Here were the nominees for Best Supporting Actress in 1951: Joan Blondell - The Blue Veil Mildred Dunnock - Death of a Salesman Lee Grant - Detective Story Kim Hunter - A Streetcar Named Desire Thelma Ritter - The Mating Season Joan Blondell is her usual brassy dame with a heart in The Blue Veil, albeit a minor role. Mildred Dunnock is perfect as the mousy, yet fiercely loyal Linda in Salesman. Lee Grant brought humor and humanity to the role of an amateur shoplifter. Kim Hunter is perfect as the abused, sexual Stella. And the wonderful Thelma Ritter is sassy and heartwarming as the groom's mother. This comes down to two for me: Hunter and Ritter. Hunter's earthy sexuality is incredible. You really see her complex character... sexually drawn to her gross and abusive husband. Ritter makes everything she's in better. While you could feel very sorry for her character, her pride and strength, and comfort in who she is brings the character to life. Rather she should have been in the lead category is a valid debate. So who do I choose: I'm going with Kim Hunter. I hate not picking Ritter, but Hunter's role is iconic and she inhabits it totally. Who would you pick?

MELANCHOLIA (Dir. Lars Von Trier) Queman el Amazonas, destruyen poblaciones nativas con sus venenos, matan a un hombre a golpes por robarse un chocolate de un supermercado. No se cansan de explotar. La pregunta es, qué tan exentos estamos de responsabilidad? Creer que somos infinitos es un error que pagaremos caro. Justine, habrá algún lugar otro al cual huir? - - - -

Get ready for more smart shark action, as Deep Blue Sea 3 is happening. Some might not even be aware that Deep Blue Sea 2 exists, but it did indeed find its way to release last year as a direct-to-video, low-budget sequel to the 1999 cult classic. Unfortunately, the sequel didn't manage to live up to its predecessor, so it didn't gain all that much buzz upon release. Though, it did apparently generate just enough revenue and interest to warrant a third installment, which may be making its way to Netflix in the future. Learn More link in bio ✅ . . Visit link on bio for more movie. Update Movie, Streaming Movie & Download Movie . ➡️ ✅ ➡️ ✅ ➡️ ✅ . .

The Marvel Studios and Sony Spider-Man dispute continues as people start to choose sides. Stan Lee's daughter, JC Lee, is siding with Sony and has some rather unflattering things to say about Marvel and Disney. Spider-Man is the character Lee was most proud of and towards the end of his life, he was excited to see how his character was portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the help of Sony. However, JC Lee claims her father would have sided with Sony in this matter. Learn More link in bio ✅ . . Visit link on bio for more movie. Update Movie, Streaming Movie & Download Movie . ➡️ ✅ ➡️ ✅ ➡️ ✅ . .

After Disney and Sony talks have apparently broken down over the rights and usage of the Spider-Man property, Spider-Man might be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony has officially come forward to respond to the whole mess. Learn More link in bio ✅ . . Visit link on bio for more movie. Update Movie, Streaming Movie & Download Movie . ➡️ ✅ ➡️ ✅ ➡️ ✅ . .

Today's alternative vintage poster is dedicated to Chef. Fun Fact: Towards the end of the film, the El Jefe truck is seen at a nighttime food truck event, along with many of Los Angeles' most popular food trucks. This is an actual event in Venice called "First Fridays". For a brief moment, you can see Chef Roy Choi's Kogi truck, the food truck that started a gourmet food truck craze in the United States. What poster from my feed, did you like the most? Comment here or DM me! If you like my work, please tell your friends about this page! I'd really appreciate it! If you want custom work done, I do undertake commissions. Please DM or Email me. Poster and Framed Prints available now! Hit the Link in Bio! Double tap! Tag a fan! Follow @popatemedia for more! Also Follow us on Facebook: @popatemedia.

