Still long way to go but 1,5 year of Popping looks and feels good! Thanks to @blvckout.fam and @btyrell for distant support and guidance ✨ just a short getdown with @nates_osovnikar 🤟 🎼Talk - @madd3e_music Also music and video don't match as I see 😒

از تیپ و خوشگلی و اندام دختر ایرانی هم بگذریم... رقص دخترای ایرونی حرف نداره🔥🔥🔥 کل دنیا باید خوشگلی دخترای ایرونی رو ببینه... پیجم رو فالو کن👇 💥 @iranian.babe 💥 💥 @iranian.babe 💥 💥 @iranian.babe 💥 💥 @iranian.babe 💥 رقص زیبای ویدا، دختر خوشگل ایرونی💃💋🔥 @vidafamix88 . . . . .

LIT🔥🔥 Tag a friend who can freestyle like this Dancer @bluprint01 • Me- “Aye @slickbonebreaker , we goin lite? ”Slick- “Yeeaa not too much” Me- “Okay bet” | 300 COMMENTS I’LL DROP THE FULL JUDGE SHOWCASE at @cjrey17 event “Extinction LA edition” . 🎥: @officialcassidypayne •

Dancers remember to tag us or hastag us whenever you upload your dance routines. Now soundtrack must be CLEAN!! This week on Watts Hott dancer of the week goes to @dreamteam_offical_fanpage Dem Hott 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @shaq_tootuff_dreamteam @prince_dreamteam @sparta_don_dreamteam @chucks_versace_dreamteam @nicka_sicario_dreamteam @oj_dreamteam @daniel_so_smooth_dreamteam @detta_sagittarius_dreamteam Host 🎤 @krissylee_sweet camera 🎥 @whiteprint_network

Man, give that boy his message 🚦🔋 Spam @durkioworld 5x ‼️‼️ Dm me for an edit ✍🏽💯 Go follow @_slomotion he tough at dancing 💯

This is lit🔥🔥 Dancers: @dylanmayoral @seanlew 📍@fairplaydancecamp • I almost died at Fairplay this year 😂. He grabbed my leg and my natural reaction was to flip cus when I used to train in a crew we did this trick all the time but damn I was just too excited in the moment idk HA. This was a little moment at the end of my class that I shared with @seanlew, 100% freestyle, 100% unprepared, 100% all over the place 😂 love u bro ty •

catch or no catch?? 👀