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Wry, witty, cunning, and crass. Hot-shot comedian Mike Stanley (@mike_stanley) is all of these things, but none, when put on paper, quite manage to serve the justice dealt by Stanley onstage. Yeah, he’s pretty hilarious, but more than just coarse anecdotes about life and sex, there’s an enviable amount of heart and warmth behind Stanley’s humor. Given his penchant toward brutal honesty, spiced up with a healthy dose of insatiable wit, it’s not difficult to see why Stanley was named in the top 10 of the best comedians in Chicago by a poll on Comedy.com, and “Best Chicago Stand-up Comedian” by the Chicago Reader. - - - Come see Mike Stanley at The Schoolhouse Theater on September 21st in this season's first installment of Comedy & Cocktails. For tickets and more information visit our website (link in the bio). - - -

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