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ПРЕМЬЕРА 2019 «ЩЕГОЛ» (The Goldfinch )2019 «История украденной жизни». История юного Теодора Деккера, потерявшего мать во время теракта в Метрополитен-музее. Чудом оставшись в живых после взрыва, Тео получает от умирающего старика редкую картину кисти Карела Фабрициуса и кольцо. С этого момента начинается его погружение в подпольный мир искусства.. .

I’ve had these recurring questions of the self and identity and perception and mirrors and the notion of who you actually are beneath everything that is put on you. As an actor we tend to seek outside opinion often even just as casual research like how old do I look or what kind of person do I come across as or how do I come across on screen because we want to know where we can fit in and where we can market ourselves and where we should push or work on or change. We hold so tightly onto perception that sometimes I feel like I look at myself through the eyes of other people. Maybe something they said or how I was cast or how I wanted to be perceived or someone that maybe influenced or inspired me to want to be a certain way. It’s not only external but internal too. As an actor constantly looking inward at the self, at your emotions, at your reactions and actions and holding on to many of these moments to maybe use in the future because being human is your job. Who are you. Who am I. The I of Skye. The eye of Skye. Cause that’s my eye in the image. But also cause an older wiser woman many years ago asked me “who is the I of Skye” and although it may sound ridiculous it’s a genuine thing I’ve been asking myself since then. Maybe that’s why sometimes looking yourself in the eyes is so very hard to truly do. Or looking at yourself as you and truly you and as your own subject that is I. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Possibly the last bit of summer here in the uk, ciders and walks 🌞

"The Fisher King" (1991) - Movie genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy - Directed by Terry Gilliam - Written by Richard LaGravenese - Starring: Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, Amanda Plummer, Mercedes Ruehl - Music by George Fenton - Cinematography: Roger Pratt - Runtime: 137 minutes - Release date: September 20, 1991 - Country: United States - Plot: After hearing a popular DJ rail against yuppies, a madman carries out a massacre in a popular New York bar. Dejected and remorseful, the DJ strikes up a friendship with Parry, a former professor who became unhinged and then homeless after witnessing his wife's violent death in the bar shooting. The DJ seeks redemption by helping Parry in his quest to recover an item that he believes is the Holy Grail and to win the heart of the woman he loves. ___________________________ Follow @ticketplease_ for more ⬅️ ___________________________

Salvate il soldato Ryan - 1998, di Steven Spielberg, con Tom Hanks e Matt Damon.

#moviereview #movies #tomhanks #mattdamon #stevenspielberg #savingprivateryan #war #warmovies #trailer #reviews #film #heroes #memorial #history #soldiers #dday Il problema di studiare le guerre sui libri di storia è l'effetto straniante che dà la carta stampata. Date e nomi scorrono con la consistenza di una fiaba lontana, come se fossero racconti epici, non qualcosa di veramente accaduto, qualcosa che ci riguarda da vicino. I film di guerra hanno questo grande pregio, riportano la storia e chi l'ha fatta in vita, ricordandoci che quei nomi che ci dicono poco sono i nostri antenati, con passioni, paure e sogni che li rendono uguali a noi. La magia della cinepresa di Spielberg fa questo, toglie le entità sconosciute, che fecero quel glorioso sbarco in Normandia, dalle nebbie della storia per ridar loro un'identità. Uno di loro è un insegnante di lettere al comando di un gruppo di ragazzi, il capitano Miller tramite i cui occhi vediamo uno sbarco privo della poesia del mito, nella cruda realtà di un massacro che ha tinto di rosso la Manica col sangue di ragazzi sacrificati come arieti. Così Spielberg ci getta immediatamente nell'orrore prosaico della guerra, l'asticella del pathos lanciata in alto dove resterà fino all'ultima scena e il nostro cuore con lei. Perché non ci sono tregue in trincea. Né ci sono buoni o cattivi, perché la guerra non è un mito di opposti, ma è la realtà con le sue mille sfaccettature, e sotto l'etichetta di "nazista" che disumanizza l'avversario e rende facile ucciderlo, c'è in realtà un ragazzo con una madre a casa che ne aspetta il ritorno. Miller lo sa ed è questo che lo trattiene dal premere il grilletto, perché ogni uomo che uccide lo allontana da casa, come dice lui, ovvero da se stesso. Perché gli uomini non sono fatti per uccidersi a vicenda, anche se a volte lo dimenticano. In mezzo a tante vite stroncate, la missione imposta a Miller sembra assurda, salvare l'ultimo di 4 fratelli uccisi in guerra ancora in vita. (Continua nei commenti...)
that was the day 🙏🏻 film /analog /canon /kodakultramax400

@kazuskoma много не бывает! Переходите в их профиль, чекайте ссылку на гребанный клип и наслаждайтесь! Авойсь знакомых найдете, я вот нашел (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞ . . . . . . . . . .

Gone In 60 Seconds 2000 Have fired up my engine and changed my oil many times at this film thinking about

#angelinajolie Blonde dreads man, it was so 90s and yet the film came out in 2000. If you don't know what changing your oil is.... come on man... Fair shake of the old sauce bottle.... This film came out when I was a teenager and it was the perfect film for teenage boys, Hot Jolie, Cage being Cage and 50 sexy fucking cards. Girlfriend has slapped me many times when I cried out Eleanor's name in bed instead of hers.... she doesn't know I'm talking about the car. damn .... them curves..... that body....... oooooof. It was a 90s film released at the turn of the century, it was alright, nothing spectacular and in an age where we started getting much bigger epic cinematic blockbusters I had no problem with this straggler crossing the finish line. I love me some basic action. The music was alright, the storyline was stupid but... had no issue with it, the acting was... acting.... and the writing was that for children. It was fun, it wasn't ground breaking and it holds it's own, in a sense that it still isn't great, but it never fucking was. Don't get it twisted the film isn't horrible and I do enjoy it. But it isn't a classic, it's a movie with pretty cars and an Angelina Jolie who was looking fine and we won't see fine looking Jolie again until Mr and Mrs Smith. Look, nothing special. It's like banging the hot girl in high school, ten years out of high school. Like good work, it was ok I'm sure, but it wasn't incredible. Score - 66/100 #everysinglemovie #movies #moviereview #filmreview #film #gonein60seconds #nicholascage #followme #followforfollowback #f4f #follow
It was their pleasure to meet me 🥰

Alexandre, IEK | Barcelona, Spain | July, 2019

Alexandre, IEK | Barcelona, Spain | July, 2019

Barcelona, Spain | July, 2019

每次回老家都要一大早去这家露天的粉店 吃一身汗才管够