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#Геошторм 🎥 #Geostorm Год : 2017 Жанр : фантастика, боевик, триллер Производство : США Продолжительность : 1:49⏳ Слоган : «Есть вещи, которые нельзя контролировать» Сюжет : 🔻🔻🔻После беспрецедентной серии стихийных бедствий, обрушившихся на нашу планету, лидеры мировых держав объединили усилия, чтобы создать разветвленную сеть орбитальных спутников по контролю над климатом для предотвращения природных катаклизмов. Но что-то пошло не так – система, выстроенная для защиты Земли, теперь угрожает ей. Начинается гонка наперегонки со временем, в которой надо успеть обнаружить реальную угрозу до того, как всемирный Геошторм сотрёт с лица Земли всё живое. #кино #films #кіно #кинотеатр #cinema #кінотеатр #киноманы #кіноніч #кіноблог #фильм #films #filmisbetter #filmlife #filmreview #серіал #filmgram #film #filmmaker #сериал #киножурнал #киножизнь #киноманы #киноночь #киноотзыв #кинокайф #киномир Напишите пожалуйста мнение о фильме в комментариях или поставьте смайлик =) Подписывайтесь на Telegram 😄
The Omega Man (1971, dir Boris Sagal) The lone survivor of a human-created plague tries to find a cure. Thought this was ok, started strong but kind of petered out towards the end. The best part of the movie is the weird death cult that come out at night, a nice change of pace from the normal mindless zombies you would see in a move like this *cough* I Am Legend *cough cough*. I also liked the scenes where Charlton Heston patrols abandoned Los Angeles, did a good job of showing how alone his character was. I didn’t find the central plot of finding a cure to be all that interesting, especially as it’s mostly moved forward by exposition dumps, and thought the movie suffered when it focused on that more than the death cult. Preferred the Treehouse of Horror segment that spoofed this 6/10

When I walked into “The Loved Ones”, I was expecting a mediocre horror film with little to no thought put into the script. After watching it, however, I was shocked to find that it was a gory and unnerving film that is a suspenseful watch. This Australian horror flick not only has a simple story, but it tells it in a way that unexpected turns and rather shocking moments at its disposal. The plot follows a high school student Brent politely declining a girl, Lola, for the school prom. However, Lola has plans of her own, and later kidnaps Brent and utilizes him for sadistic pleasure and torture. Brent must find a way to escape the captivity that Lola has him trapped in. There was a lot more good about this movie than I initially thought. The plot reminds me of that or Wrong Turn (2003). Both films have simple and straightforward plots while keeping the interest of the audience and me like. The part that stood out to me was the performance by Robin McLeavy as Lola. She plays the character so well that you can tell she is enjoying herself. She combines the weird quirkiness with homicidal maniac very well and it’s effective in its delivery. The gore and brutality are somewhat hard to stomach, so much so the film had to be recut for an MA15+ (R in American ratings) rating. Watching Lola and her father suck the soul out of this poor kid’s body gives the audience a strong desire to see him fight back, which is what a movie should do. While it shows the other kids having fun at prom, it cuts back to the sick events occurring to Brent. One thing I was “meh” about, was any of the characters that weren’t Lola or Brent. While the acting is fine on its own, I couldn’t exactly care about any of the intercourse hungry adolescents. They are the disposable type of characters yet the audience will not see any sort of compromise with them and the killer due to the killer is only focused on the films main protagonist. Overall, I enjoyed the film. While not the best modern horror film, it sure is enjoyable to watch and deserves a bit more attention. The character of Lola makes the movie even better. With that said, I’ll give the movie a 7/10. A rock-solid horror film from 2009!

Gone In 60 Seconds 2000 Have fired up my engine and changed my oil many times at this film thinking about

#angelinajolie Blonde dreads man, it was so 90s and yet the film came out in 2000. If you don't know what changing your oil is.... come on man... Fair shake of the old sauce bottle.... This film came out when I was a teenager and it was the perfect film for teenage boys, Hot Jolie, Cage being Cage and 50 sexy fucking cards. Girlfriend has slapped me many times when I cried out Eleanor's name in bed instead of hers.... she doesn't know I'm talking about the car. damn .... them curves..... that body....... oooooof. It was a 90s film released at the turn of the century, it was alright, nothing spectacular and in an age where we started getting much bigger epic cinematic blockbusters I had no problem with this straggler crossing the finish line. I love me some basic action. The music was alright, the storyline was stupid but... had no issue with it, the acting was... acting.... and the writing was that for children. It was fun, it wasn't ground breaking and it holds it's own, in a sense that it still isn't great, but it never fucking was. Don't get it twisted the film isn't horrible and I do enjoy it. But it isn't a classic, it's a movie with pretty cars and an Angelina Jolie who was looking fine and we won't see fine looking Jolie again until Mr and Mrs Smith. Look, nothing special. It's like banging the hot girl in high school, ten years out of high school. Like good work, it was ok I'm sure, but it wasn't incredible. Score - 66/100 #everysinglemovie #movies #moviereview #filmreview #film #gonein60seconds #nicholascage #followme #followforfollowback #f4f #follow

