I already miss the summer even though it's still August. We have been so spoiled this season when it comes to the weather. Depending where you are from you might take the sunny warm days for granted but if the summer happens to be not too cold, not too windy and not too rainy in Iceland then there is a reason for us to celebrate :) The nights are dark (and sometimes full of terror 😉) again, no more midnight sun and most of the birds already left for warmer climates. Its rainy today and windy which means it is a perfect time to enjoy the wood stove and read a book 🔥 . . . .

Lazy Sunday ☕

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It is done. Closed! Our journey from our “steppingstone homestead” property to our forever log cabin homestead on the river in Idaho has been accomplished. Now we get to start all over again! This is what it’s all about. Years of being patient and looking, searching, planning, thinking, working, questioning, stressing, focusing, re-focusing, expecting and knowing have now come to fruition. “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about” – Winston Churchill

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By @greycloudhouse

Day 1: we drove through the night we got to the border and it was a breeze, after all our stops we made it to our cabin by 11, and unloaded and settled in during the rain storm! After dinner the fishing started!! ❤️🇨🇦

1. December 2. January 3. February Amazing what can happen with a few months of hard work, isn't it? Allswell was a dream to build. Want to Chat About Going Tiny? MESSAGE US! If you have questions for us please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We can’t always get to every comment and we want to be sure everyone that is seriously considering a tiny home is able to reach us. Want to see more homes or learn about building with MTL? Check out our website at www.moderntinyliving.com 🤓

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It was a shed-organising weekend. The skip arrived. The husband cancelled golf. Children were sent off-site. The scene was set for a therapeutic deep-clean and it did not disappoint (except for the dead rodent count 🤮) . So this afternoon after washing off the elbow-deep grime, I stole a few minutes on the couch, warmed by the fire and satisfaction of a job well-done. . I had set the little ones up with vegemite sandwiches in the next room, so I could sneak in a treat to go with my peppermint tea - one of those giant chocolate freckles (notably absent from the Michelle Bridges week 3 meal plan, shitttt 🤷‍♀️) . With the cartoons blaring next door I thought I was safe, but carefully opened the plastic wrapper under my blanket just in case. And then; the inevitable. A little face. Eyes wide. With vegemite all around her mouth. Comes stalking towards me. Are you f$*^ing serious??!! A child’s sixth sense for chocolate is unmistakable. She sees the colourful blur of hundreds and thousands as I quickly threw a broken piece in my mouth. A loud, “YUMMY!!” ensued, being one of the 12 words she can proudly say. This was enough to summon the Second Little Pig, and at that point, my game was up. . I will end the story by saying that seeing the kiddies faces light up made sharing worth the while....yeah, right. Photo taken by @patricia_sofra

Adventures bring new friendships. I had no clue where I was staying when coming up to VIR. I knew I could camp at the track if need be, figured an Airbnb could be found, or hotel as last resort. Well a newly introduced friend opened their family’s cabin doors and allowed me to stay for a fantastic weekend. Last night was my last stay before the next stop but I can not thank Will enough for his hospitality! Thank you sir!

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