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SO BAD it’s good Where we look at the best of the worst Episode 2: The Toxic Avenger Directed By: Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman Cast: Mitch Cohen, Andree Maranda, Mark Torgl So this is one of the more known B movies because it’s from Troma and they released a lot of weird movies, but their most iconic is The Toxic Avenger, it’s an absurd 80 minutes of over the top gore, acts of crime against all ages, jokes about people with disability’s and people with different ethnicity’s. Acting that is hilariously bad and a bunch of boobies. I mean the movie kills a kid in a really gruesome way within the first 20 minutes of the bloody film. This film is something that you just have to see for yourself to believe but it’s honestly not something you would probably want to watch. It’s free to watch on YouTube so if you want, you can. If you love movies that are out of the ordinary, this is perfect.

Happy Death Day 2U (2019) Tree Gelbman discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead. MY REVIEW: Multiple dimensions? You know I'm gonna love it then, I liked it more then the 1st one. I like Jessica Rothe alot, she's great. MY RATING - 10/10

Phim thuộc thể loại tâm lý, tình cảm và là bộ phim đã khiến cho tớ xúc động rất nhiều. The Miracles of the Namiya General Store được chuyển thể từ cuốn tiểu thuyết nổi tiếng cùng tên của nhà văn Higashino Keigo được đạo diễn Ryuichi Hiroki làm nên về câu chuyện của các lá thư từ một tiệm tạp hóa cũ kỹ nhưng ẩn chứa trong đó là sức mạnh của tình yêu thương, sự san sẽ từ những con người xa lạ với nhau. Bạn sẽ nghĩ thế nào nếu chính mình lại là người truyền động lực, giúp ai đó tìm ra được lẽ sống mà bản thân bạn lại không nhận ra được? Tớ tin rằng tác phẩm sẽ làm thay đổi cuộc đời của rất nhiều người, vì đâu đó bạn sẽ bắt gặp chính mình trong phim. Bộ phim mở đầu đưa chúng ta vào năm 1969, trong một thị trấn bình yên của đất nước Nhật, đến với tiệm tạp hóa nằm bên ven đường có tên Namiya của ông cụ Yūji Namiya. Hằng ngày, ông luôn nhận các lá thư từ những đứa trẻ, học sinh về những khuất mắt, rắc tối trong việc học tập, nhưng dần dần những người lớn khác cũng đang gặp khó khăn hoặc vấn đề nào khó nói cần tìm cách giải quyết đều được gửi cho ông. Đặc biệt, những lá thư mà Namiya nhận, tất cả đều được ông hồi âm. Ông xem đó như là một việc cần làm, san sẽ những khuất mắt, tìm ra cho mọi người một con đường sống qua những lá thư đựng trong chiếc hộp sữa được gắn bên hông tiệm tạp hóa của mình. Thế nhưng, đằng sau mỗi bức thư đó đều là câu chuyện có sự liên kết chặt chẽ giữa không gian, thời gian và làm thay đổi cuộc sống của những người nhận được thư trả lời của ông. Atsuya, Shota và Kouhei 3 tên trộm vật đến từ năm 2012 sau khi đã khoắng hết đồ đạc đã bỏ chạy đi tìm chỗ ẩn nấp. Trong đêm khuya vắng, ba người họ đã tới căn nhà bỏ hoang nằm trong thị trấn. Căn nhà đó chính là tiệm tạp hóa Namiya năm nào. Họ dự định nghỉ tạm lại đến sáng hôm sa, nhưng lại vướng vào một chuyện kỳ lạ. Phong thư bất ngờ được gửi tới qua khe cửa của tiệm tạp hóa. Từ lá thư của anh chàng nghệ sỹ nghiệp dư tới vận động viên đang phấn đấu tham dự Olympic hay cô tiếp viên đang lưỡng lự trong việc lựa chọn lối đi cho cuộc đời mình. Atsuya, Shota và Kouhei đã quyết định hồi âm tất cả những lá thư bí ẩn này và dần khám phá ra bí mật của chính bản thân mình.

