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“You’re My....” Watch out for the sheep Like the wolves they clothes will change Show me what’s hidden I’ll tell you a secret A Promise you break given no reason A Life with no meaning not knowing your fate Give us an answer we know that it’s fake Truth of the matter we know it’s the same Lies on her lips poisonous tongue Give me a kiss so I can go numb All these emotions are fading away Gave me another wanting to share the pain Now it’s so empty my eyes are so heavy Give me a message I’m gone in a second Out of my body these drugs taking over Feening for touch I’ll never be sober Addicted addicted I know that I am There is no hope just pass me the dope pass me the rope and when it’s gets cold you are my pure Baby your HIGH last long- Jemini.Jade.B • • For more content follow @spilt_jeminijade • Comment below what you think 👇🏽

This is a post that I had to share because it is one of THEE most thoughtful gestures that ANY Man has ever done for me! 💗 Try and hold back the tears...lol j/k j/k So, a few weeks ago, my boo and I were having a conversation about Life, nothing in particular just Life as an adult as parenting; exchanging stories with one another. I go on to share a time last year where I was going through a financial hardship and things were SUPER tight. I mean, I could barley pay for my baby’s daycare because I didn’t have help paying $145/ a week! So, I did what I feel any parent would do and put up my ONLY pair of J’s up for sale that I had only worn twice and was the first pair I EVER bought myself just a year ago at that time; at age 34 (don’t judge me🤦🏾‍♀️). Yup, I sold my black and white Taxi 12’s to pay for my daughter’s daycare without hesitation. Now, fast forwarding to this past Monday, I get a text from

I feel bleh rn

sorry I died, I'm back

To My Mister, To My Sun & My Stars, To the Best Man I've Ever Known-- I can’t believe that today marks FOUR YEARS of being married. ♥️ Over the 10 years (!!) we’ve spent together, you have become my very best friend, my chief strategist, my partner in crime, and the most patient and understanding confidant (even when —especially when— I don’t make it easy). You make me strive to be the best version of myself I can be every day; every day you choose me is a day I aim to make you proud. I’m so in awe of the partnership we’ve built: We are stronger, more resilient versions of ourselves together, as we move towards building the life of our dreams. We are PROOF that two is truly better than one, and together I know we'll reach the moon. I love you more than I will ever find a way to say to you, My Mister! I'm the luckiest. .

low hq but that's okay 🌚

दिया करते होंगे देने वाले इश्क़ में अपनी जान, लुटाते होंगे आशिक़ अपनी मोहब्बत पर चैन और आराम, हमारा इश्क़ तो ऐसा नहीं, हमारे इश्क़ में, चैन, सुकून, मिठास अभी बाक़ी है. हमारे प्यार में अभी ऐतबार क़याम है, आज भी उम्मीद है, कल भी रहेगी. . . .

« Jusqu’alors, elle avait avancée avec l’insouciance de la première jeunesse, sur une route qui, quand on est enfant, semble infinie, où les années s’écoulent lentes et légères.. » 🍀🌈 « "Until then, she had advanced with the carelessness of the first youth, on a road which, when one is a child, seems infinite, where the years flow slowly and lightly » 🍀🌈

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