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Apa itu Tourmaline? "Tourmaline" adalah jenis mineral dari kelompok mineral boron silikat. Mineral ini memiliki struktur kristal trigonal tetapi sangat bervariasi dalam komposisi kimianya. Berbagai komposisi dalam kristal ini menyebabkan tourmaline memiliki beragam warna dan kombinasi warna daripada kelompok mineral lainnya. Tourmaline adalah salah satu batu permata paling populer di dunia dan mudah ditemukan di toko perhiasan. Tourmaline paling sering terdapat sebagai mineral aksesoris di batuan beku dan metamorf. Tourmaline  terbentuk di rongga dan celah batuan selama aktivitas hidrotermal. Tourmaline adalah mineral yang cukup stabil sehingga dapat bertahan dalam proses transportasi sedimentasi. Semoga bermanfaat sobat geolped! . . . .

Take time for yourself, slow down the pace and sink into relaxation in the beauty of undiscovered Rancho La Concha. Let us take you on a journey of empowerment and transformation as you learn more about yourself and explore the natural world, tending to your body and soul through yoga, meditation, and connection with nature. Rancho La Concha is a place of love and comfort, nestled in the Pacific Ocean coast where you can discover the secret natural beauty of Baja’s Peninsula. We carry sustainable principles and work to give back to our local environment and community. Rancho La Concha welcomes everyone to our Nature & Yoga Retreats, no previous experience required.

Yes, My feed is bright & colorful 🌈 Bcz i am not moody, i am focused 😎 . . 📸 Capture by : @flamingo.productions 👨‍💻 Retouch by : @being_flamingo 💃 In Frame : @iamshivani_saini 💄 Makeup : @sakshitejpaul 💆‍♀️ Hairs : @garimapanwarpandey 👗 Outfit Brand : @rajkumari_by_richahaware 🎥 Cinematographer : @pixelganache . .

The element gallium is totally safe to touch and play with (not consume). It's a soft, silvery-white metal that is solid at room temperature, but it can literally melt in the palm of your hand. It's bizarre and a little unsettling to see, but it makes sense. The melting point for gallium is relatively low, at 29.8°C. However, the boiling point for this element is quite high, at 2229°C. This quality makes gallium ideal for recording temperatures that would destroy a thermometer. Follow @space_quanta for more Amazing content. DM for credits.

Otis in his natural habit. Surrounded by tall grass and mud. He loves being outside. I had to restrict his walk and sprints. I can tell he wants to run so bad. Otis and I used to run together and take 10 mile walks. Today we managed to walk 1.5 miles. • • • • • •

What if the criteria for our choices was based on the amount of waste produced, instead of what sounded yummy at the time? Top: 4 ice cream cones, no frills, waste - 4 small pieces of paper that biodegrade in a few weeks. Bottom: shakes in plastic cup, plastic top, plastic spoon and plastic straw - x4, unlimited choices of flavors and toppings, waste - all plastic mentioned above that will biodegrade in a few hundred years. Maybe we all can make a difference?

🍄👨‍🔬😎💯LIQUID CULTURE GAME ABOUT TO GET REAL; WATCH OUT NOW😉... AUTOCLAVE LAB BLENDER IN FULL EFFECT 💯😎👨‍🔬🍄(Manna Machine🍄🎰) (Loyal To The Soil🌍) (Aura that can melt stone☢️🌋🗿) (Enter The Pure Clear White Light⬜🔆) 🍄🌬️🌿🙏🌌☸️🌺🎵⛩️☮️💛☀️☯️🕉️🌵

When I stroll through my garden, the luscious greens and the pop up colours, never can I leave home, it’s magical, refreshing and more than anything makes me happy,🌸🌸 Well I can call this as my guilty pleasure, being just out there, and getting lost in all the wonders✨✨ Wanna go back! What’s your mood for the day!?😊 . . . . . . . . .

my strange addiction. (Billie Eilish)

Did you know an estimated 50 million sharks are caught each year unintentionally by rogue fishing nets? 🎣 . This will be just one of many sharks suffering in our oceans due to human influence... 🌊 . What a heartwarming video! People like this are the real hero's 🌍 .

Happy Fathers Day...

TR & ENG BOĞA BURCU, Yay Dolunayı Hisleri ve Şifaları; Arada mesafeler varsa, yürümez artık diye inancınızı kaybetmetin, “gözden ırak olan gönülden de ırak olur” diye düşünmeyin❣️🙋🏻‍♀️ TAURUS SIGN, Sagittarius Fullmoon Feelings and Healings; If there you are far away from eachother, don’t lose ur faith by thinking it wouldn’t work anymore❣️🙋🏻‍♀️

Neon-lit lanes serve up dizzying buffets to bustling crowds who wander past overburdened carts displaying a zoological catalog of snapping crustaceans.


There’s a matrix outside of the matrix ⚛️

22 April *Earth Day* 🌎🌍🌏🗻🏞️🏔️🏖️♥️ Disfrutemos y respetemos ríos, playas, montes, lagos, flora y fauna que nos da este lugar especial. Cambios como llevar propias bolsas y utensilios son pequeñas revoluciones. Buscamos y adoptamos practicas que sean mejor para el ambiente y salud, seguimos caminando. RUBÍ LOVES EARTH * * ®

Rainbow Fluorite is apart of the halides family and it is commonly found in parts of China. There are multiple different forms of fluorite and many of them come in singular colors however this form of fluorite has multiple different colors such as blue, purple, green, white and even yellow which form in bands and gives it the name Rainbow Fluorite.