubscribed from Tati and subscriebd to james *never unsubbed from him lmao* " im pretty sure im gonna get hate for this but it's my opinion u don't have to agree🤷

This really cleared things up, and you should definitely watch the ENTIRE video before commenting. James and Tati both agreed that they need time to recollect themselves, stay off social media for a bit/as much as possible, and come back stronger than ever, and hopefully someday, maybe even be able to sit and talk things out in person privately. (I think it's better to watch Tati's 'Why I Did it' video after James' 'No More Lies' video). I love Sister James, I always have, and I didn't believe a word of the rumors going around about him, or at least I had a feeling that they weren't the entire story, and this should teach people to get all the sides of a story because things can be out of context.

🔊🔊SOUND ON🔊🔊 - PSYCHOPATH, MANIPULATOR, PUPPET MASTER? 👀 - What you guys think, does this all makes sense to you guys? Anyone else waiting for uncle @jeffreestar to hurry the F up with those receipts? 🙋🏻‍♀️🖊 - ⚠️ All the videos I post on this insta are “investigated” and clipped together by me. Also everything in this video is only my opinion, please don’t send hate to anyone. This was made for entertainment purpose only. • • • • • • • • • • •

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so here are subjects James basically touched on in his videos and it was a long ass video so if u don’t wanna watch it cuz trust me IK this is a lot and the drama’s being going on for A WHILE now so I just summarized it up for y’all 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻 this took a while to make so y’all better like and comment 💙 feel free to repost it if you want????? just tag me in it cuz this took me a long time to make -k . . .

all i have to say is you guys are truly disgusting. to see all the mean & hateful things you said to james, telling him to kill himself & all that, then this video comes out & now you’re just sitting there reposting “once a sister always a sister” and “James is back” it really shows how fake & awful some of you people are. take offense or don’t, at this point i don’t really care. also to all the dolan account that posted all the disgusting things about how James was predatory that are now making edits about him because they saw receipts are equally as gross. - - - Q - what’s your opinion on the situation ? - - - - @jamescharles