I haven't felt this sad and uplifted at a film this much for a long time. Room is one of the most brutally realistic depictions of reality I've ever seen. The main plot is that a mother and her son are locked in a room, and that's all I want to say. I know that that's very vague but I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't seen it. In this movie you never feel like you're watching a movie, it feels like a real occurance just playing out before you. There isn't any over the top dramatic scene where the main characters overcome their obstacles. It's slow and progressive, but never boring. I wish more films were like this, but unfortunately this is a rarity. If you haven't seen Room yet, I highly recommend it, but it will make you feel a lot of different emotions. 8/10

Hey, everyone. Rocketman is a biopic directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Taron Egerton as Elton John. The film details the story of Elton John, his emergence as a rockstar, and his trials dealing with his demons. I had a good time 🙂 Rocketman is spearheaded by the great performance of Taron Egerton. He falls into the role of Elton John very well. My favorite part of his performance is how well he shows the stress of John’s life and makes him a sympathetic figure. John has various flaws, including his own attitude toward others, and Egerton’s performance displays this. The rest of the cast, notably Jamie Bell and Richard Madden, also do well in their roles. The narrative style of Rocketman also interested me. The film doesn’t play like many music biopics which feature their subjects greatest hits like an album. Classic songs from Elton John are used to push the story rather than show their production. The film also acknowledges it is a dramatization of John’s life. It combines being a true musical and a biopic. I liked this storytelling method and feel it makes the movie standout from other music focused biopics. Also, the film does not shy from John’s drug use, homosexuality, and troubled lifestyle. I enjoy the film took its time to show John transition from stress to giving lively performances. I will say that the movie took awhile to grab me completely. It wasn’t bad, just okay for much of its duration. However, once a critical event in John’s life happens, the movie kept my captivation and really escalated Egerton’s performance. Overall, Rocketman is a welcome biopic. Taron Egerton and the cast provided great performances to fuel the film. The storytelling method was unique and helped keep the film interesting. Although it took awhile, the second act uplifted the entire movie and it kept its steam through the conclusion. I will recommend this film ✅ Thank you all once again for watching. Please like, follow, and comment to share your thoughts with me.

The Ghoul (1933) Directed by: T. Hayes Hunter Henry Morlant (Karloff) believes he holds the key to immortality in his grasp. On his deathbed, he vows he will return again. Requesting to be laid to rest grasping the jewel to immortality he dies knowing he will return. Unfortunately for him, the man he trusted the most steals it post-mortem. However, he is not the only one with sights on this jewel. Will Morlant achieve immortality? Tune in and find out! Let me just say the cinematography was substantially elegant. Frame by frame from the first few minutes visually engaging. Everything from the setting, the mood, the score, the cast worked perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing. The funeral procession 🙌🦇 8/10-Morgana

JOHN WICK (2014) - FILM REVIEW CLASSIFICATION: R/MA15+ RUNTIME: 1h 41min GENRE: Action/Crime/Thriller SYNOPSIS: An ex-hit-man comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that killed his dog and took everything from him. This is one of those films that I like watch every once in a while because it's so insanely badass. The storyline is quite depressing to begin with but once the badass action kicks in there's no denying that this is one of the best action films of this generation because the action scenes are very well choreographed and the writing and development is phenomenal that delivers heart and emotion to these characters so by the end of the day this is one epic badass action film that should be watched by every action film fan. RATING: 10/10 TAGS:

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum (2019) Rating: 9.9/10 This movie was among my most anticipated for the year and it did not disappoint. This film is a masterpiece in every aspect of the word. It picks up right where Chapter 2 left off and after that, it’s an action lovers dream for over 2 hours. The first 30 minutes are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the theater. It has some of the best action in the franchise and it sets the tone of the film perfectly. When it comes to story, you can only get so much with these movies. The story here at first glance isn’t anything special but when looking at the franchise as a whole, it has some of the best world building and plot driven action in the series. New characters are introduced that play new and interesting roles in the story that kept each moment fresh for me. Elements of what’s already been established are played with and turned around as well. Keanu Reeves is fantastic as always. His stunts and fighting in the film are the best they’ve ever been and it’s endlessly entertaining to watch all the crazy stunts going on. Halle Berry is also a welcome addition to the cast with a relatively small but very cool role with awesome action. When it all comes down to it, this movie delivered everything I wanted and more. The action is just insane and it’s easily one of the best if not the best in all of movies. This is the most fun I’ve had watching a film all year so far and I can’t wait for the next one. ➡️

