Rub a dub-dub its my Fionn in a tub 🛀 ❤️ 🧽bath time in this house is a serious operation and is almost like a military drill 💪🏼 Once we have the bath ready to go, it's all hands on deck to get the first fella unchanged, washed,🧽🧽 cleaned and dried while wrestling🤼‍♂️ with them to get a nappy and some clothes on.. And this has to be done twice more with new bathwater 🛀🛀👶🏼👶🏼 it honestly takes us an hour if not more to get them all scrubbed but they love it.. Us, not so much! My back is broke up from them 😅 It's great to see them sit up on their own and play while we are sweating trying to get them squeaky clean after messing their faces with food (Fionn! Gets food everywhere bar his mouth!) and who doesn't love that newly washed baby smell?😍😍😍 . . . . . . . . . . .

What do you want to be when you grow up? So, tractor time typically equals waaaay too much thinking time, especially when the radio doesn't work. 🤷‍♀️😂 The thought that stuck with me this afternoon was "why do we stop asking ourselves what we want to be?" With school starting back up, I'm sure your feeds have been filled with 1st Day of School pictures. Occasionally, I'll see a poster stating the child's age, grade, what they want to be when they grow up, etc. So that got me thinking, what do I want to be when I grow up? I'm honored to claim the title of farmer/rancher, but I want to dive deeper and go further than that - honestly it is a pretty generic title when you think about it! What I want to be when I grow up is a soil farmer. It is my goal to someday never be able to recreate this picture I took today on our farm. I hope to transition to strictly no-till, grow the soil and never see the dust storm of top soil you see in this picture. I doubt we will get there next year, but I'm hopeful that we will be much closer by Planting Season 2021! So, I'm curious - what do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe you're in school and trying to find your way, maybe you're in a job you love but want to achieve something in particular within your field, maybe you're set to retire and pursue a hobby - gardening, carpentry, best grandma/pa around - what do you want to be?

Posting an excerpt from a piece I wrote about this one time my mom told me she used to chat with ghosts, to finish off a Sunday that felt more like Freaky Friday.

Cannot get over how cute Theo looks in his little ear defenders 😍. . . This week has been full of adventures and this Thursday we ventured to one of our fave days out of the year - the Santa Pod Family Fun Day! . . Theo loved watching the cars and monster trucks doing their thing - not sure he noticed the 250mph jet but never mind 🙊 He's turning into his daddy more and more each day and just loves watching every thing around him and exploring EVERYWHERE! (Gravel is his fave, as in his hands in the pic 🙊and of course our garden is full of the bloomin stuff!) . . Anywho, Happy Bank Holiday everybody 🤗

Some friends came over today and I loved it. 💕

Happy Birthday to the sassiest student I teach! Please stop growing up.. soon you’ll be too big for me to pick up and squeeze 🥰🥰🥰You are a pleasure to teach and honestly light up every class and make me laugh uncontrollably with all the funny, quirky stuff you do and say! 😂 I can’t get over how much you have improved you are honestly a born performer and our own little star! We love you Ella!!! P.S- This will forever be my favourite photo and one of the only boys you can be close too

That one time in Summer 2019 that I swam in the sea...could've prob done it again this weekend but I was too lazy after my cycle yesterday. Anyway, I'll never be a fan of myself in a swimming togs, and will leave the bikini shots for my next foreign holiday which will prob be never 😭 (haven't even renewed my passport 🙄) but the photo on the left was when I just wasn't a fan of myself full stop (size 18) And you know what, today I bought a size 6 top (thank you for your generous sizing @newlookdungarvan 👍) I know I'm not a size 6, I'm an 8-10 which in itself is still mind boggling, but I'll still take every little boost I can get. I haven't had much of a life this year, especially compared to last year's shenanigans 🤣 I've been trying to get my shit together and I've been saving mad, hopefully exciting times ahead soon 🤞 but I'm buzzing for one last summer sesh next week with ma girl @rebekahhtpower we both deserve a night filled with vodka, lols and silliness, and a day after filled with pizza and giggles...can't believe the "summer" is nearly over, but onto the next chapter we go 🙃 onwards and upwards hopefully 😃

Hoe kan het toch dat de tijd zo snel voorbij vliegt? Precies 2 jaar geleden ging ik mijn 3e trimester van de zwangerschap in en kijk nu! Morgen is dit mannetje alweer 22 maanden bij ons! Dus zijn we ook al stiekem bezig met zijn verjaardag. Weten jullie leuke cadeaus voor een 2 jarige? 💙 ● ● ●

Soeben habe ich „I am happy“ durch „I am whole“ auf meinem Vision Board ersetzt. Das bedeutet mir so viel. Das ist so eine wichtige Einsicht. Wir sind nicht auf der Welt, um glücklich zu sein. Wir sind auf der Welt, um ALLES zu sein und uns selbst dafür auch die Erlaubnis zu geben. Wir können das. Wir, die wir hier lesen, sind erwachsen. Wir brauchen keinerlei Erlaubnis von außen. Wir sind nicht mehr abhängig. Wir sind frei in unseren Entscheidungen. Und sind wir gewillt, die Konsequenzen für unser Handeln zu tragen, oh ja, dann sehen wir, wie ultimativ frei wir sind. Ich entscheide mich für Ganzheit - fürs Sein mit all seinen Facetten. Weg von der Hülle, weg von dieser so krankmachenden Vorstellung, wir müssten alle immer happy sein. Und weg von dem Trugbild, alle wären immer happy nur wir selbst nicht. Das ist einfach nicht die Wahrheit! Niemand ist immer glücklich. Die allermeisten sind es so gut wie nie. Also lasst uns sie genießen, diese geteilte Unvollständigkeit. Dieses Nichtglück. Damit wir ankommen in der Wahrheit und raus aus der Illusion. Lerne mit deinem Kummer, mit dem leid und der Wut umzugehen. Lass sie bleiben, umarme sie. Auf dass du endlich frei wirst. *

*UPDATE: I never realized how I always put on a smile for these pictures (especially during the nicu days). I was not happy. Not even close. I still cry. Benji has taught me so much in his 2 years of life, and today, I gained a new lesson— It’s okay to be REAL. It’s okay to NOT smile. It’s okay to show that you’re not okay. ❤️ . *August 15, 2017* Two Years age today, after 5 long weeks in the NICU, Benji met his sister for the first time. Also, our (now) not so little boy FINALLY came home to us!! This day will always be my ❤️ . .

