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Im backkkk😄This is my new oc Courtney Gillian.I didn't do much of her or did a cute outfit,but im still practicing on her^.^She is curvy,loves music,loves animals,has a warm heart❤She will have 90s fashion style☺️Im kinda in love with 90s so i will start doing fashion ,doodles of it😄😌Thanks u for the support tho,i really appreaciate it,Love u all uwu💗💗💗 . . . . . . .

Eu vi na Amazônia 3. Precisei fotografar em 2005. Precisei desenhar hoje. Antes que eu me esqueça. Antes que nos esqueçamos. . Ontem eu ganhei um caderno novo, presente liiiiindo cheio de carinho de outra artista presente que veio ao bate-papo na escola @ccfescola . Ontem também revisitei com meus aluninhos do desenho muitas fotos feitas em 2005, em uma viagem fantástica à Amazônia. Para as crianças perguntei “O que tem na floresta?” e fizeram seus desenhos. Depois vimos as fotos, e através do meu olhar mostrei à eles: vida, bicho, planta, árvore, gente... e então eles farão nova versão, nutridos do que eu lhes trouxe. . Me perguntei também porque diabos eu ainda não havia organizado um álbum com essas fotos todas, que estavam todas soltas. Estão ainda todas soltas, mas aí, no fim do dia, olhei o caderno, olhei o trabalho da colega @laurabruno1123 (fotógrafa de natureza, dona de um projeto lindo de impressão desses cadernos @lbruno_art_nature ) e pensei: nossa!!! Inspirou! Será que haveria melhor destino para esse caderno do que ser morada também das minhas minhas visões da natureza? Heim?! .

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been busy and got blindsided with art block/lack of motivation to complete anything. I know I really don’t have an excuse for not doing anything, seeing as classes haven’t even started yet for me, haha (aside from sports, of course). All I can offer for now is a work in progress in my sketchbook (it’s almost done! I just need to add some more flowers on the ground) so that you all know I’m alive. I’ll hopefully have something new to post by next week, so stay tuned until then :) . . . . . . Apparently people create hashtags for their ocs, so I’m going to try that out too with adding

This is an older drawing from 3 weeks ago. Won't be able to get a chance to do art today but will be doing Pikachu and Gengar next as requested by people. Go to my story and ask me what Pokemon you would like to see me do next! Also it's finally Friday! Have a good weekend y'all ♥️

- ————————————————————- [May 2019] How can we consider ourselves as anything superior to animals when all we are and will ever be is a collection of chemicals. We live life through a filter and will never be able to experience anything beyond our human capabilities. How can you miss something you never knew existed? ————————————————————

dramatic one with ant, let me know your thoughts

it was good working with you bro, i look forward to what the future holds for us 🤝

Just a little repost because some of you were asking: Warner Bros. doesn't want these to be listed seperately in my shop, so if you want to purchase them, just message me! You could also just purchase the "Hogwarts" stickersheet from my shop and leave a message (in your shopping cart or privat etsy message) telling me which stickersheet(s) you'd like to get! 😊 . . .