On tonight's Spooky Saturday creature feature. The Hesei series gets back on track with Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 2!! After the let down of Godzilla vs. Mothra this was a very refreshing film to watch that has plenty of action to offer. This time MechaGodzilla is created by reverse engineering the head of Mecha King Ghidorah using 23rd century cybernetics. So our story begins with researchers who are conducting seismic observations on a mysterious island when they discover a mysterious red egg. They begin to analyze it and notice there is something inside it. Then Rodan shows up and starts attacking the researchers! Of course Godzilla shows up next and a pretty cool battle ensues. The egg is taken to Tokyo (brilliant idea) so then Godzilla shows up presumably looking for the egg. So the military send out MechaGodzilla and at first Godzilla seems overpowered but the first battle ends up being a draw after the big G fries Mecha G's circuits. Back at the lab for some reason a song triggers the egg to hatch (why? Idk). Out pops out a baby Godzilla!! So Godzilla is still rampaging Japan so the JSDF deploy MechaGodzilla equipped with a new cannon on his back called "Garuda". After a very intense battle MechaGodzilla has the distinction of being the first foe to ever KILL Godzilla.....for 5 minutes. A brutally injured Rodan gives him his life force and Godzilla is revived. Godzilla and baby go off into the sea so Godzilla can be a parent. This film was really good. Especially the main theme by the legendary Akira Ifukube (see video). Godzilla is constantly present and the new take on MechaGodzilla was great. It subverted my expectations. This one gets a solid 8/10

The Mad Man Reviews: John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019) John Wick is a franchise that is quite possibly one of the most unique action franchises ever made. When looking back on 2014's first entry, if it was just another sub-standard action film, it would have failed. But it brought something new to the table in it's simple revenge premise infused with the most beautifully choreographed fight scenes ever brought to cinema to give us something that would live on and stand the test of time. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum follows Wick after the events of Chapter 2 now on the run as he becomes excommunicado from the Continental and a $14 million bounty is placed on his head with every interested party wanting a piece of it. The momentum simply does not stop as we're given even more hand crafted love in the form of some of the most adrenaline fuelled carnage that will thrill and entertain from start to finish. From intense hand-to-hand combat, chaotic gun fights and exhilarating vehicle chases, John Wick 3 offers some of the best action of the franchise so far and let's be honest, that's all we really wanted from it. Keanu Reeves kills it once again as the down on his luck assassin with great supporting performances from Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, Halle Berry and more blended between the frenetic fighting and each character brings a new personality to the table, keeping you invested and interested throughout and the cinematography is stunningly presented in every moment, immersing you into the story and keeping you on the edge of your seat when needed. Overall, it's a non-stop thrill ride, firing on all cylinders and delivering one hell of an entertaining film. The Mad Man Rates: 9/10 What are your thoughts? Let me know!

Review.... We saw " De de pyar de" and felt its a nice quirky rom-com that adds a refreshing new angle to modern-day urban love story. The film's plot is centred on a 50 year man (Ajay Devgan's) search for love missing in his life. First half of the movie is set in Picturesque London, this film goes through a series of hilarious and sometimes jump of the seat dialogues and the movie strikes a good balance between a modern day kewl love story and age old moralistic values. The USP of the movie are the sardonic dialogues. bouncy, flouncy flirty Aisha (Rakul Preet Singh) and a world weary and wise middle aged 47 year old Manju(Tabu) are not mean and conniving but instead highly intelligent- who know their boundaries and taking smart decisions all along. The other artistes in the movie like Jimmy Shergill, Javed Jaafri, Alok Nath play and act their small roles beautifully. "De de pyar de" has a lot to admire because its not the stereotypes, has simple straight forward moralizing zest, fresh cast who fit their roles with telling effect, act as per their age, appearance etc. The funny dialogues, the hilarious scenes and the very comic situations gives the audience a lot of LOL moments. To enjoy them - concentrate.......or else miss the pun😜😜😜😊😊 ... ... ... @ajaydevgn @rakulpreet @tabutiful @jimmysheirgill @javedjafferyofficial

@my_watch_list ... Are we living in the Matrix? 🤨🤔📺

Yes, you are, Gina. When will the next season be screened on Netflix?! I need my weekly dose of laughter. 😭😂⠀ ⠀

With a killer script, brisk and playful dialogue, superb cinematography and two highly believable, hugely magnetic, absolutely perfect performances from Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, It Happened One Night also features a brilliant direction from Frank Capra who imbued this picture with a lot of his signature humanity and a great mix of realism and fairy tale elements. This was his first genuine masterpiece and thus the movie deserved all of its big five Oscars undoubtedly. It features one of the best, most beautiful romances in the history of cinema and following their journey was not only very funny, but also genuinely romantic and charming throughout while being filled with countless iconic moments. It remains the quintessential romantic comedy and one of the greatest, most purely entertaining films ever made. My Rating - 5 THE LINK OF THE FULL MOVIE REVIEW IS IN BIO.