Here’s what I’m learning in this personal growing season: I am ONLY responsible for my response in any given moment. That’s it. I have no control over other people or the end result of the situation. . Realizing this makes me feel deeply insecure and afraid; in some cases, it makes me feel rejected and alone (even though I know I’m not!). But now that I understand I can’t control other people’s opinions or actions, I’ve also received the freedom to stand on my OWN convictions instead of living according to OTHER people’s. . As a child, my parents guided me through life, and I was able to stand beneath the supportive covering of their convictions. But now that I’m grown and out of the nest, I no longer need to hide in the shadow of their wings. . At some point, I have to handle my business and accept the result. It’s time for me to activate my own wings and spread them wide. Though I may fail and fall, eventually I WILL fly on my own. . This has been a valuable, real-time lesson in this season. . The more true I am to my heart and convictions, the more clearly I can see. It helps me see the bigger picture and reminds me that, no matter how bad things seem, I’m not stuck in the trenches of my current situation. . Standing on my own can be scary. But as long as I stay true to myself in every situation and take ownership of my responses rather than trying to control others, then I can be confident that I’ve done my best to sow seeds for a fruitful result. . The rest is out of my hands. . . . . 👚: @urbanplanet 👖: @americaneagle 📸: @mikebamboo

For those of you that know us, Sky has always been shorter in stature and never grew!!. We had been to several doctors and even an Endocrinologist at Childrens. So many tests were done to see why he wasnt growing, from gluten intolerance to bone length. You name it, we did it. Nothing was wrong!! ⠀ ⠀ Then we started him on Juice Plus+. So Skyler has been taking JP+ for a while now and I knew he was starting to get taller than me now but HOLY [email protected]@ I didnt realize how much taller he was getting!! This is so crazy!!! He has wanted to get taller for so long and now its happening!!⠀ ⠀ Come to find out that all he needed was proper whole food nutrition and kids eat for free!! ⠀ ⠀ Want more info? Message me!!⠀ ⠀

Have you ever had a day where you wonder why the energy is all over the place. The whole house is up and down like a rollercoaster. It seems like with each second it changes. Maybe it's there all the time but there are days when you just notice more. During those days it good to just breathe. Take a few minutes and be alone, pray, meditate, think and take a big breath in. Life is here and now. We needed to live in that moment. Life will be ok. . . . . . . . . .

Our not so little man turns 4 in just a few days. ♥️ . . He couldn't be more excited & I couldn't be more emotional. I literally cried on his floor the other day when he proudly showed me he could completely dress himself. 😭 . . Life is this crazy balance where I want them to be little snugglers that need me so much + independent beings that go out and make a difference in the world. 🌎 . . I'm so excited to watch who he is becoming but LOVE that he's always ready for a huge Mama hug.

My face when my daughter tells me she wants to go on her first big kids roller coaster.... 😬 uhhhhhh.....sure? 😬 God please protect her

Gathered up some confidence and courage so i decided that it's time to accept myself. When I was on my vacation to Sicily i had to dress up for the occasion and it was so hot outside that I had to wore very short dresses for my standards, I'm not very fond of my body but since i had to dress up properly everyday I started to had fun and take pictures in front of a mirror, it was fun also doing my hair and makeup! Definitely tried this at home, I never ever wore a pair of shorts in public but some weeks ago I DID IT!! I was sooooo anxious omg 👀 now I'm feeling that I have to take control of my life again and be more active with my diet since I put that on pause for a month now (because I needed a pause from EVERYTHING, don't judge this please it really makes me anxious and I basically paused the diet because of anxiety.) and I sure need to lost like more 20kg yet. I'm starting to think that I am normal, fat of course but completely normal. Why did I had to complain? I mean, there's more urgent problems! I was very good at losing 27kg all by myself, I was strong and believed in myself even if it seemed that no one cared about that, and now I know why: I'm MORE important than my weight. I want to feel lighter doing exercises and diet to be healthier, so let's start being courageous and upload publicly myself. I am fat, it will change because I am healthy but I want to be healthier, I am a whole person despite the weight and I am perfectly normal with all my imperfections, I changed my lifestyle and I'm more aware now, I'm still learning how to love myself but i had to accept that it's not vanity or something useless, it's normal to self love. I have scars, a lot of scars, I have birthmarks, I have stretch marks, I have some mole, I have body hairs, my lower body it's really big, I have a very high and wide forehead and small lips, some people judge, some other don't. Some people takes pictures and talk at my back spitting venous words because I am fat/ugly/other things, some other are genuinely happy and supporting. In short it's impossible and unhealthy try to be perfect for everyone but it's important being confident and love yourself ❤️

My heart skips a beat. I am tired. I can no longer carry the burdens of staying away for so long. The minute I think of my upcoming journey, I begin to cry. My tears begin to flow. I can no longer manage my time alone. I am exhausted. I wipe my tears away. A part of me wants to carry on crying. But I must be strong. I must be strong to achieve my dream. I must be strong for them. I must be strong for myself. ~Amina ( P.C. Sarah) . . . . .