Wings of Desire / Der Himmel über Berlin |1987| •Directed by: Wim Wenders •Cinematography: Henri Alekan

First/Last Shot: Days of Heaven (1978) Directed by Terrence Malick DP: Nestor Almendros * Two lovers escape to a farm to find their luck. * First and last shot: From a steel mill to a train track. * 'Days of Heaven' is such a gorgeously beautiful movie that its first and last shots seem to be from a different movie altogether. Not that there not pretty but they don't show anything you think of, when you think of this film. You think of fields, always fields with people and the elements and insects. Together with Morricone's wonderful score, this is one Malick's purest experience for the senses, which is saying a lot for someone who makes such emotionally effective movies that never rely on plot. I've seen this shortly after 'The Thin Red Line' and they already cemented my love for his work (which he somehow has been working against with some of his more recent movies). It's been over twenty years but I remember exactly where I was, what I was feeling, who I was when I saw this moment because it's so damn powerful. * Many guesses but only two right ones: @curti.pablo and @geraldlovescinema247

Review for Train to Busan zombie 🧟‍♂️ 🚊⁣ ⁣ Directed by: Yeon Sang-ho 🎬⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ Stars: Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Su-an, Kim Eui-sung, Choi Woo-shik and Ahn So-hee.✨ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan. 📝 ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ Good: What a great film! Literally, edge of your seat thrills mixed in with some of the best emotional, character driven moments in a zombie film I’ve ever seen! All of our main group of characters were great, especially Seok-Woo and Soo-An and Senong-Kyeong and Sang-Hwa. There were some awesome Zombies moments throughout but I was very impressed by the personal relationships and what it means to be a parent. Can’t forget to mention that 3rd and how I was literally crying like it was based on true events 😭 and that’s giving all the credit to the incredible cast but also to the amazing direction of the film! ⁣ ⁣ Bad: If I were to nitpick this movie, I would’ve liked for the movie to explore more background of the actual Zombies and what their strengths and weaknesses were. Also some of the moments were characters just punched a zombie and that seemed to slow them down definitely felt ultimately convenient at times. ⁣ ⁣ Overall thoughts: Easily in my Top 5 Zombies movies of all time. I’m so glad I finally decided to watch it and I’m fully aboard the hype Train for this film! 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣ ⁣ WOULD YOU RATHER:⁣ See a sequel to this movie by the same creative team or see a remake with James Wan rumored to be involved as a producer with IT writer Gary Dauberman involved as well?⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I didn't know music could be like that. Is a dream a lie if it doesn't come true? - Javed (Blinded by the Light, 2019) . . . Everybody's got a hungry heart!🎶 This is special one for me. To start, this is 100% a biased review. As a Jersey native raised Jersey musicians like Sinatra, Whitney Housten, Bon Jovi, and yes "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, I was the perfect audience for this one. I went to the cinema looking for a good time and man did I get what I paid for! And tbh, considering my last trips to the cinema left me disturbed (The Nightingale) and weeping (The Farewell) I needed a feel-good movie this time. In this film, Javed, a Pakastani British teen, finds an escape from the racial and economic tensions in 1980s England through his poetry and song writing. But he isn't truly inspired to push himself as a writer until he discovers the music of Springsteen. Finding a deep connection to the lyrics of the Boss, despite being from different cultural backgrounds, Javed faces deep scrutiny from his family as he tries to follow his dream. What really touched me about this one, besides the loving appreciation of Springsteen's songs, was that the secondary characters were very 3-dimensional. Especially Javed's father, who refuses to support his son's dream, is given very heartfelt moments of character development. Fair warning though, despite the trailers or whoever keeps saying this is like Sing Street, let me tell you: IT'S NOT LIKE SING STREET! Now that that's cleared up. The film  is corny at times, breaks out into song now and then, but the story is wonderfully told. And even if you don't like Springsteen, this film celebrates the power of music and the ability to follow one's dream, and I think that alone makes this one worth a watch. - 9/10 . . .

Spirited Away Review 🎥 • I can honestly say Spirited Away is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen, and far from just on a visual level. This film is beautiful in its unspoken storytelling, it’s beautiful in its world-building, it’s beautiful in its rich atmosphere, it’s beautiful in its subtle commentary’s on human nature and society, and it’s beautiful for so many more reasons. Spirited Away is a beautiful film, and that’s all it needed to be, and yet it’s so so much more. - Whilst in Totoro, Miyazaki presents a familiar human world with fantastical elements, in this film, Miyazaki has faith in the viewer to be capable of absorbing the weird and wonderful quirks of the film’s fantastical world, whilst always maintaining the human elements and subsequent commentary. He has never struggled with introducing bold new characters, mythologies and worlds, but in Spirited Away, it is all done with such prestige and on such a large scale that you can’t help but be entirely absorbed by it. - When I said Spirited Away was beautiful on more levels than simply its cinematography, I wasn’t lying, but when I say this film is visually beautiful, I mean it is something else. This movie is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous looking films I have ever seen - not only is Miyazaki’s visual storytelling compelling, and in some instances utterly breathtaking in its intuition, but the entirety of the film is so colourful, detailed, lively and beautifully composed that you will never find yourself not in awe at the visuals on show. As would be expected, the creativity of the charming character designs is fascinating, along with the elaborate, inspired imagery that perfectly captures Miyazaki’s infamous surreal direction in all the best ways. - I could honestly write about this incredible film forever and ever, but it honestly has to be experienced first hand. Spirited Away deserves all the praise it has received over the years, and then some, easily taking the top spot of my all-time favourite animated films. • Rating: 10/10

