💘 We are literally going away for 24 hours. 3 of us. THREE. In part, we bring everything we can think of, to make sure that the getaway is stress-free. I brought three books - 2 on Kindle and one that Mom brought me from the US -- so excited .co to dig in. 3 -- books -- 24 hours. Ambitious. I can't tell you how much we need this. 4-5 hours RT in a car -- beautiful destination -- 24 hours. Priceless. . . . . . We left my parents and our middle son to take care of the farm. Priceless? No -- expensive. 😂 We'll pay the boy dearly. Created and don't get forget follow : 💓 @cat_in_france 🌷Thank you very much ! 😍 💗💞💓

#news┆↬ 📰 ▸ 🇮🇹 "I Still Believe" è il nuovo film in cui Britt Robertson sará protagonista! Interpreterà Melissa Henning, l'interesse amoroso di Jeremy Camp, interpretato da KJ Apa. Ebbene si! I due, dopo "Qua La Zampa" ritornano a lavorare insieme! Inoltre, al cast si sono aggiunti Shania Twain come Terry Camp, la madre di Jeremy;  Melissa Roxburgh come la sorella di Melissa e Nathan Parsons come il rock star Jeremy e l'amico di Melissa della quale se ne innamora. La produzione di "I Still Believe" inizierà a Alabama verso fine Maggio e ha una data di uscita per il 20 Marzo, 2020. ▸ 🇺🇸 "I Still Believe" it's Britt Robertson's new movie. She is going to play Melissa Camp, Jeremy Camp's love interest, played by KJ Apa. Yes! The two, after "A Dog's Purpose" are going to work together again! Also joining the cast are Shania Twain as Terry Camp, Jeremy’s mother, Melissa Roxburgh as Melissa’s sister and Nathan Parsons as Jeremy and Melissa’s rock star friend, who mentors Jeremy, but who also has feelings for Melissa. I Still Believe starts production in Alabama in late May, and is set for a March 20, 2020 release. _____________________________ #istillbelieve #brittnators #brittanyrobertson #brittrobertson #actress #smile #girlboss #sandrabell #forthepeopleabc #shondaland #adogspurpose #qualazampa #riverdale #kjapa #nathanparsons #shainatwain #tomorrowland #Lospaziocheciunisce #larispostaènellestelle #thelongestride #thespacebetweenus #underthedome #thefirsttime #thesecretcircle #lifeunexpected #istillbelievemovie