#MovieReview - Angel Has Fallen is the third installment in the patchy "Has Fallen" series, where unfortunately, the quality has never risen beyond passable. Gerard Butler is a troubled Secret Service agent who is framed for the attempted assassination of President Trumball ( similar name to the actual President, however, with better comportment). The movie passes the mantle of being the bad guys to the Russians this time, after the Arabs and North Korean played the cliched archetypal villains in the previous installments. Highly predictable and barely rising above the lazily written script, Angel Has Fallen is all kaboom yet, with few sparks on screen.⁣ ⁣⁣ 👍What works:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ - Butler plays the kind of grimacing, brooding agent which is typical of action heavy B- movies and his career trajectory has started to resemble Nicholas Cage's, but with more credits. He's watchable in a role which requires him to be vulnerable, yet kick ass when demanded.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 👎What doesn’t work:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ - The script must have started as an one-line brief from the production house with every action cliche thrown in. There's nothing in the movie you have never seen earlier and the characters are as stereotypical as they come.⁣ ⁣ -The movie tries to occasionally focus on the perils of gun violence and killing but conveniently puts everything on the back burner for action sequences. For example, Butler's father (Nick Nolte) tries to dissuade him from his present gun flailing life, but himself blows his explosives-rigged walls when he senses danger. ⁣ ⁣ 🗣️Verdict - Really hope this is the final outing for Mike Bannings. You should go for Crawl instead.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #angelhasfallen #angelhasfallenmovie #angelhasfallen2019 #angelhasfallenscreening #angelhasfallen2019🔥🔥🔥 #angelhasfallenfilm #angelhasfallenreview #angelhasfallenmovie2019 #angelhasfallenpremiere #angelhasfallen📽🎞 #angelhasfallen👼🏻 #gerardbutler #morganfreeman #londonhasfallen #olympushasfallen #secretservice #president #filmreview #moviereview #assassination #nicknolte #lancereddick #jadapinkettsmith #gerardbutlerlast #piperperabo #action
The Carrot Caterpillar (1911) The development of both microphotography and the very early stages of the nature documentary, were well underway by the early 1910’s. But this anonymously directed French short about the life cycle of the Carrot Caterpillar, was one of the very first to use colour tinting as a way of further bringing viewers closer to a previously unseen world. It, along with the work of F. Percy Smith, helped lead the vanguard for the burgeoning nature documentary genre, which would prove to be at the forefront of both Britain and the wider world’s rapidly expanding documentary movement.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Based on the 1980's book series and directed by André Øvredal who is most known for the excellent Troll Hunter, the story follows a group of teens who uncover a book of scary stories which start to become all too real and they are soon fighting for survival. Not to be confused for a children's film like whom the books were aimed at as this is hands down a horror film for adults with some truly weird monsters and unsettling situations. I found the premise interesting and the story was quite unique in my opinion and didn't follow the paint my numbers approach you find from a lot of horror films. The film does rely on jump scares throughout which can get a bit tedious but overall it does what it sets out to do. The camraderie between the teens reminded me a little of the IT remake. They have good chemistry and it does a good job of making you care about them. Overall I did enjoy it but although it's runtime is only 108 minutes, I did find myself looking at my watch towards the end as it got a little predictable and repetitive. Score 6.5/10

Day 31 of movie review 2019 and today’s film is X-Men Apocalypse released in 2016 as the 8th film released in the X-Men franchise. This film stars James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Erik Lensherr or Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Raven/ Mystique, and Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy or Beast. When the first mutant En Sabah Nur, who was worshiped as a god In Egypt, awakes in the present days, he learns how the world has been transformed in his absence. He decides to bring the Apocalypse to the world and recruits four powerful mutants to assist him in the destruction of the weak. Now the only chance to save the world depends on Professor Charles Xavier and a team of young mutants. Overall I’m giving this film a 7 out of 10.

#감상 80 . ✔️레이디 버드 (Lady Bird) - 2018年作 ✔️주연: 시얼샤 로넌, 로리 멧칼프 ✔️감독: 그레타 거윅 ✔️장르: 코미디, 드라마 ✔️별점: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 👩🏻‍🦰🕊 . 배우로 활약하던 그레타 거윅의 감독 입봉작. 여러 영화제에서 호평을 받으며 성공적인 데뷔를 거뒀다. 스토리가 군더더기 없이 잘 짜여졌단 느낌이 들었다. 둥지를 떠나고 싶어하던 아기새는 둥지를 떠나고 나서 비로소 어른이 됐지만, 세상에 나오면 엄마의 품과 둥지가 다시 그리워지는 법이다. . 다수의 하이틴영화가 연애에 포커스를 맞췄다면 이 영화는 과감하게 연애는 뒷전으로 미뤄뒀다. 물론 레이디 버드도 사랑을 하긴 한다. 하지만 영화의 중심이 되는, 그녀 인생에 중심이 되는 이야기에 남자가 주인공은 아니라는 점. 그거 하나 만으로도 이 영화는 지금까지의 하이틴물과 매우 다르다. . 자신을 '레이디 버드'라고 부르는 개성있는 소녀 크리스틴의 삶은 여느 학생과 달라 보이지 않는다. 공부에 취미가 없고 엄마랑은 투닥거리지만 또 언제그랬냐는 듯이 호흡이 척척이다. 둘도 없는 친구와 우정을 쌓다가도 남자때문에 소원해지기도 하는 보통의 10대. 우리의 학창시절을 떠올리게 한다. . 찰나였지만 여러 장의 편지지를 구기며 앉아있던 엄마의 모습에 눈물이 찔끔 났다. 말로는 표현하기 어려워 어떻게든 잘 담아보려고 썼다 지웠다 한 무더기 편지를 썼지만 결국 전하지도 못하는 그 마음이란. 엄마와의 관계, 사랑을 한 마디로 정의할 수가 있을까? 사랑과 관심은 같은 거라던 수녀님의 말씀이 이 영화의 주제라고 생각한다. . 👩🏻‍🦰🕊 . ✔️대사 줍기: 1. "제 말은 보기에 추한 게 꼭 부도덕한 건 아니라고요." -아기가 죽는 게 부도덕한 일이 아니다? "아뇨. 이런 얘기죠. 생리 중인 제 성기를 가까이서 찍은 사진은 보기엔 징그러워도 나쁜 건 아니라고요." . 2. "넌 분명 새크라멘토를 사랑해" -제가요? "글에서 새크라멘토에 대한 깊은 애정이 묻어나더라." -그냥 있는 대로 썼어요. "근데 그 속에 사랑이 느껴져." -네, 뭐 관심은 갖고 있죠. "그 둘이 같은 거 아닐까? 사랑과 관심." . 3. "난 네가 언제나 가능한 최고의 모습이길 바라." -이게 내 최고의 모습이면?
TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) tells the fictional zombie-ridden tale about the excruciating ride aboard the ill-fated locomotive that left behind a trail of zombified mortals and mystified survivors in its unfortunate wake. This motion picture hurtles along with the fast-paced motion of the cursed train and thus never allows you to bat an eyelid even while the macabre proceedings are unfolding before the viewer. When a dazed young woman enters the departing train bound for Busan with a sharp bite would in her leg, the quaint atmosphere in the train suddenly starts descending into a never-ending tailspin. She bites a train attendant, who also turns into a zombie; and thus begins a geometric progression of zombie multiplication throughout the length and breadth of the train and, thus, the movie. Meanwhile, a workaholic father decides to mend his fractured relationship with his daughter and separated wife when he accedes to his daughter's birthday request of taking her to meet her mother in Busan. How this father-daughter pair, accompanied by varied passengers, try to survive the bloodcurdling events forms the rest of the heart-wrenching plot. A simple story coupled with great storytelling form the two major ingredients of this 2016 Korean mega-blockbuster. The lucid plot only allows the adroit director Yeon-Sang ho to entirely focus on extracting the best performances and pacing the movie swiftly. This well-executed thriller reinforces the might of the indomitable human spirit in times of catastrophe with aplomb.