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Olympus Has Fallen is an over the top action film that delivers everything you expect from a Gerard Butler action film, that makes for a very fun watch. This film is not smart, it’s actually pretty dumb. Terrorists take over the White House in the most unrealistic way possible because there is no way the US government would allow the White House to be that easily taken. However, it sets up for a excellent action film where we get to watch Gerard Butler take down the terrorists single handedly. And Gerard Butler delivers all the action you want in this film! He is truly a wonderful action star and he is great in all of the action sequences, destroying an enemy terrorist that gets in his way as he fights through the White House to save the president. The action sequences are brutal, packed with explosions and a little bloody, but this just makes them feel more real, despite them being completely over the top, and therefore more entertaining. The film’s script also has a bunch of cheesy one liners which makes the film a lot of fun to watch as it’s hilarious when it should not be, like when Butler says he got information from the terrorists by asking nicely after stabbing their partner in the throat! The film has a great supporting cast with Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett and Dylan McDermott. It would just be nice if any of the characters had a true character to play rather than a character that acts as more of a plot device. Yes, Olympus Has Fallen is ridiculous on all fronts, but it’s an action packed ride from start to finish with Gerard Butler delivering corny one liners and killing everyone insight that is impossible not to enjoy. 6.5/10

📽️ Do the Right Thing (1989)

Un film documentaire super bien réalisé. Hormis le fait que je trouve son écriture très travaillée, je suis pas un immense fan de Nekfeu. Cependant, je suis complètement rentré dans ce film, dans ce voyage. Une réalisation totalement immersive, l'impression de faire parti de sa bande de potes. Un film sans temps morts, avec des textes remplis de métaphore et de poésie. Le film démarre sur un magnifique plan séquence, millimétré et visuellement très fort. On accompagne Nekfeu dans la création de son album. Sa recherche d'inspiration, ses rencontres, ses voyages, sa perpétuelle recherche de nouvelles musicalités, ses délires entre amis. On ne s'ennuie pas une minutes, il y a des plans magnifiques, des décors sublimes et des rencontres touchantes, intéressantes, poignantes ... Par exemple, la petite île de Grèce qui accueille de nombreux réfugiés, venus avec un bateau gonflable... ces centaines de gilets de sauvetages échoués au bord de l'île .. on en apprend beaucoup, on ouvre les yeux. Vraiment un film réussi et magnifiquement écrit. 15

The Fiery Cross (2001) book review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Picking up directly after where Drums of Autumn ended, The Fiery Cross starts off with a near 200 pages presenting the local event, or gathering, where Claire looks for some time to tend the wounded, Jaime is finding out some facts that will play out a much bigger role in his struggle with the militia and the regulators, while Briannna and Roger as well as Jocasta and Duncan are planning their own wedding. There are some interesting things happening, but for the most part the pace simply drags in so many ways than one. Thankfully, there are many things to follow that are great to read through, such as the battle at Alamance and some terrible ordeals that both Roger and Jaime have to go through. Though mostly a filler considered by many, The Fiery Cross has some things you can enjoy, despite its great length and the fact that it’s not really a page turner. Still, very interesting too see the story evolve some more.

It looks like Ballers is nearing the end zone. The football comedy returns Sunday for its fifth season at HBO but it has been announced it will be its last. Fans need not worry if they won’t get closure when it ends. According to reports, producers crafted season five with an endgame in mind as a decision on the conclusion of the series was made months in advance. Ballers ranks as HBO’s most-watched scripted comedy and, in season four, averaged 834,000 total same-day viewers. Rob Corddry, John David Washington and Omar Miller star alongside Dwayne Johnson. The series was created by Stephen Levinson and is executive produced by Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg, and Andy Garcia. Ballers marked the latest collaboration for HBO with Levinson and Wahlberg, whose credits also include the premium cabler’s Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, How to Make It in America and In Treatment.