Was honestly surprised! This was quite enjoyable! MVP Ryan Reynolds voice work was amazing. Over all dialogue for movie was really weak but his improve seemed so much better than everyone else. Every joke landed! Mewtwo and charzard round up that top 3! What did you guys think of this movie??

A Sixth Part Of The World (1926) - We are shown a bunch of stuff around Russia because the director wanted to show these people that they could easily build a complete socialist society. The interesting part to me was just seeing Russia in the 20s. We are presented random stuff with the working class. We see the landmarks of this land also. That's about it. I literally don't know how to talk about this movie. It's not really a movie it is just people doing stuff for propaganda. I thought it was cool seeing Russia in the 1920s. I don't know crap about Russia other than I know I'm not allowed there because I has the BIG GAY.  There are editing techniques used like rapid editing that I don't get is what trying to pound into our head. I liked the stop motion bits of stacking eggs and presenting toys. I liked some of the shots.  I thought I was going to talk about socialism but I literally do not give a shit it's just wanting to satisfy human needs which is important but it isn't ever going to happen. We can't even get our shit together to fight climate change.  The copy that had subtitles had some shitty music so I started listening with some classical music. To boost my interest I played some random music.  I'm giving this a not recommend but you can go to town if this seemed interesting to you. I personally could've handled about 15 minutes but instead, it was a 1h 14m movie. - I watched it because of this arthouse list. ———————————————————— Are you going to see/avoid this movie? If you’ve seen it what were your thoughts? Let’s have a discussion. 5/12/19

Movie Review Below ⬇️ ===================================== 🎞 “John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum” 🎥 dir. Chad Stahelski ⬇️ Having watched the second installment for the first time literally hours before this, I was genuinely excited to watch Keanu Reeves kick some ass yet again, and in this, he does. He REALLY does. He literally kills it once again. There’s no one else that could play this broken, bad ass character, but Halle Berry came close. She was excellent, especially during the action scenes. Filmmaking wise, this film was so consistent with its predecessors. The cinematography was more drained but was truly captivating, the editing was sharp, the music kept me on the edge of my seat, and even the smaller moments of humor were incorporated perfectly. But what really matters is the action, and it was everything. Bursting with gloriously brutal action sequences, this third installment breaks new ground in its technicality. How these action sequences are directed are a cinema lover’s dream. All the long, wide, and blood-spattering takes of all the actors punching, kicking, and shooting in front of beautiful sets were riveting to watch, and the stunt work, dog training, and choreography were just absolutely I insane. Each action sequences felt so different from one another (HORSES), which made every sequence thrilling. Unfortunately, the film is the weakest in the franchise, but luckily, the impressive and clever action covers up the flaws. However, they did take me out of the film. Despite being invested with the plot, there really wasn’t one. The thin story just lead to countless action sequences, which isn’t bad, but more emotion like the 1st and 2nd had would’ve been appreciated. In between action sequences displayed some rather unnecessary scenes that could’ve been cut, which would’ve caused the pacing to be much more consistent instead of rather messy. But seriously, I was no let down by this third entry, and despite being my least favorite, “John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum” was a truly exciting, brutally awesome, and well-crafted installment to this groundbreaking trilogy. 🐶 ⬇️ Grade❗️: A- (80%) =====================================

⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 “John Wick Chapter 3” continues the story of “the Baba Yaga” in this thrilling third instalment which is essentially one giant action sequence from start to finish. It opens literally minutes from the end of Chapter 2 with John on the run with a 14 million dollar bounty on his head. As with the previous two films the action sequences are sublime, beautifully choreographed and framed with an almost exhausting degree of excess at times. Can you have too much action? At points I did become a little weary as the plot seems to take second place to the action which is ramped up to 11. Reeves is sensational as John Wick, delivering a physical performance that is truly worthy of the greatest action stars of our time. However I did feel that this falls slightly behind the first two films in that the plot is pretty thin and there is no real clear villain. It’s still a great action film but overall I’d say that parts 1 and 2 are better.