WEATHERING WITH YOU (TENKI NO KO) . Setelah kepincut dengan karya Makoto Shinkai berjudul Your Name (2016), saat tau akan ada film Tenki no Ko alias Weathering with You, auto masuk list wajib nonton. Setelah kesuksesan Your Name, buat gue dan kebayakan orang, pastilah mempunyai ekspektasi besar dengan film ini. . Soal cerita, Shinkai paling jago membuat formula di setiap filmnya yang sukses membuat penonton terikat dengan setiap karakter. Tidak hanya itu, seolah menjadi ciri khas Shinkai selalu menghadirkan visual yang sangat indah. Perpaduan elemen langit, hujan dan matahari nan menawan di tambah penampakan kota Tokyo yang tampak begitu nyata. . Tapi sayangnya, gue ngerasa di film ini kurang menghadirkan narasi yang orisinal. Plot ceritanya nyaris serupa dengan Your Name, karakter cowok dan cewek yang ingin bersama, namun memiliki rintangan dalam mencapai impian. Meskipun di rajut dengan semesta yang berbeda, gue berasa melihat sosok Taki dan Mitsuha. . Meskipun tidak sebagus Your Name, film ini masih bisa di nikmati dengan segala keindahan visual, scoring, karakter serta kisah yang menyentuh. . Kaget euy pas liat ada Mitsuha di film ini😁😁 . My movie score : 7,5/10

The Patriot (2000) ♥️♥️♥️ Although he's undeniably made some questionable' films over the years, I personally find 'The Patriot' to be one of Roland Emmerich's better efforts, and despite its sizeable runtime there's sufficient material to keep me entertained and willing to wait for the third act. While Emmerich naturally embellishes fact with his own choice of fiction, Mel Gibson succeeds in holding the emotional core together long enough to see a reckoning that always provides me with of a guilty sense of pleasure, which is also testament to Jason Isaac's seemingly natural ability to make people hate most, if not all of his characters, and so with some well used cinematography and deft direction, 'The Patriot' succeeds in blending family ties, brotherhood, love, community and plain old good versus evil themes in order to drive the narrative. While in closing I wouldn't suggest to anybody that Roland Emmerich's complete filmography begs viewing, I can recommend 'The Patriot' if you're happy enjoy the film for what it is, while if you do decide to take the plunge I'm equally confident that you'll find enough drama, humour, tension and emotion to keep you happy throughout.

THE 1999 REWATCH - 41. EdTV (1999; written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel; directed by Ron Howard) . 🌮🌮🌮 1/2 (3 1/2 tacos) . MEMORIES: I saw EdTV in theaters. I know I did. I remember seeing it at the AMC Grapevine Mills. For some reason, though, I’m not sure if this was one I saw with friends or family. Whatever the case may be, I know I enjoyed this movie, but it slipped through the cracks over the years. . REVIEW: While it is easy to see why that is, I do think EdTV turned out to be far more relevant and prescient than anyone would have expected. The film is a dissection of reality TV culture before reality TV culture actually existed. It’s so bizarre to see how this film called life’s shot. This is kind of a hidden gem among the films of 1999. It was brushed off as a Truman Show rip off, but it is driving in a different lane on the same highway. EdTV approaches things clearly from a comedic standpoint. Truman Show has its funny moments, but that film is definitely more of a drama. Matthew McConaughey was still at an early point in his career and his charm had yet to be well-known enough to sell tickets. He also teamed up with Woody Harrelson for the first time, and those two are a lot of fun on screen. EdTV is a better movie than people give it credit for a wealth of reasons. It is a great satire that uses humor to make a pretty profound statement on celebrity. It feels like the window has passed for this film to find its audience later in life, but I do hope that EdTV arrives on a streaming service at some point and earns a surprise resurgence in popularity. Or... any kind of popularity, for that matter. . QUOTE: “I’m gonna go take a piss. Wish me luck.” .

Фото называется: «Когда смотришь на танцпол и решаешь пойти в самый центр» ⠀ К слову, пробирались мы туда где-то час😅 Через толпу людей и дикую жару. Но это того стоило🔥 ⠀ Я первый раз в жизни была на концерте Коржа на танцполе и когда сказала подруге, что хочу пойти в середину, она сказала, что я сумасшедшая и мы разделились😅 ⠀ Не пожалела ни разу, что была в самой гуще движения, ведь это был чистый кайф, не иначе😌 ⠀ Я так рада идти навстречу своим желаниям, так рада чувствовать, кричать любимые песни и выделять из них нужные в момент слова, я так рада, что меня окружают такие крутые ребята, которые дышат этим движем вместе со мной и я так кайфую от того, что это все происходит сейчас, в лучшие годы нашей жизни!!!🔥🔥🔥 ⠀ Очень трудно уметь жить здесь и сейчас, но я искренне рада, что я учусь этому. В глубокой старости я открою свой Инстаграм и долистаю его до этого дня, пересмотрю все фотки и видео и буду улыбаться, что это все было со мной, буду вспоминать, как чуть не потеряла кроссовки в слеме и как мы с Егором непонятно зачем забрали эти надувные матрасы, буду вспоминать как обнимались большой толпой закрыв глаза и как сильно хотелось растянуть этот момент. Спасибо жизни за движение, за друзей и за исполнителя, творчество которого задаёт жизнь огромному количеству людей. ⠀ Снова я в толпу ныряю, словно мне 17 лет♥️ Прямо за мечтой, провожать не стоит, с выводами тормози - не нуждаюсь в жалости♥️ ⠀

BlacKkKlansman (2018) review: [8.5/10] This movie was heavy! Let's start off with that. The politics were very heavy and massively huge. It really brought all the racism that happened back in the old days. But boy was this movie entertaining. It was really intense. And smart. It really got 90% of the KKK correctly. And all the mass and crazy stuff that went back in that era. The idea was really smart. It really brought the essence of it. The actings were nice. Starting from John David Washington's acting, and Adam Driver. Don't forget Topher Grace! Man, I haven't seen Topher Grace since like Spider-Man 3. It's been a long time. The camera angles used in this movie was also nice. The storywriting is mindblowing actually. It mixed the fun and the intensity of the whole thing. And turned into one big movie. Overall, The movie rocked. Camera angles. Storywriting. Actings. Abd just the whole basic plot. It was intense but entertaining. It did put a lot of politics in it. (Especially at the very end) The very end had a real event that happened in like 2017. And the whole American rasism politic stuff. With David Duke and other members. Let's just wish the best for the people who got killed there. - Fun Fact: According to the editor of the movie, There were no deleted scenes at all, Which is a very rare thing in the movie industry. -