Quand on parle de Marcel Pagnol, la fameuse trilogie marseillaise (César, Fanny et Marius) est la première œuvre à laquelle on pense. Mais le film dont j’aimerais vous parler est le film Topaze sorti en 1951. Le film raconte l’histoire d’un professeur qui se retrouve engagé par un politicien véreux suite à son licenciement. Ce film est loin d’être le plus connu de Marcel Pagnol mais la performance de Fernandel y est remarquable. Il aborde aussi quelques thématiques très importantes comme la corruption ou le système éducatif. Vous l’avez-vu ? Si oui, quelle scène vous a le plus marquée ? * * * *

Day 234/365: The Thin Red Line (Dir. Terrence Malick) - 1998 🇺🇸 —- In one of the finest war films ever assembled, Malick approached The Thin Red Line as a take on life or death situations and how different people handle them. —- SWIPE ➡️ to see our favorite scene from The Thin Red Line! —- Jim Caviziel, just one of the many stars in this ensemble cast, plays Private Witt, an ex-US Army private who ditched the war and is living peacefully in a small island in the South Pacific. However, when his commanding officer, played by Sean Penn, finds Witt on this island with locals, he’s forced back into duty. Other actors include George Clooney, Nick Nolte, Woody Harrelson, Adrien Brody, John Cusack, John Travolta, John C. Reilly, and more as they all deal with and face life-or-death situations much differently!

CinemArtistry 🎥 Oldboy (2003) Dir. Park Chan-wook DP. Chung Chung-hoon

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) Dir:

#QuentinTarantino DoP: #RobertRichardson I'm quite frankly pissed off that someone who's as talented, witty and smart as Quentin fucking Tarantino made a film so incompetent and utterly insulting. Everyone has been riding his dick since Inglorious Basterds and I'm almost certain that he doesn't have that someone to tell him "You're fucking stupid". He's been surrounded by yes men and he's too self-absorbed to put the work and make a good, solid all-around film. As Dwight put it, "Tino is stuck in his own style. Lazy at this point". . . This is most apparent in the atrocious and amateur editing. I wanted to walk straight out of that fucking theater in the first 20 minutes. Al Pacino must have been a pain in the ass to work with for Quentin to implement this many unnecessary cuts, they made me nauseous. It was cool at first because of that 60s TV style, then when I realized that it wasn't deliberate and was accidental, it fell apart harder than Subway's quality. You simply CANNOT have 15 reverse shots, a bunch of misplaced close-ups, millisecond wides and jarring dutches in a time span of less than 10 seconds. The editing did get more tolerable, however, still with the frequent spurts of torturous eye cancer. At times, the editing compromised a very lovely pace (Yes, I did enjoy the pacing), most of the time, it was distracting. . . Let's talk about the cinematography. Who the fuck decided that dutch angles should be implemented here? Is Tarantino trying to beat Kenneth Branagh for the most visually annoying film ever? They aren't necessary, which describes almost every aspect of this film. Speaking of visual annoyance, what is it with this inconsistency? There are two distinct universes here, the fictional (grainy, old) and the non-fictional (clean, pristine). So I can't comprehend why a scene that takes place in fiction was filmed like it's real. Tarantino threw logic out of the window because he thought it looked nicer in color. What an idiot. [Continued Below]
casa del dott. Catzone La città delle donne (1980) dir. Federico Fellini

La città delle donne (1980) dir. Federico Fellini

“The Shape of Water” (2017) 🎬 Dir: Guillermo del Toro 🎥 DoP: Dan Laustsen 🎨 PD: Paul D. Austerberry

My top rated Channing Tatum movies, what are yours?

Malcolm in the Middle (Season 1) ⬆️ —————————————————————————— FUN FACT 🔎: After the show ended, Bryan Cranston went on to be in the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad. On the last season DVD of Breaking Bad, there is an alternate ending that involves Cranston, playing Hal from this show, waking up from a nightmare, which happened to be the events of Breaking Bad (2008). • • • • • • • •

