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I do not always have the time to go all the way to Öland. But that doesn't mean I don't fish. I do also fish on the Swedish west, South and east coast. This early morning I got lucky on the east coast 3 fish in the hand biggest 50+ and 2 under and a few other contacts. They all took my favorite fall color. Noah's "papegøje" Tight lines/skitt fiske/knæk og bræk Teis Nielsen @seatroutguide_oland 🎣🎣🎣🇸🇪🇩🇰

Just imagine the things this Loggerhead has seen in his days 😍 This particular turtle goes by a few names but I best know him as Warren 🐢 Warren is a very large, very old turtle who has made Julian Rocks his home 💙 Unfortunately, Warren has become quite grumpy in his older years, often attacking divers... myself being one of them 😂 I still see Warren most dives, however, in the interest of protecting my camera + wetsuit (both of which copped it last time 😅) I give this grumpy old man a wide birth 😁🤙🏼

Trout Stalker Ranch holds a unique and incredible trout fishing experience in Chama, New Mexico. Come catch one of these beauties for yourself!

My poor babies have been a little neglected as of late. So today I spent a couple hours with them. Gave the tank a much needed deep cleaning! And switched up their decor a little. Not quite sure how my Knife fish and Pleco are going to like it but they will get over it! I love how open and big my tank looks now!!! Plus one of my pieces of wood finally sank!!

Barbara is loving the seafood. 🦑🦐🐠 This is her second time at the Alaska State Fair. She came all the way from Brooklyn. She was actually here back in 1997 and loved the Fair so much. 🎡 She finally got a chance to come back. She said she has to return to Brooklyn tomorrow so she just HAD to do this today! Talk about the perfect Destination Day Story! Come see what all the buzz is about at the Events Tent on the Yellow Trail! Presented by the Pacific Seafood Processors Association. 🐠🦐🐟🐙 Another tasting takes place at 1:30pm and then again 3:30pm.

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