Gone Girl(2014) directed by David Fincher and staring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Spoilers Duh... Look I wouldn't have blamed Nick if he killed Amy honestly. I liked this film a lot, as always Fincher hijacks the eyes with his constantly moving shots, barely any scenes in this movie have a fixed camera which I absolutely love. No particularity beautiful shots but that's not what I was looking for in this film really. Again we see the Kuleshov effect used like I mentioned in my Arrival review. I can explain it now, the Kuleshov effect is the idea that people derive meaning behind two sequential scenes whithout having all the information. If you've seen the movie you'll know that the film starts and ends with pretty much the same scene. When we see it the first time Nicks words are perceived as horrible and sinister and then our impressions of nick are confirmed by the next few scenes. Then when we see this same scene at the end we know why Nick is saying these words and because of that we feel very different to the previous version of this scene. Very good performance from Rosamund Pike she did an amazing job, I absolutely hated her with every ounce of my being and that's why I liked her so much. It's a big old recommendation from me. Score: 8/10 Original Letterboxd score: 4☆ - - - - - -

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- The Hateful Eight(2015) - - Written and Directed by: Quentin Tarantino - - The 8th film from Quentin Tarantino follows eight strangers, all seeming to be seeking coverage around the same time, at a haberdashery with a blizzard fast approaching. One bounty hunter, transporting a prisoner to hang, suspects something isn’t what it seems at this place. Another bounty hunter also suspects something is afoot. As the night begins, tension between all parties builds leading to a bloody mess... Sam Jackson is excellent in the lead role. While not Tarantino’s best film to date (in husband’s opinion), The Hateful Eight is still an enjoyable watch. We watched the 70MM roadshow release in 2015. Then, more recently, we watched the four 1 hour episodes version released on Netflix. - - **Wife edited to add: This is, in fact, my favorite Tarantino film to date! (OUAT is def a close second) I love a movie that keeps you guessing & this movie does just that. Totally unpredictable with subtle humor.. I absolutely love it! I’m not one to rewatch movies over & over, but this is def a rewatchable movie for me. I’ll just throw it out there & say this is one of my favorite movies of all time.👌🏻 Plus, I mean.. Channing Tatum. I know you ladies feel me!😉 - - Did you enjoy The Hateful Eight? Comment below. - - Husband: GOOD Wife: MASTERPIECE IMDB: 7.8 -

2.009. INFO FILM . Hal itu membuat dirinya kembali ke nomor wahid, setelah sebelumnya sempat mencicip posisi itu pada 2016. Setelah sempat menjadi yang terkaya pada 2016, dua tahun setelahnya The Rock berada di posisi nomor dua. Aktor 47 tahun tersebut mendapatkan kekayaan berkat kesuksesan Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, serta dari film lepasan Fast and Furious, Hobbs & Shaw. . Setelah The Rock, Chris Hemsworth menempati posisi kedua dengan total pendapatan sebesar US$76,4 juta. Aktor Australia itu jadi salah satu dari beberapa pemeran Avengers yang masuk ke jajaran daftar aktor terkaya Forbes tahun ini. . Daftar aktor terkaya ini dibuat untuk periode Juni 2018 hingga Juni 2019, bertepatan dengan perilisan Avengers: Endgame yang sukses menjadi film terlaris sepanjang masa. . Hemsworth yang memerankan Thor diikuti oleh Robert Downey Jr yang beperan sebagai Iron Man di posisi ketiga, lalu Bradley Cooper si Rocket di posisi enam, Chris Evans si Captain America di posisi delapan dan Paul Rudd si Ant-Man di posisi sembilan. . Namun Forbes menyebut pendapatan US$57 juta milik Cooper datang dari proyek A Star Is Born yang ia garap, tulis, dan perankan sendiri. . Sejumlah nama lain yang pernah muncul di daftar aktor terkaya juga kembali nampak seperti Jackie Chan, Will Smith, Adam Sandler, dan bintang Bollywood Akshay Kumar. . Akan tetapi, jawara aktor termahal tahun lalu, George Clooney kali ini terdepak dari 10 besar setelah dirinya sepakat berbisnis tequila sebesar US$1 miliar. . Melansir AFP, berikut pendapatan 10 aktor termahal di dunia versi Forbes tahun ini. . 1. Dwayne Johnson, U$89,4 juta = Rp1,2 triliun . 2. Chris Hemsworth, US$76,4 juta = Rp1 triliun . 3. Robert Downey Jr., US$66 juta = Rp939 miliar . 4. Akshay Kumar, US$65 juta = Rp925 miliar . 5. Jackie Chan, US$58 juta = Rp825 miliar . 6. Bradley Cooper, US$57 juta = Rp811 miliar . 7. Adam Sandler, US$57 juta = Rp811 miliar . 8. Chris Evans, US$43,5 juta = Rp619 miliar . 9. Paul Rudd, US$41 juta = Rp583 miliar . 10. Will Smith, US$35 juta = Rp498 miliar. . Sumber : cnnindonesia.com .

“TENGKI NO KO” (2019) By Makoto Shinkai | Japan • • • Ketenaran dari Makoto Shinkai melejit dengan pesat dalam beberapa tahun terakhir. Berkat “Kimi no Na Wa” kini tidak hanya para penggemar anime saja yang tahu namanya, melainkan penggemar film yang awalnya skeptis terhadap kehadiran animasi asal jepang ini, hingga diakui oleh khalayak dari barat dan menjadi tontonan yang mainstream. Kini dengan karya terakhirnya yang sah-sah saja dikatakan sempurna dan nama yang sudah terkenal di seluruh dunia, film barunya hadir dengan beban dan ekspetasi setinggi langit yang tidak pernah ada sebelumnya. Bagaimana Makoto Shinkai menjawab para penggemarnya? - “Tenki no Ko", setelah penantian tiga tahun terhadap karya baru Sang Maestro akhirnya keluar. Jika membicarakan Shinkai, maka kita sudah tidak perlu mengkhawatirkan sisi kualitas animasinya bahkan saya berani mengatakan bahwa film ini sudah melewati pendahulunya, baik dari keindahan visualnya maupun teknik pengambilan gambar. Entah berapa kali saya menarik nafas menyaksikan setiap keindahan yang saya lihat di layar bioskop. Oh dan jangan lupa bahwa sang sutradara adalah ahlinya dalam menyulap kisah romantis sederhana menjadi sajian emosional. Anime adalah wadah paling mudah dan paling tepat dalam mengeksplor interaksi dua pasangan, baik berupa komunikasi verbal maupun non verbal, membuat kita mudah untuk peduli pada karakternya. Bagi kalian yang mungkin sudah terbiasa dengan anime, maka pasti akan tersenyum dan kegirangan sendiri menyaksikan betapa manisnya film ini, menyentuh ke bagian terdalam dari hati hanya dari hal-hal yang kecil, sesuatu yang sudah tidak dapat dirasakan dari anime zaman kini (atau hanya saya yang lemah terhadap genre ini). - (Continue)