Watched John Wick Chapter 2 for the first time and it was... Fine. It kept its consistency in technical prowess, and fleshed out a lot of lore, but honestly it felt long, and less personal than the first one. The first one gave us emotional closure and felt cathartic. This one gave us setup to a higher scale sequel, and John Wick not wanting to John Wick. Yes, that's a verb now. Its not a bad film, it just didnt do enough different to justify existing, especially being this long. Im hoping Chapter 3 blows me away. 7/10

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▪Back to the Future▪ ________________________________________________ ▪Movie: Back to the Future ▪Main actor: Michael J. Fox ▪Director: Robert Zemeckis ▪Distributor: Universal Pictures ▪Genres: Adventure, comedy, Sci-Fi ▪Language: English ▪Writer: Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale ▪Running time: 116 minutes ▪Year of release: 1985 ▪Budget: $19 million ▪Box office: $389.1 million ▪My own rating: 8.8/10 ________________________________________________ ▪Plot summary: Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by a slightly mad scientist. During his often hysterical, always amazing trip back in time, Marty must make certain his teenage parents-to-be meet and fall in love - so he can get back to the future. ________________________________________________

JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM REVEIW 9/10 - Moving in a positive direction. Having recently watched the first and second film, one of the things that I wanted when I walked into the cinema was more varied fight scenes, (don’t get me wrong, I loved the past two films) but the fight scenes all seemed to be similar. Whereas in the new instalment in the franchise, every fight scene was different, satisfying and full of close up gore. Johns brutality was really increased in this film with a variety of different kills and moves he preformed, unlike the last two films where the kills he made were mostly the same. This film definitely delivers with the action. After coming out of the cinema, I’m struggling to decide whether the plot of the first film or this film was better. As the second films plot was good, but definitely not as good as the first or this film. However this film has two good villains. The assassin opposing John wick was a likeable and funny character and the high table are really easy to dislike. Obviously I still have to talk about negatives, as no film is perfect. I didn’t exactly expect the twist, but I wasn’t shocked when it was revealed and I didn’t think it kind of goes against what the past films show. Also some of the special effects were dodgy with parts looking animated, and at one point I could see a fake hand. However this doesn’t seem to detract from the experience as I have an overall positive view of the film and you could easily ignore the special effects. Overall the film is perfect for people who love a good fight scene, and for people who love the past film will definitely like this one. It is a worthy addition to the franchise, and the next one can’t come fast enough. Thanks for reading!

Here is GLADIATOR, directed by Ridley Scott. This 2000 historical epic drama is a blast. This film brings all the violence that the audience came to see, all while creating great characters and making the audience feel for them. While certainly filming styles of the battles make it feel choppy at times, the special effects are amazing even by today’s standards. Russell Crowe gives the performance of a lifetime in this epic. Check this classic out now! 8.8/10

Here we are, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. This film is just like the second instalment but with everything amplified whether it be negative or positive. So, obviously the story gets dumber and more unrealistic, but the action is way more brutal and entertaining and there is way fuckin’ more of it. . First of all, the reason why this one is my least favourite. The story, its characters and the whole world of the High-Table and the Continental. I understand that with action movies like this, the story really isn’t the most important thing in the movie, but I can’t help but notice how stupid it is. This film further explores this underground crime world and introduces so many new characters, new groups and other named shite. It’s cool and it’s done well enough not to be cringey as fuck, but it’s getting more and more fictional and this REALLY contrasts with the original film and affects the weight behind all the action. What made the first film so good was how simple, grounded and badass it was, but it’s doing a Fast and Furious and getting ridiculous just because it looks cool. I know the majority of viewers don’t give a fuck, but I can’t help but feel the story is letting the franchise down massively. But just like Avengers: Endgame, the action is so mind-blowingly badass, you will completely forget how fucking stupid and awful the story is. . Because let’s face it, the action in this movie is fucking insane. Like you thought a pencil was badass just wait until you see how he kills some people in this film… Each action sequence is a considerable length and is thankfully mostly long takes which rarely cut allowing the action to flow naturally. Most of it is choreographed well, apart from the fight between Yayan, Cecep (Indonesian martial artists from the Raid movies), and Keanu. It was painfully obvious they were fighting slower for Keanu, there were countless free hands and each movement from Keanu was slow and practiced… But the rest of the film, action wise, is flawless. Like you will be shocked by how much action there is, and what the fuck they manage to fit into one film. (cont->)