🖱️Critique spectateur n°32 🎬 Monsieur Smith au Sénat ~Mr. Smith Goes to Washington~ 🎥[Frank Capra, 1939] 🕳️by FlickJunkie-2 ~ Site : IMDB 🇺🇲🗨️"If there is one clear message in Capra's films it is that those with strong moral fiber never give up hope. He likes to create utterly hopeless situations for characters to test their integrity, and rewards unswerving adherence to basic values and principles by triumph against the odds. I was dismayed to see a comment, obviously from a young viewer of this film, that said that the characters weren't realistic because no one used profanity. This is a sad testimonial to our culture, when it inconceivable to young people that there was once a time when profanity was the exception and not the rule." 🇫🇷🗨️"S'il y a un message clair dans les films de Capra, c'est que ceux qui ont une forte force morale ne perdent jamais espoir. Il aime créer des situations totalement désespérées pour permettre aux personnages de tester leur intégrité, et récompense l'adhésion indéfectible aux valeurs et aux principes fondamentaux, le tout en triomphant et contre toute attente. J'ai été consterné de voir un commentaire, émanant manifestement d'un jeune spectateur de ce film, affirmant que les personnages n'étaient pas réalistes, car personne n'utilisait des blasphèmes. C’est un témoignage triste de notre culture, quand il est inconcevable pour les jeunes qu’il fut une époque où les blasphèmes étaient l’exception et non la règle."

Inherent Vice (2014) Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson Movie from: USA 🇺🇸 Duration: 2h29min

Así juegan con nuestra mente🧠 en cada decisión de compra que tomamos. Pensamos que decidimos, pero en realidad, deciden por nosotros🤷🏿‍♂️. - Cada vez que vamos al cine🍿 o a otro sitio a comprar, te ofrecen siempre 3 tamaños, con una característica particular: La del medio (el señuelo) trae significativamente menos que la grande, pero vale apenas unos centavos menos💸. - Ésto hace que nuestro cerebro se sugestione y nos incentiva a comprar la grande, porque ya no lo vemos tan costoso. Nos están dando significativamente más por un precio pequeño en comparación con el mediano. "Hay que aprovechar la oferta"🤦‍♂️. - La verdad, es que nadie compra el mediano. Y comprarlo sería absurdo y la peor decisión de compra, porque es un señuelo, prácticamente te están timando. No compres el mediano🚫. - Tampoco compres el grande por ser un poquito nada más, más caro que el mediano. Están jugando con tu cerebro🧠. Si lo vas a comprar, es porque realmente lo vas a consumir, porque estás en pareja por ejemplo. Si vas a botar la mitad de las cotufas no tiene sentido. - Si ninguna de las dos te convence, compra el pequeño. Es la única opción que no está pensada para jugar con tu cerebro y es significativamente más económico. Nadie la ve, porque los precios están diseñados para que compres el grande mediante el efecto "Señuelo". - ¿Qué te parece? ¿Te ha sucedido? ¡Hablenme, mi Manada🦁 de Emprendedores! 👇👇

This film made a breakthrough in Malayalam cinema with it's distinct visual style and narrative. It is one of first Malayalam movies with a full digital capture. The entire film is shot on Canon 7d. Jomon T. John proved himself as a fantastic cinematographer with this debut. The entire production budget of this film was just around 25 Lakhs. Hats off to Sameer Thahir and the brilliant cast. . Chappa Kurishu (2011) Director - Sameer Thahir Cinematography - Jomon T. John @fahadhfaasil.fc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[Children's Books On Screen: Family Classics & Young Adult]⁠ ⁠ We conclude our special three-part holiday survey with a look at some all-time family favourites and a selection of YA classics in the making. Read more at Collections Children & Family!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠

News Reelz: It looks like Ballers is nearing the end zone. The football comedy returns Sunday for its fifth season at HBO but it has been announced it will be its last. . . Fans need not worry if they won't get closure when it ends. According to reports, producers crafted season five with an endgame in mind as a decision on the conclusion of the series was made months in advance. . . Ballers ranks as HBO's most-watched scripted comedy and, in season four, averaged 834,000 total same-day viewers. Rob Corddry, John David Washington and Omar Miller star alongside Dwayne Johnson. The series was created by Stephen Levinson and is executive produced by Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg and Andy Garcia. Ballers marked the latest collaboration for HBO with Levinson and Wahlberg, whose credits also include the premium cabler's Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, How to Make It in America and In Treatment. . . Sad to see Ballers go? Sound off!

‪It’s hard to believe that, had he lived, River Phoenix would be turning 49 today. He was an enormous talent who made a deeply lasting mark on film in his 23 years.