Such a funny movie 🤣 🍿 Movie: We’re the Millers . . . 🎬 Watch Tv shows & Movie (click link on BIO) 🎥 Full HD @moviebestflix ✅ 🎥 Full HD @moviebestflix ✅ 🎥 Full HD @moviebestflix ✅ . . Follow @moviebestflix for more movie post! Follow @moviebestflix ✅ Follow @moviebestflix ✅ Follow @moviebestflix ✅ . . Stay in Touch With Our New Posts By Turning on Post Notifications👍 ----------------- Double Tap To Like Tag a Friend Or a Mate . .

From the show teen wolf . . . 🎬 Watch Tv shows & Movie (click link on BIO) 🎥 Full HD @movietvteaser ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movietvteaser ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movietvteaser ✅ . . Follow @movietvteaser for more movie post! Follow @movietvteaser ✅ Follow @movietvteaser ✅ Follow @movietvteaser ✅ . . Stay in Touch With Our New Posts By Turning on Post Notifications👍 ----------------- Double Tap To Like Tag a Friend Or a Mate . .

From the movie Justice league . . . 🎬 Watch Tv shows & Movie (click link on BIO) 🎥 Full HD @movie.playlist ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movie.playlist ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movie.playlist ✅ . . Follow @movie.playlist for more movie post! Follow @movie.playlist ✅ Follow @movie.playlist ✅ . . Stay in Touch With Our New Posts By Turning on Post Notifications👍 ----------------- Double Tap To Like Tag a Friend Or a Mate . .

From the movie Storks . . 🎬 Watch Tv shows & Movie (click link on BIO) 🎥 Full HD @movietvpieces ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movietvpieces ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movietvpieces ✅ . . Follow @movietvpieces for more movie post! Follow @movietvpieces ✅ Follow @movietvpieces ✅ Follow @movietvpieces ✅ . . Stay in Touch With Our New Posts By Turning on Post Notifications👍 ----------------- Double Tap To Like Tag a Friend Or a Mate . .

From the movie heaven is for real . . . 🎬 Watch Tv shows & Movie (click link on BIO) 🎥 Full HD @moviebestflix ✅ 🎥 Full HD @moviebestflix ✅ 🎥 Full HD @moviebestflix ✅ . . Follow @moviebestflix for more movie post! Follow @moviebestflix ✅ Follow @moviebestflix ✅ Follow @moviebestflix ✅ . . Stay in Touch With Our New Posts By Turning on Post Notifications👍 ----------------- Double Tap To Like Tag a Friend Or a Mate . .

From the movie X-men apocalypse . . . 🎬 Watch Tv shows & Movie (click link on BIO) 🎥 Full HD @movietvteaser ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movietvteaser ✅ 🎥 Full HD @movietvteaser ✅ . . Follow @movietvteaser for more movie post! Follow @movietvteaser ✅ Follow @movietvteaser ✅ Follow @movietvteaser ✅ . . Stay in Touch With Our New Posts By Turning on Post Notifications👍 ----------------- Double Tap To Like Tag a Friend Or a Mate . .

Воон там, в углу на стене дома реклама фильма Тарантино. English below. На сегодняшний день фильм посмотрен. Интересно, какие впечатления у вас, киноманы и тарантинофилы? По мне так «Однажды в Голливуде» пришелся впору как пара любимых Levi’s: удобно, понятно и «не жмёт». Ты вроде и внутри фильма, и вне его. А после просмотра «кино-о-кино-в-кино» преследуют флешбэки в виде постепенно раскрывающихся аллюзий. Одним словом, эпично. Right over there, on the wall of a building there’s the ad of the latest Tarantino’s film. I’ve watched the film, and wonder what do cinema lovers and Tarantino fans have to say about it? For me Once in Hollywood felt as comfy, easy and relaxed as my favorite pair of Levi’s. You are on the inside and on the outside of the film at the same time. Afterwards you are being chased by a series of flashbacks as multiple allusions from the “film-about-film-in-a film” reveal themselves. I say, epic. In one word.

Kadang kalian suka bingung ga? Misalnya ditakut-takutin hantu drakula atau misalnya hantu pastor tanpa kepala atau hantu valak, tapi kalian Muslim? Mau baca surat-surat tapi takut juga kalau ga mempan? Wkwkwk. Film ini cerita tentang iblis antichrist, kalau kalian berhadapan dengannya, bacain ayat kursi pergi ga ya? .

Se7en is a 1995 American neo-noir crime thriller film directed by David Fincher. The film revolves around two detectives, new recruit Detective David Mills and Detective William Somerser who is about to retire. The film finds these two detectives trying to capture a serial killer who is inspired to kill by the seven deadly sins. The film is fast paced and gets right into the subject matter with no room for delay or boredom. The film is beautifully crafted by David Fincher which, when accompanied by an amazing storyline and an astounding climax scene, makes it absolutely worth the watch. Brad Pitt as well as Morgan Freeman have given exceptional performances. Se7en is definitely worth the watch for a suspenseful thriller. Final Rating: A+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