5.5/10. Baby is a getaway driver and works for the crime boss Doc, who he is indebted to. Baby constantly listens to music to drown out the tinnitus he got as a child when he was in a car accident that killed his parents. When he meets the waitress Debora, he starts dreaming of a different life but Doc has something else in mind for him. This is an okay movie but it does not live up to the hype. It wants to be really cool and whether it actually is or not is a matter of taste. Personally, I find that coolness is effortless and there is nothing effortless about this film. The dialogue is ridiculous and even if there's supposed to be a comical touch there, the film isn't very funny. It kind of works for the style of the movie, though, since there is an over-the-top-ness about both dialogue and most of the characters. This film is totally about music and that sets it apart from other heist movies. The songs that Baby listens to are seamlessly and cleverly incorporated into the story. There's a lot of retro romance here as well, mainly when it comes to music devices, phones and cars. Even if the ending is a bit unexpected and refreshing, the story in general is not that captivating and a cool surface and killer soundtrack can't fix it. Still, it's a pretty good ride if you're into 'one last job' movies. .

▪The Truman Show▪ ________________________________________________ ▪Movie: The Truman Show ▪Main actor: Jim Carrey ▪Director: Peter Weir ▪Distributor: Paramount Pictures ▪Genres: Comedy, drama, Sci-Fi ▪Language: English ▪Writer: Andrew Niccol ▪Running time: 103 minutes ▪Year of release: 1998 ▪Budget: $60 million ▪Box office: $264.1 million ▪My own rating: 7/10 ________________________________________________ In this movie, Truman is a man whose life is a fake one... The place he lives is in fact a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: The Truman Show. Truman thinks that he is an ordinary man with an ordinary life and has no idea about how he is exploited. Until one day... he finds out everything. Will he react? ________________________________________________

"John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" is a perfect sequel that builds up on existing formula while making everything bigger, wilder and better. More people for John to fight with, weirder locales and crazier ways for him to kill them. Action in this film is just through the roof. And story manages to keep it pretty in line, giving John things to do while he is not kicking someone's face. I did enjoy how storyline did not try to stay serious but instead embraces the whole fun. And film sucks you in so fast that you will ignore that apparently there are more assassins than tourists on the streets of New York. I also enjoyed new addition to the supporting cast, who let's face it are there just for the sake of being there, but at the same time each of them has a properly developed backstory and story arc. Even Halle Berry who was there just to up the star level shows some serious asskicking skills and really earns that second billing. It was also good to see Mark Dacascos back on the big screen. 4.5/5.0 Read my full review of this film on KINO-AZ.COM! .

Film Review: BLU-RAY OF THE MONTH: SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE 5 stars - by Jason Palmer⠀ ⠀ A glorious fusion of style and substance, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a groundbreaking animated classic. We follow Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) who, in a different reality, gets bitten by the radioactive spider and adopts the powers of Spider-Man. A dimensional rift causes different spider-people to be transported into Miles world including Peter Parker (Jake Johnson), Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage), Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn) and Spider-Ham (John Mulaney). Together they join up with Miles to try and put an end to Kingpin’s plans for world domination so that they can all return home before it’s too late. Believe the hype because this kind of movie doesn’t come around very often - one with a perfect balance of stunning animation, absorbing characterisation, comedy and genuine heart.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀

