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Remix - the most controversial genre of our music industry today. All remixes I feel undergo a cycle of criticism at the initial stage then a bit of an acceptance and then we dance on it in clubs and kids love them too! So I got the 'superhit Remix machine' - @tanishk_bagchi , on this week's Podcast 9XM SoundCastE, decoding the Remix game! What's ur take on the Remixes that u have been hearing these days? This Podcast might break the 'perception' you have for Tanishk Bagchi, who is not just about 'recreations' only, but a lot many more amazing & 'inspiring' things:) Link in Bio Rate & Review on @applepodcasts Follow on @spotify

ıṡ ṭʏƿıṅɢ... . . . so anyways I’ve been meaning to draw them for a while and I’ve finally done it!! their name is Brick. don’t ask why i thought it was a cool name . . my account is now going to be much more focused on art than other things,, so i might be posting stuff about my dog on my story instead of actual posts. so uh. sorry if you followed me for my dog. you’ll still see her on my story tho. I’ll make a highlights section of her for y’all. . . tags

يتداول بعض الحاسدون و الكارهون صورة لمسرح مهرجانات الارز مدعين ان رمز الشيطان يتوّج المنصة الرئيسية. لهؤلاء البؤساء و اصحاب العقول السوداء و القلوب الحاقدة نقول ان الذي يتوّج المنصة الرئيسية هو شكل الارزة اللبنانية، الارزة التي هي رمز علمنا و فخرنا و عظمتنا. فان الزخرفة التي نراها على المنصة الرئيسية هي اطار فني يتماشى مع مسرح الاوبرا و مسارح الاوبرا العالمية. اننا ابناء رجاء و ابناء نور ليس في قلوبنا و في عقولنا افكار سوداء داكنة تشبهكم. فواضح ان الذي وراء هذا التزوير باضافة العيون و الانف و التشويه هو شيطان في نفسه و قلبه و روحه. فاقتضى التوضيح.

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Another 🔥 banger from @almarosaemusic go ✔ out VIBES THE OFFICIAL VIDEO

'Sunset Beauty' was a spur of the moment YCH commission. I wasn't actually looking for this one when I was browsing through the artists I recently commissioned to find three YCH auctions from Fuf. She normally doesn't do these sorts of cute and SFW pieces often and when I saw this particular YCH, I immediately knew it was perfect for Taylor Renee. A symbol of blissful innocence, right before the period of time where her life went wrong and she went through her punk/rebel phase. A snapshot of a time from happier days. Artist: https://inkbunny.net/Fuf - - -

Inspiration sometimes runs dry, but once it hits you there's no looking back. Who knew a Reserch Scientist , a Nuclear Physicist would have been struggling in a "fragmented world" ,as he states it and find a new purpose through the means of Natural Farming and believing in the farmers being an empowered force of mankind lending their bit into the economic development rather than considering them penniless. He's here to learn, He's here to listen , He is Arjun Trivedi. Here's introducing a supplementary video that is a fraction of Samir Bordoloi's *Revolution*.

B A B Y ‘ S S T R I P E S 👶 i n t e r i o r - b a b y ‘ s r o o m .

What are your daily essentials? 😉

Go check out the boy @rbcbugzy hot video They want. Richmond on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥video shot by @alabanzafilms

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"Essa mania minha de olhar pro céu. Com a cabeça ao léu. Voando sem asa."🎶

Photoshoot with the bestie and in my element.

Em conflito. Arte sem amarras! Quadro feito com emborrachado e aquarela.

You can & you can't. You shall & you shan't. You will & you won't. You'll be damned if you do - & you'll be damned if you don't. (Defining Calvinism).