THE BOYS Season 1 (2019-Current) 🇺🇸⁣ TV Series | Action, Comedy, Crime | TV-MA⁣ ⁣ Showrunner: Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen⁣ Creator: Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen⁣ Starring: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr⁣ ⁣ PROS⁣ ✅✅✅ Pushes the genre forward by imagining a world where superheroes are deeply selfish and flawed celebrities controlled by corporations⁣ ⁣ ✅✅✅ Jack Quaid is just the right kind of likeable but pained as Hughie and has good chemistry with Karl Urban who brings a guided missile-like intensity to Butcher⁣ ⁣ ✅✅✅ Anthony Star is perfect as Homelander effortlessly exuding a sense of malevolence and giving us the dark version of Superman we’ve all been dying to see⁣ ⁣ ✅✅✅ Engaging characters, especially The Deep and Queen Maeve, who feel like complex human beings⁣ ⁣ ✅✅✅ Erin Moriarty sincerely embodies the pure desire to be a hero as Starlight and naturally guides us through the themes of feminism and religion while building a nice rapport with Hughie⁣ ⁣ CONS:⁣ ❌❌❌ Contains rushed character arcs, a love that could have used more power, and questionable choices that feel more like plot requirements rather than realistic decisions the characters would make⁣ ⁣ ❌❌ Feels standard when focused on the Boys as the series relies on telling us their history instead of making us feel their connection while supporting members like Milk and Frenchie have unclear motivations and weak developments⁣ ⁣ ❌❌ The Boys are never really in danger due to the storyline relying too much on the convenience that the superheroes will not be in contact with them lest the series ends immediately⁣ ⁣ ❌ Certain characters and elements feel incomplete or stagnate halfway through thus failing to achieve their full potential⁣ ⁣ ❌ Could have spent more time on the corporate world of the superheroes and given us more of Starlight interacting with each hero⁣ ⁣

【Little 】回到小時候 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 我真的超級喜歡看「穿越時空」的電影或是戲劇, 這算是一個具獨特性且能夠讓劇情更有發展性的題材, 尤其是“回到過去”比起“去到未來”更讓我覺得有趣且吸引我, 也更能夠讓劇情有更大的發展空間, 很多劇情內容都是主角想要改變已經發生的事實, 或是讓遺憾消失而想要回到過去改變一切。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 但其實我們再如何不斷的去改變過去, 該發生的事情終究還是會發生, 所以不管再怎麼去改變, 結果還是相同。 如果用科學來解釋的話, 其實是說的通的, 我們可以把「會發生的事情」當作是一種定律, 萬物會發生的自然定律就會造著大自然去運作, 一旦被阻礙了, 或許它會用另一種形式去呈現, (希望解釋的不會太複雜~) 相對的原本會發生的事情就一定會發生, 雖然我們也許回到了過去阻止一切, 但被阻止的事情或許會用另一種方式去發生。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 但我個人認為其實我發生過的時間是無法再回去的, 這也是可以用科學的角度來解釋, 所謂的「時間」它其實是我們人所創造萬物消逝以及成長的單位, 所以「時間」其實是並不存在的, 而存在的只是我們所看到的這些萬物, 就像是潑出去的水無法收回到道理是一樣的。 而去到未來我認為這是完全不可能的! 因為未來都還沒發生是要怎麼去呢?! 一件事情的走向就像是有好幾條未知的線延伸出去, 無論是人還是大自然, 萬物都無法預知下一步會發生什麼, 也會因為“選擇”的不同而讓“結果”不同。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 這部電影可說是女版的回到17歲(17again ), 回到17歲真的是一部人生遺片! 而且男主角還是我國中時期的男神, 柴克艾佛隆(Zac Efron), 也喜歡穿越時空題材的人, 真的該去看一下!!! 不過女主角雖然有回到過去, 不過回到過去的不是“時間”, 卻是“身體”! 一般人應該都會覺得身體變回到過去真是一件超棒的事! 因無變年輕了! 但是她卻是從38歲有著性感身材的女人, 變成了一個身材瘦小的13歲女孩! 而且她最痛恨的就是國中時期的自己, 也是因為當時的她總是被同學霸凌, 所以她決定長大要成為一名人人敬畏的「老闆」, 這樣她就可以先發制人, 讓別人先害怕她, 這樣她就再也不會被任何人欺負了。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 但是成為老闆的她卻變成一位尖酸刻薄並且動不動就發脾氣的恐怖上司! 某次因為說話得罪了一個小女孩而似乎是被她施展了魔法而一夜之間變回了小女孩, 在變成小女孩的過程中發生了許多爆笑有趣的事, 她還被迫回到了她充滿著痛苦記憶的國中母校就讀, 雖然變成小女孩的期間她真的快面臨崩潰了, 不過也從中領悟到了, 雖然現在成為了地位崇高的老闆, 沒人敢再欺負她, 但她卻失去了自我, 自己也在無意中成為了會霸凌人的人, 而再次回到國中還是又再次的面臨到同學的欺辱, 但是女主角以她成人的態度以及智慧去面對這些青少年的霸凌卻依然無效, 不過她最後終於了解到了, 並不是改變自己就能解決事情, 自己是無法改變自己的, 更是無法被任何人改變, 我就是我。 想要解決事情就必須勇敢的面對它, 並且解決事情的根本, 這樣才是真正的解決事情。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 這部電影雖然不是時空的倒回, 但是身體的倒回也是另一種特別的「回到過去」題材的呈現方式, 整體不但很有劇情也具有許多含義, 重點是非常適想要好好放鬆時一看, 裡面真的有許多讓人笑到不行的笑點! 不管倒回幾次重複觀看爆笑片段, 都還是忍不住笑出來! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 整體評價:90 爆笑指數:95 劇情含義:92 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

«СИРОТСКИЙ БРУКЛИН»,2019 . . Премьера фильма ожидается 5 декабря 2019 года. . Четверо сирот, слепо преданных своему покровителю, мошеннику-детективу Фрэнку Минне, вытащившему их из приюта. Парни готовы выполнить любое поручение Фрэнка. Один из героев — страдающий синдромом Туретта Лайонелл Эссрог, которому предстоит стать настоящим детективом, расследующим дело об убийстве Минны. . Как относитесь к актеру Эдварду Нортону? Любите с ним фильмы? . . .