· 《殺神John Wick 3》(2019) · 在一個富江湖俠道色彩的殺手世界,殺神John Wick以武犯禁,被迫展開逃亡之旅,躲避全世界追捕。進場觀賞本作之人,相信大多為求一睹John Wick如何以一敵百,殺出一條血路,本片在此方面毫不欠奉,動作場面絕不失禮。若然上集可謂將「Gun-Fu」發揮至極致,今集便是全面升級的暴力美學,除了固有揉合西方槍戰與東方武術的動作設計外,動作表現更多元,既有獵犬助攻,又舞刀弄劍,如小李飛刀,如武士激戰,更邀來《突擊死亡塔》的印尼武術高手Cecep Arif Rahman和Yayan Ruhian,大玩拿手的虎爪刀和軟兵器,與John Wick決一死戰,配合古典音樂與充滿藝術感的視覺風格和場景設計,畫面殘暴,卻華麗。 · 說到劇情本身,就是穩打穩紮的逃殺故事,不過拍來竟帶點公路電影的味道,在過程中逐一逐一揭開John Wick過去的神秘面紗,並道出John Wick為愛而生的浪漫情懷。在如此密集的動作場面之下,角色形象的塑造難免有所犧牲,情感描繪點到即止,更不要談任何劇情深度;但當電影已定位為純動作片,實質瑕不掩瑜 — 劇情單刀直入、一氣呵成已足夠,細節位真的不宜過份執著,單是精彩絕倫的動作戲碼也值得觀眾一張入場券吧。 · 評價:A- ·

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5: The Bells is a 2019 TV episode directed by Miguel Sapochnik. It stars Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey. The episode centers around the major battle for Kingslanding, with the forces of Daenerys and Cersei going head to head. . I was sat there motionless after the episode not wanting to believe my own eyes, as most of the characters I have come to know are acting so uncharacteristically and others bid farewell in the most random or poorly executed ways. I am genuinely scared for the finale, and not in a good way. Here’s to hoping the final episode will stick the landing, but I highly doubt it. . ****POSITIVE**** . TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Miguel Sapochnik is the one poor soul who is called on every season to direct masterful action pieces that are fantastic in scale. He knows how to film action and make it look great and exciting. He does it once again here, and this is easily one of the craziest Game of Thrones battles you’ll ever see. . ****NEGATIVE **** . WRITING: The biggest villain to Game of Thrones isn’t exactly The Night King or Cersei, it’s the writers. It has effectively ruined Game of Thrones and the perfect example of a show not sticking the landing. Various characters such as Tyrion, Cersei, Jon, Arya and Dany make ridiculous decisions that seem so unlike their character. Not to mention, alot of the deaths were handled very poorly and logic seems to be thrown out of the window. . SUMMARY: Acting: 3/5 Cinematography: 3/5 Plot: 1/5 Script: 1/5 Worth it?: 2/5 SCORE: 5.5/10

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#cinemano #familyforchristmas #tyronleitso #christmasmovies #tvmovies #movies #filmreviews Χριστουγεννιάτικη τηλεταινία γυρισμένη για το δίκτυο του Hallmark, σε σκηνοθεσία Αμάντα Τάπινγκ, με τους Λέησυ Σάμπερτ, Τάυρον Λέιτσο, Μίλλι Γουίλκινσον, Μπρίτνυ Γουίλσον. 10 χρόνια μετά την ημέρα που επιβιβάστηκε σε εκείνο το αεροπλάνο για το Σαν Φρανσίσκο, αφήνοντας πίσω προσωρινά τον έρωτά της για μια δουλειά στην τηλεόραση, η φιλόδοξη δημοσιογράφος Χάννα Ντάνμπαρ είναι το αστέρι του Καναλιού 8, με αποκλειστικά ρεπορτάζ και τρία βραβεία Έμμυ. Έτοιμη να μετακομίσει στη Νέα Υόρκη μετά την προαγωγή της, δέχεται αίτημα φιλίας από τον προ δεκαετίας τέως της, και ξαφνικά γεννιούνται μικρές αμφιβολίες μέσα της για τις επιλογές της. Και μια μέρα, ξυπνά σε ένα άλλο σπίτι και σε μια άλλη ζωή, κυριολεκτικά. Τι είχες Άι Βασίλη, τι είχα πάντα ιστορία για δεύτερες ευκαιρίες, την αξία της οικογένειας και τη ζωή που γίνεται θυσία στην καριέρα, που την έχουμε δει άπειρες φορές σε αντίστοιχες ταινίες. Αν είναι η μία και η μοναδική που θα δείτε με τέτοιο θέμα, καλά θα περάσετε. Αν έχουν προηγηθεί άλλες, θα διαπιστώσετε το κόπυ πάστε. Η δε ηθοποιός Λέησυ Σάμπερτ αναδεικνύεται στην υπέρτατη βασίλισσα των χριστουγεννιάτικων τηλεταινιών, με κάμποσους τίτλους στο ενεργητικό της.