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) is a story about a boy with destructive tendencies who unbeknownst to others shows signs of erratic and negative behavior pattern. His ability to conceal his psychopathic behavior takes an uglier turn as he tries to sabotage the life of his mother and eventually the people around him. But was it nature or nurture? Who was responsible for Kevin? Who do we blame for the way things unravelled in the end? These were not the questions I was left with as I might've expected. Instead, there was an apparent answer. Absolutely no one could've stopped Kevin from doing what he did and no one can solely shoulder the responsibility and be held accountable for *spoilers* the massacre. As the movie opens, it is made quite evident to us that Eva isn't a mentally strong person. The sudden responsibility of being the sole caretaker of an unwanted child, being torn away from a youthful life of adventure, and undiagnosed post partum depression pushed her into a mental state of confusion. Although she didn't let it take control of her emotions, her distaste for motherhood crept through time to time in her behavior towards Kevin. However she manages to refrain from harming him, albeit having to deal with attachment issues. She may not have been an image of selfless love but she did the best she could. I do not blame Eva for her state of mind. But was she the sole influencer of Kevin's hostile disposition? I don't think so. Kevin may have developed asocial tendencies because of attachment issues. But Eva wasn't an abusive parent and didn't cause Kevin severe emotional trauma. It is only reasonable to assume that Kevin needn't have developed this behavior from her, although it may have intensified his innate issues. As a boy Kevin is selfish and uses his mother when he needs emotional care. People like Kevin hurt you emotionally. But Kevin's internal makeup as an infant cannot be blamed on him. It was not his choice. (contd in comments)

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) This is a spoiler FREE review because who am I kidding the whole experience isnt worth spoiling really. And even if you haven't seen it yet, you're probably aware of how divided the audience reaction is anyway, so read along. Finally, what the world has been waiting for since forever. And it is still blowing our minds, the world split in half, both sides vying to jam in their side of the experience and still trying to not entirely hate it. But there's no way I can manage to hide my disappointment. Trying to, will only give it more reasons to creep up in the way of passive aggressive words. So this is me, trying to make sense of what I've seen, while fervently holding on to my QT fan badge. If you haven't watched OUAT, here is one thing you should know, which I wish I had, that will help you, and would've probably helped me, to a better experience. Erase the fact that this is a Quentin Tarantino movie as you know it. Everything that has ever caught your attention in a Tarantino, everything that made it something you've always loved, is absent. poof! just not there, or makes a weak customary appearance for the sake of a director's trademark. A strong cast of a dozen or more brilliant actors playing larger than life characters, dialogues that are the very essence of everything that is street and pulp, turning every corny B grade minute into something of a masterpiece, multiple bizarre plotlines, stories within stories interwoven leading to a finale as banging as the rest of the movie. Do not expect any of this. It will become clear to you, 20 minutes into the film, that OUAT is a ride you don't wish you hadn't taken, but wished to have paid less for. I strongly disagree with anyone shitting on the fans for being disappointed or calling them out for being 'commoners who just don't geddit'. You see, the thing with Tarantino is, he has accumulated a very diverse fanbase across nations and generations, through 30+ years of a particular style of filmmaking. A style of unapologetic fun, quirks and comic action, that a large number of people collectively enjoy. (contd in comments)

Drive (2011) I've seen this movie twice, read quite a bit to give me more insight, and almost know everything that there is to be known. But for a movie that has had, and continues to have a strong presence within Instagram movie accounts and has their unwavering respect, Drive was nowhere near the masterpiece I had made it out to be in my head. Although, it is a perfect example of 'style is substance', where the substance is given only as much value and space, to easily ride on what is important: the mood. Cinematography and background scoring is top notch; it goes without saying. Even if one ends up being utterly disappointed, there will be a definite take away in the way of a renewed appreciation for lighting, color corrections and shot angles. The 80s retro aesthetics with techno music and florescent neons in the night, contrasting the warm dusty yellows of the day, are all perfectly put together to create a tempo and mood that easily glosses over the mediocre plot. And that's not a bad thing. Because imagine having your visuals and mood direction so strong as to make it seem like you're saying something new, when you're just reiterating the time-tested 'good guy in a bad world' story. Let's not shit each other, that's pretty much it. Now, I've read a few articles that ponder over the movie's hyper masculine angles with super hero roles and innumerable philosophical ideas that pay needless emphasis on what seems to be a simple concept that doesn't warrant this kind of praise. To my knowledge, the script for the movie was scraped over and again with major plotline changes while trying to adapt the book (all worth 150 pages) of the same name. And although that's not a bad thing, I don't see the scope for any intense discussion within a plot that didn't have a strong idea of where to take these characters. But what this movie did do, was rekindle all my affection for Ryan Gosling, especially when I didn't know it was possible to exceed it's already dangerous amounts. But, what can I say, the man is heaven sent. If you love watching him and his brooding face you probably shove all this nitpicking right into my face. (cont in comments)