UglyDolls - Review 🎬 . . Imperfect dolls get outcasted to Uglyville, where all their differences are celebrated, and beauty is more than what’s on the outside but when Moxy (Kelly Clarkson) strives to find a child who loves her, she and her friends travel to the other side of the mountain to discover Perfection - a town where more conventional dolls train before going into the real world. . UglyDolls embraces its straightforward way of telling a story. Its extremely simple and doesn’t strive to be more than a little bit of entertainment for children. This however means there is pretty much nothing of value in this film for anyone over the age of 8. It has a very clear message its trying to sell to children - that everyone is beautiful and you don’t have to conform to any societal standard of perfection, however this message seems confused at times and I’m not sure its always clear that that’s what it means, especially considering it is aimed at the younger end of the spectrum. . Moxy is a solid protagonist, I did really feel for her at times and thought she was quite adorable. However beyond that the characters were flat and boring, and in the case of some highly irritating. The voice work was ok at best, they cast pretty much solely musicians for the roles which felt like a mistake. Other than Kelly Clarkson being perky and enthusiastic no one really worked for their characters. . The film is filled with over the top songs that are forgettable and not as catchy as they think they are - the opening number was good but anything beyond that was poorly timed and annoying. Its animation style was bright and colourful but also pretty flat and uninteresting. And honestly the plot was completely forgotten about, the writers were instead, too focused on their message and trying to write a hit song. . UglyDolls clearly had its heart in the right place, but with this it focussed too hard on selling its important message that it forgot to be compelling in any other way. Other than a few sweet moments there really isn’t much to UglyDolls and so many other animated movies have tackled similar themes 10x better. 2/5.

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words: how wonderful life is when Rocketman's in the world. Rocketman is a biopic on Sir Elton John. It was made due to him retiring. Obviously there will be comparisons to Bohemian Rhapsody given how they're both biopics on legendary musicians released just a year apart. I don't know if the production of Rocketman was before or after BR's release but if it was after, they sure did learn from BR. Rather than a basic drama, they took a risk and made it into a musical. Since Elton's career has gone on for decades and they couldn't fit all his hits in a 2 hour film, they focused on his youth and the music that contributed to his rising in the 70s. Admittedly, I don't know most of the songs. It also took a risk in using Taron Egerton's voice to sing instead of lip-synching to Elton. Though Taron does have a wonderful voice, it doesn't match Elton's. But his rendition of Your Song is just as wonderful as the original. Though he may not look like Elton the way Rami looks like Freddie, he certainly pulled off the acting part of it. It's interesting to see if Taron will get that Oscar too. Rocketman has a stellar supporting cast in Kit Connor who portrays Elton as a child. Kit shines during the Saturday Night's Alright performance. It's uncanny how he looks like child Elton. Richard Madden, Jamie Bell, and Bryce Dallas Howard also star in supporting roles, as manager John Reid, songwriter Bernie Taupin and Elton's mother. Bryce in particular surprised me with how accurate her British accent is given that she's not British. Fun fact, John Reid was portrayed by Aidan Gillen in BR. Both actors are from Game of Thrones. Rocketman was more dramatic in its story and has more historical inaccuracies compared to BR but they didn't defame anyone in the process and that's the most important thing for me in altering facts. It's acceptable if it's just for dramatic purpose. Overall, I'm quite satisfied. Would have loved it more if I was a fan and knew the music. Favourite Quote: "Lovely guy" is not a job. eddictionz rating: 7/10

**BOLLYWOOD MOVIE REVIEW** 🎬 ... This movie is based on one of the most controversial police encounter missions, "BATLA HOUSE".John Abraham plays the role of ACP Sanjay Kumar Yadav and as always exceeds his excellence with every movie. This role can be considered as one of his best performances to date. Mrunal Thakur plays the role of his wife who has a short but significant appearance. In terms of the cinematography and direction then this could have been more better. We will give this movie a rating of 3/5 🌟🌟🌟 ...

Spoiler Review; Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the latest movie of visionary director Quentin Tarantino. I can already say it’s my new favorite Tarantino film. The movie is depicted as an ode to the world of Hollywood in the late 60’s. We follow Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double friend Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) while Rick’s struggling to find new roles and show us the life of an actor on and off set. On the sideline we follow Sharon Tate’s rise to stardom and a different take on the infamous Manson murder storyline. One of the coolest things of the film is the continuous film inside film scenes. We see the famous western tv shows / movies of Rick Dalton, we see Sharon Tate watch one of her first films. And one particular movie scene gave a bit of a inglorious bastards feeling. The movie did drag on a bit in the end, and I expected it to explore the background of Charles Manson and his cult. Although we’re only given a brief moment in this fictive timeline of Hollywood. I found myself laughing a lot throughout the movie. The chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt is brilliant. I would honestly not even be surprised if Leo might snag at least an nomination for several awards for his role. On the side we’re treated to small roles of acting legends like Al Pacino and Kurt Russell (also briefly the late Luke Perry). Only thing I wish of these scenes where that their parts were a bit bigger. Already in the first few minutes Al Pacino steals the show with him recreating the shootout scene from Scarface. Speaking of the shootout, the final act closes off the movie in a way i did not entirely expected. The Manson cult meet their demise in a wonderfully orchestrated explosion of violence by a high Cliff Booth and his loyal dog in a way only Tarantino can pull off. The alternated timeline and occurrences was very nicely done. Finally the musical score is great. I accidentally booked the Dolby Atmos/Laser Ultra HD session. Sound-music wise it was definitely worth it, I could feel the soundtrack blasting through the room. ———- My final score: 8.5/10, a brilliant Tarantino film and my new favorite of his.

2.008. INFO FILM . "Kami tidak terburu-buru. Kami benar-benar mencoba melakukannya dengan benar," kata Coogler, dikutip dari Variety. . Bos Marvel Studios Kevin Feige mengatakan Coogler telah memberikan konsep, lengkap dengan penjahat dan judul resminya. Namun keduanya tak ada yang mau memberikan rincian lebih lanjut. . Pengumuman tanggal Black Panther 2 tersebut menjadi perilisan terjauh dari Marvel, sejauh ini. . Sebelumnya Marvel telah mengumumkan Thor: Love and Thunder akan rilis pada 5 November 2021, dan sebuah film belum berjudul pada 29 Juli 2022. . Namun film belum berjudul tersebut masih berpeluang bergeser mengingat tayang dua bulan setelah Black Panther 2 rilis. . Marvel sebelumnya sudah mengumumkan fase 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe dengan film yang akan rilis pertama kali adalah Black Widow pada 1 Mei 2020. . Setelah Black Widow, Marvel akan merilis The Eternals pada 6 November 2020, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings pada 12 Februari 2021, dan Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness pada 7 Mei 2021. . Beberapa waktu lalu, Presiden Marvel Studio, Kevin Feige, hanya menjelaskan naskah Black Panther 2 sudah mulai ditulis. . Ia menjelaskan hal itu saat wawancara dengan BET yang dilansir Screenrant. Feige ditanya mengenai spekulasi karakter N'Jadaka alias Erik "Killmonger" Stevens yang diperankan Michael B. Jordan akan kembali muncul di Black Panther 2. Dengan tegas Feige membantah spekulasi itu. . Spekulasi muncul setelah Jordan menjelaskan banyak orang yang berharap ada kelanjutan cerita Black Panther (2018) yang disutradarai Ryan Coogler. Ia sendiri tertarik terlibat dalam Black Panther 2 bila ada kesempatan. . "Jawaban jujurnya itu adalah rumor dan murni spekulasi, karena dalam beberapa minggu terakhir Coogler duduk di depan kibor dan mulai menulis kerangka film," kata Feige. . "Ini masih tahap awal, jadi belum sampai sejauh itu, karena Coogler sedang menulis dan akan membagikan itu dengan Nate Moore dan saya dalam beberapa minggu mendatang." kata Feige, sebelum ada pengumuman Black Panther 2 rilis 2022. . Sumber : cnnindonesia.com .

