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E hoje os parabéns vai pra essa morena linda. Tamy te desejo toda felicidade do mundo, muita paz, saúde, alegria e felicidade. Admiro e tenho muito orgulho da mulher que tu te tornou ! Que seus sonhos se tornem reais e que tu tenha sempre força para seguir em frente de cabeça erguida e honestamente! Feliz aniversário! Eu te amo!

Dating kids is too dramatic, I think the elderly are snacks

I couldn’t stand the heat of us, but when you left, your winds froze me to death.

Only a few new friends. . As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed how much more difficult it is to find friendships, and even more than that friendships that will last. . I’ve been friends with these girls for 10 years. We have been through the good, the bad, the amazing, and the awful together. . I’m thankful everyday I have people in my life that even when we don’t see each other for 2 years, it’s like we’ve never been separated.

일어나자마자 물 마시는 걸 깜빡해

El sin expresión 🐧

6/16 🌞 KB K 学園祭🤩 人生で最後の 学園祭という行事を心から楽しめたのも このメンバーが いてくれたから😊 みんな、卒業して 就職してもいつでも会いたいって思うくらい最高な1日でした。 前期の行事は終わったけど 後期も楽しもうね💪💪 ミスターコン 投票してくれた子たち本当にみんなありがとう😊 そして、 ミスターコン ファッションショー 共に名前を呼んでくれた方々最高に嬉しかったです🤩🥳 写真載せきれてないけど 本当に良き1日を終えられました✨ 渋谷校の子も 他の学校の子も来てくれてありがと☄️ P.S. 私の服装とかで怖い人とは思わず 普段から声かけてください🥺 ︎

Recharge Weekend A long hard workweek can leave you spent. . Friday afternoon comes and the buzz starts to build. The weekend is finally here. Rest and relaxation are top of mind. Maybe you have a trip ahead of you. But somehow weekends have a way of coming and going while leaving you even more tired Monday than you were on Friday. The key to a productive weekend is not just escaping from the workday activity, but to actually free the mind of stress and responsibility. A full weekend of partying may feel good at the moment, but the realities of work pressures will return full force early Monday morning, possibly just after midnight. To help you get the most energy from your weekend, I offer some ways to help your mind and soul rebuild. Even if you devote just a few non-party hours to these activities, you'll get restorative rest while readying for the week to come. . People spend much of their week focused on other people. The weekend can be a great time to focus on yourself, your needs, and your desires. A weekend provides the perfect amount of down time to take a walk and contemplate what your preferred future might really look like. A little self-clarification can go a long way toward freeing your mind. Organize something. Do you come home on Friday only to be faced with clutter? It's not only unsightly but also a reminder of your disorganization and lack of personal time. Sometimes it seems impossible to find the time to clean and organize but the weekend is the perfect time to clear the mess. Clean something and you'll feel accomplished. You might even find something important you had been looking for. How do you recharge over the weekend?