#SundaySuggestion . 🍿 Phoenix, 2014 🎥 Christian Petzold 🍅 98% . Set in a post-war Germany, ‘Nelly’ (Nina Hoss) returns to her home town, now in ruins, in search for her husband ‘Johnny’ (Ronald Zehrfeld), who may or may not have betrayed her to the Nazi’s. Nelly, a survivor of Auschwitz, arrives horribly disfigured and requiring facial reconstruction. In her own words she wants to “look exactly like I used to” but that isn’t possible. She’s no longer recognisable and against the wishes of her sister ‘Lene’ (Nina Kunzendorf), goes about their war-ravaged town at night in search for a husband she has heard works at club ‘Phoenix’. A husband that believes his wife is dead. . What follows is pretty exceptional. A Hitchcockian drama with a finale that’ll leave you hanging on for days. Nelly finds her husband, but he simply looks past her or possibly through her and without recognising her (believing his wife is dead), asks if she can help him reclaim his wife’s inheritance. Nelly decides to go along with this charade, becoming her own doppelgänger. She would do anything to keep her husband in her life, even if he believes she is somebody else. Phoenix is a beautifully directed, moving story of mistaken identity & betrayal. The phenomenal performances will no doubt leave you with an achy heart, not to be missed. . . . #phoenix #phoenixmovie #ninahoss #ronaldzehrfeld #greatfilm #greatmovie #moviereview #filmreview #cinephile #moviebuff #filmgeek #germany #christianpetzold #mustwatchmovie #cinema #moviestowatch #movies #films #cinephiles
Death car on the freeway (1979) Dir Hal Needham Really obscure print of this ol made for tv film for cbs 😏 Ok so I'm 90% sure a crew ship employee nearby musta donated this from their now unused video archive collection. If I had to make a stony guess. I think the subtitles were in German. Don't quote me on that though. I'm high as a Georgia pine. The film definitely lives up to its cover I'll give it that much. It's about an unseen Psychotic serial killer of women whose Method of destruction is driving them off the road in his van as if he were Olga Hepnarová or somebody. This film is in the exact same vein as that forgotten horror segment 'benediction' from the anthology film 'Nightmares' from 1983 starring Lance henricksen as a priest being viciously run off the road by an unseen satanic driver in a black Chevrolet in tinted windows , same deal here , so by that rationale you could say that it follows the same formula as Spielbergs duel as well. Only major difference in this one is that instead of a truck or a chevy it's a van with a social commentary on women's lib. Check it out if you're in the mood for something fucked up and mild at the same time. 3 out of 4 stars for this one time viewing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

EXTENDED REVIEW: Even though it may not be the first to come up in conversation, ‘Doctor Strange’ is defiantly still a great movie that’s a fun and exciting watch. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the titular character, Steven Strange, and is so amazing in the role I couldn’t imagine anyone else filing in the shoes better. He helps to build towards the characters’ arc which is very similar to Tony Stark’s in ‘Iron Man 1’-from selfish to selfless. The visuals are easily the best part of the movie where the CGI is twisted yet outstanding, despite a few off moments where it may feel like a snapchat filter. It’s this that helps to create the unique action where mystical fights occur everywhere you could imagine on a incredibly high scale, as well as a refreshing ending/resolution to the storyline that’s different from a typical battle. The costumes are very unique to the movie yet work very well and create something that really is a spectacle. The humour and jokes are implemented very cleanly and are well balanced throughout the movie while the score is-once again- different and one of the better one’s in the MCU. Finally, the addition of the infinity stone is a nice and casual touch to the movie and franchise as a whole, while it still manages to stay away from being the focus of the movie which is the most desired outcome. And, though there are plenty of positives to this movie to make it entertaining, it is a pretty forgettable story, mainly due to the action feeling fairly bland as its main focus is only as an origin story (though the final act is very exciting). The cinematography also only consists of mainly browns and dull colours which is a disappointment to such great visuals within the movie. The villain was also quite bad where there didn’t feel like there was much there at all while some of the jokes were very..very bad. . . Quality: 83% . Enjoyment: 82% . 83% - brilliant watch . . What did you think about Doctor Strange?

EXTENDED REVIEW: As arguably one of the best movies in the MCU, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is a movie packed with plenty of action, humour and drama, brilliantly created by some of my favourite directors, The Russo Brothers. One of this movie’s’ best aspects is the action within it which is evenly distributed between superhero blockbuster moments and more basic fight scenes, all of which are well choreographed. The airport battle scene is a great example of one that is action packed, exciting and brilliant to watch, while the 2 vs 1 fight sequence at the end is not only brutal but emotional yet, still, one of the best fight scenes in the MCU. Zemo also works as a fantastic villain in this movie as, unlike most in this film series, is only human with reasons for destruction beyond the idea of destroying humanity. Though not fantastical, he is successful. The introduction of Spider-Man and black panther are also brilliantly done in order to give you a taste of their characters while still leaving plenty of story for their solo movies. This movie really is exciting and enjoyable, with great character progressions and ethical debates that add to a story that won’t disappoint comic book fans. For the few criticisms I could say about this movie, the lack of focus on Captain America would have to be the main one where it felt more like Avengers 2.5 than his own solo movie. I believe this to be due to having to cram the storyline in before Infinity War, but it defiantly didn’t work in their favour. The score is also very generic and not very exciting at all which is a disappointment to the usual, one of a kind scores Captain America’s solo movies usually have. . . Quality: 91% . Enjoyment: 96% . 94% - amazing watch . . What did you think about Captain America: Civil War?